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If Bulbapedia editors had movesets, what would they have? Listed in no particular order (with the exception of me ;) ).

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  • If I made this page a year ago, what would I say? WTF :D.
Poké-editor Moves
025.png CoolPikachu!
"That Bored Pikachu"
-Slack Off
-Helping Hand
461.png Jioruji Derako
Green Lover
-Slack Off
Stern Steel
009.png evkl
Voice of Reason
-Mind Reader
-Calm Mind
157.png TTEchidna
Head Honcho
-Beat Up
-Dream Eater
393.png Kogoro
Diabolical Fembot
-Natural Gift
-Mean Look
001.png Zhen Lin
That dude
-Zhen Headbutt
215.png Darkeiya
Mah Boi/Lurker
-Fake Out
156.png RexRacer
Teh Racer
-Milk Drink
Spr 4p 475 s.png Sol
New era
-Role Play
-Fake Tears
-Helping Hand
093.png Trom
-Helping Hand
224.png ht14
The Odd Weapon
493.png Archaic
God of all
-Pay Day
-Roar of Time
407.png PsychicRider
Teh Psychic
-Leaf Storm
-Hidden Power
281 s.png Tina
Greatest 14 Y/O Ever
-Slack Off
038.png Jello
Not a terrorist
-Hyper Beam
-Sleep Talk
151.png Umeko
-Helping Hand
*They are not available for capture.*

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