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Gotta Invent 'Em All! This is a page created by Bulbapedia's user, and by no means it is official. Thus, information written below are not part of any canon Pokémon media. Do not take this page seriously.


This will feature over 250 new Pokémon inculding baby Pokémon and evolutions for older Pokémon and like Kalos separated into three sub Pokédexes (with about 150 each). The region is called Caria and is based off South Korea and the list of Pokémon in the Caria Pokédex can be found here. Remember they are fake.


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# Name Japanese Type BS TCG
722 Leafchick リーフハシ Leafhashi Grass Flying    
723 Toubloom ハミーハシ Hamihashi Grass Flying    
724 Flokan フーラハシ Flohashi Grass Flying    
725 Cindunnee ファイバニ Faibunny Fire    
726 Rabburn ラビネッシー Rabineshi Fire Normal    
727 Flabbit エコラビ Enkorabee Fire Normal    
728 Splaphin フィンシュ Finshu Water    
729 Dolperfu フィンューム Finume Water    
730 Narwhairy フェアリカク Fairykaku Water Fairy    
731 Roarwhelp コジカツ Kojikatsu Normal    
732 Tigrowl モーコーナリ Molkounari Normal    
733 Magtweet ナガハシ Nagahashi Normal Flying    
734 Soripie スカイソラ Skysora Normal Flying    
735 Magskai ナガエアー Nagaair Normal Flying    
736 Stinkgot カメムシ Kamemushi Bug    
737 Flytrash ガベフライ Garbeifly Bug Flying    
738 Cockroxic ブリユード Buriyuudo Bug Poison    
739 Toxroach ドクエキブリ Dokuekiburi Bug Poison    
??? Darfume パフダーク Perfudark Dark Fairy    
??? Fragark コーキダーク Kokidark Dark Fairy    
??? Ocelution オセブイ Ocevui Normal    
??? Fistlot トレーエボ Toreebo Fighting    
??? Airlot スカイエボ Skyebo Flying    
??? Toxilot ドくエボ Dokuebo Poison    
??? Sandlot サンドエボ Sandebo Ground    
??? Stonlot ガネセエボ Ganeseebo Rock    
??? Inselot ビートルエボ Beetleebo Bug    
??? Spooklot ゴーストエボ Ghostebo Ghost    
??? Metalot メタルエボ Metalebo Steel    
??? Bunnashi バーナシ Bunnashi Electric Normal    
??? Hamshock ハムショク Hamshock Electric Fighting    
??? Laspsy Psychic    
??? Mysticbeam Psychic    
??? Flarocket Fire    
??? Flarework Fire    
??? Dancice デシアイス Dancieices Fairy Ice    
??? Dragroar ガリシ Garishi Dragon    
??? Dragail ドラノボリ Dranobori Dragon    
??? Draging ヒーリドラ Hiridra Dragon Flying    
??? Kittough ニャラン Nyaran Fighting    
??? Meowfight ニャファイト Nyafight Fighting    
??? Snakrime スネクアイム Snakrime Poison    
??? Snaklaw スネクリホー Snaklaw Poison Dark    
??? Ponychic Psychic    
??? Psycorse Psychic    
??? Mysteecorn Psychic Flying    
??? Darhino Dark    
??? Umbrastone Dark Rock    
??? Rhiumbra Dark Rock    
??? Fistzard Fighting    
??? Lizarsise Fighting Dragon    
??? Dragight Fighting Dragon    


# Name Type BS TCG
??? Drowfish Water    
??? Drownsword Water Fighting    
??? Mummispook Normal Ghost    
??? Sogsiteu Steel Normal    
??? Pattange Normal    
??? Cottobird Flying    
??? Bircloud Flying    
??? Spiceed Grass Fire    
??? Chilispice Grass Fire    
??? Octorita Water    
??? Octopsy Water Psychic    
??? Squink Water    
??? Inkuid Water Dark    
??? Crabclaw Water    
??? Crabgun Water    
??? Tempfume Fairy    
??? Hotfume Fairy Fire    
??? Coldfume Fairy Ice    
??? Bandiunjwi Rock Fairy    
??? Samagunjwi Rock Fairy    
??? Xercecater Rock Bug    
??? Xercesect Rock Bug    
??? Leafmouse Grass    
??? Leafrat Grass    
??? Pyremouse Fire    
??? Pyrerat Fire    
??? Coralmouse Water    
??? Coralrat Water    
??? Multigrou Ground    
??? Hammersea Water Fighting    
??? Sharkmer Water Fighting    
??? Woofpup Normal    
??? Barkdog Normal    
??? Dodoflame Fire Flying    
??? Uminazo Water    
??? Umimaruchi Water    
??? Umiaraumi Water    
??? Soitoi Dark    
??? Wolftoi Dark    
??? Weresoi Dark    
??? Vannsduck Water Flying    
??? Salverduck Water Flying    
??? Kiboshu Fairy Normal    
??? Patijobi Fairy Normal    
??? Mounkobai Rock    
??? Ancientone Rock    
??? Kobaiwa Rock    
??? Catergic Bug Fairy    
??? Pupairy Bug Fairy    
??? Kelebairy Bug Fairy    
??? Antsect Bug Normal    
??? Termant Bug Normal    
??? Antemite Bug Normal    
??? Hailatic Ice Electric    
??? Elechii Ice Electric    
??? Radiōcean Water Electric    
??? Radiowave Water Electric    
??? Twetta Normal Flying    
??? Twetétté Normal Flying    
??? Tweteeno Normal Flying    
??? Possuimi Normal    
??? Possairy Normal Fairy    
??? Fisheak Water    
??? Poisish Water Poison    
??? Wishisea Water Fairy    
??? Wishream Water Fairy    
??? Aardveno Poison Normal    
??? Venomark Poison Normal    
??? Foalkey Normal    
??? Donkai Normal    
??? Stingrai Water Electric    
??? Raystinee Water Electric    
??? Slund Bug Ground    
??? Snailee Bug Ground    
??? Gronail Bug Ground    
??? Hummiba Fairy Flying    
??? Swifird Fairy Flying    
??? Woopeck Grass Flying    
??? Timbecker Grass Flying    


# Name Type BS
??? Seedeaf Grass  
??? Floweaf Grass  
??? Sprintree Grass  
??? Faiyre Fire  
??? Flambonfi Fire  
??? Summire Fire  
??? Earthsan Ground  
??? Santstore Ground  
??? Autumand Ground  
??? Freezag Ice  
??? Colrzen Ice  
??? Wintafreze Ice  
??? Koali Fairy  
??? Koaleafee Fairy Grass  
??? Panfire Fire  
??? Redplame Fire  
??? Lyreair Normal Flying  
??? Flaminga Water Flying  
??? Coiching Steel Fairy  
??? Kachion Steel Fairy  
??? Cashote Psychic Fairy  
??? Moanet Dark Rock  
??? Espchic Psychic  
??? Chocdark Fairy Dark  
??? Chocofear Fairy Dark  
??? Dracofly Bug Dragon  
??? Flydrake Bug Dragon  
??? Coyota Dark Normal  
??? Dayote Dark Normal  
??? Peacool Ice Flying  
??? Icecock Ice Flying  
??? Peacerg Ice Flying  
??? Jagelee Fighting  
??? Jaguawl Fighting  
??? Jaguwar Fighting  
??? Faifumi Fairy  
??? Perfuiry Fairy  
??? Fragranee Fairy  
??? Offspruovo Normal  
??? Prolrazza Normal  
??? Amormonio Normal  
??? Bazap Electric Flying  
??? Zabatric Electric Flying  
??? Pecghost Ghost Flying  
??? Peekcabird Ghost Flying  
??? Raiphant Electric  
??? Elephark Electric Ground  
??? Orboxic Poison Psychic  
??? Poisorb Poison Psychic  
??? Royabebe Normal  
??? Kinguard Normal  
??? Queenuard Normal  
??? Embaree Fire  
??? Emberairy Fire Fairy  
??? Castpa Ghost  
??? Ghoulper Ghost  
??? Gaers Steel  
??? Whelcar Steel  
??? Eeltric Electric Water  
??? Aeltrii Electric Water  
??? Xylophairy Fairy Steel  
??? Metash Steel Water  
??? Wateel Steel Water  
??? Seedand Ground Grass  
??? Flowar Ground Grass  
??? Juggactric Electric Psychic  
??? Victari Fairy  
??? Victairy Fairy Psychic  
??? Victoree Fairy Psychic  
??? Moldigger Ground  
??? Molfairy Ground Fairy  
??? Molmystic Ground Fairy  
??? Stopclotch Psychic Steel  
??? Clocimer Psychic Steel  
??? Secti Bug  
??? Beeta Bug  
??? Beetect Bug  
??? Trikotric Electric  
??? Gisisriko Electric  
??? Geiagisis Electric  
??? Dyamis Fire Psychic  
??? Dyamhic Fire Psychic  
??? Dyamight Fire Fighting  
??? Joltia Electric  
??? Joltking Electric  
??? Joltqueen Electric  
??? Quicsend Ground  
??? Sanquick Ground  
??? Qeickisand Ground  
??? Conemgon Dragon  
??? Dracovern Dragon  
??? Glashuor Ice  
??? Haurglass Ice  
??? Treagon Grass Dragon  
??? Foragon Grass Dragon  
??? Rarfea Flying  
??? Roarfeather Flying Fighting  
??? Feathafist Flying Fighting  
??? Magiragon Dragon Fairy  
??? Dramythee Dragon Fairy  
??? Dragairy Dragon Fairy  
??? Lassahiss Poison Water  
??? Toxohiss Poison Fairy  
??? Fterohiss Poison Flying  
??? Rongxic Dragon Poison  
??? Ryusea Dragon Water  
??? Phangaroo Ghost  
??? Griffairy Fairy Flying  
??? Yongair Dragon Flying  
??? Fairiden Fairy Grass  
??? Gnometal Fairy Steel  
??? Kappen Water Grass  
??? Froland Water  
??? Bakejira Ghost Water  
??? Devifire Dark Fire  
??? Karoopu Psychic Fairy  
??? Tsuchiweb Psychic Bug  
??? Birmaniod Normal Flying  
??? Angeonsa Fairy Flying  
??? Yetigeler Ice Fighting  

Pre-evolutions and evolutions for old Pokémon

# Name Type BS Evolves from Evolves into
??? Kitteow Normal   N/A Meowth (friendship during night)
??? Psyling Water   N/A Psyduck (friendship)
??? Chimpkey Fighting   N/A Mankey (friendship during daytime)
??? Duckfetch'd Normal Flying   N/A Farfetch'd (level up holding Stick during daytime)
??? Stalkfetch Fighting Flying   Farfetch'd (friendship) N/A
??? Dodolo Normal Flying   N/A Doduo (friendship)
??? Diggix Ground   N/A Onix (level 25)
??? Tonugby Normal   N/A Lickitung (friendship during daytime)
??? Mime Sr. Psychic Fairy   Mr. Mime (use Moon Stone) N/A
??? Pinceetle Bug   N/A Pinsir (level 30)
??? Drakeon Dragon   Eevee (level up holding Dragon Scale) N/A
??? Sudotreeo Rock Grass   Sudowoodo (use Leaf Stone) N/A
??? Dunsnake Normal   N/A Dunsparce (friendship during daytime)
??? Grounsparce Normal Ground   Dunsparce (level up knowing Rollout) N/A
??? Pupbull Fairy   N/A Snubbull (friendship)
??? Herucect Bug Fighting   N/A Heracross (level 30)
??? Penguchick Ice Flying   N/A Delibird (friendship)
??? Presebird Ice Flying   Delibird (level 24) N/A
??? Skarbeak Normal Flying   N/A Skarmory (friendship)
??? Skarmetal Steel Flying   Skarmory (trade holding Metal Coat) N/A
??? Chimuwindo Psychic   Chimecho (level 17) N/A
??? Absoby Dark   N/A Absol (friendship during night)
??? Vespiking Bug Flying   Combee (level 21 if is male) N/A
??? Otterzel Water   N/A Buizel (friendship)
??? Bronzell Steel Psychic   Bronzong (level 45) N/A
??? Flaktini Grass Ice   N/A Snover (level 20)
??? Chimsage Grass   N/A Pansage (friendship)
??? Chimsear Fire   N/A Pansear (friendship)
??? Chimpour Water   N/A Panpour (friendship)
??? Audibebe Normal   N/A Audino (friendship)
??? Audiheali Normal   Audino (use Moon Stone) N/A

Mega Evolutions

# MS Name Type Mega Evolution Mega Type Mega Stone Ability
026   Raichu Electric Mega Raichu Electric Fairy Raichite Volt Absorb
053   Persian Normal Mega Persian Normal Psychic Persianite Magic Bounce
055   Golduck Water Mega Golduck Water Psychic Golduckite Justified
057   Primeape Fighting Mega Primeape Fighting Primeapite Iron Fist
124   Jynx Ice Psychic Mega Jynx Ice Psychic Jynxnite Cold Body
131   Lapras Water Ice Mega Lapras Water Ice Laprasite Cold Body
143   Snorlax Normal Mega Snorlax Normal Snorlaxnite Sleepwalk
149   Dragonite Dragon Flying Mega Dragonite Dragon Flying Dragonitite Limber
154   Meganium Grass Mega Meganium Grass Fairy Meganinite Pixilate
157   Typhlosion Fire Mega Typhlosion Fire Ground Typhlosite Magma Armor
160   Feraligatr Water Mega Feraligatr Water Dark Feraligatite Tough Claws
184   Azumarill Water Fairy Mega Azumarill Water Fairy Azumarillite Drizzle
208   Steelix Steel Ground Mega Steelix Steel Steelixite Heavy Metal
210   Granbull Fairy Mega Granbull Fairy Granbullite Strong Jaw
251   Celebi Psychic Grass Mega Celebi Fairy Grass Celebite Pixilate
254   Sceptile Grass Mega Sceptile Grass Dragon Sceptilite Bulletproof
260   Swampert Water Ground Mega Swampert Water Ground Swampertite Water Absorb
289   Slaking Normal Mega Slaking Normal Slakingite Adaptability
302   Sableye Dark Ghost Mega Sableye Dark Ghost Sableyenite Shadow Tag
330   Flygon Ground Dragon Mega Flygon Bug Dragon Flygonite Swarm
350   Milotic Water Mega Milotic Water Fairy Miloticite Multiscale
373   Salamence Dragon Flying Mega Salamence Dragon Flying Salamencite Rough Skin
376   Metagross Steel Psychic Mega Metagross Steel Psychic Metagrosite Light Metal
386   Deoxys Psychic Mega Deoxys Psychic Deoxite Speed Boost
389   Torterra Grass Ground Mega Torterra Grass Ground Torterrite Sap Sipper
392   Infernape Fire Fighting Mega Infernape Fire Fighting Infernapite Flash Fire
395   Empoleon Water Steel Mega Empoleon Water Steel Empoleonite Big Pecks
405   Luxray Electric Mega Luxray Electric Dark Luxraynite Static
407   Roserade Grass Poison Mega Roserade Grass Poison Roseradite Sap Sipper
429   Mismagius Ghost Mega Mismagius Ghost Fairy Mismagiusite Pixilate
430   Honchkrow Dark Flying Mega Honchkrow Dark Flying Honchkrowite Big Pecks
462   Magnezone Electric Steel Mega Magnezone Electric Steel Magnezonite Levitate
468   Togekiss Fairy Flying Mega Togekiss Fairy Flying Togekissite Pixilate
475   Gallade Psychic Fighting Mega Gallade Psychic Fighting Galladite Hyper Cutter
485   Heatran Fire Steel Mega Heatran Fire Steel Heatranite Magma Armor
494   Victini Psychic Fire Mega Victini Fairy Fire Victininite Flash Fire
497   Serperior Grass Mega Serperior Grass Poison Serperiorite Poison Point
500   Emboar Fire Fighting Mega Emboar Fire Fighting Emboarite Iron Fist
503   Samurott Water Mega Samurott Water Ice Samurottite Water Veil
518   Musharna Psychic Mega Musharna Psychic Ghost Musharnite Levitate
523   Zebstrika Electric Mega Zebstrika Electric Zebstrikite Static
526   Gigalith Rock Mega Gigalith Rock Gigalithite Clear Body
553   Krookodile Ground Dark Mega Krookodile Ground Dark Krookodilite Sand Stream
563   Cofagrigus Ghost Mega Cofagrigus Ghost Cofagrigusite Shadow Tag
571   Zoroark Dark Mega Zoroark Dark Fighting Zoroarkite Illusion
576   Gothitelle Psychic Mega Gothitelle Psychic Fairy Gothitellite Cute Charm
579   Reuniclus Psychic Mega Reuniclus Psychic Reuniclusite Levitate
612   Haxorus Dragon Mega Haxorus Dragon Haxorusite Strong Jaw
635   Hydreigon Dark Dragon Mega Hydreigon Dark Dragon Hydreigonite Frisk
637   Volcarona Bug Fire Mega Volcarona Bug Fire Volcaronite Flash Fire
649   Genesect Bug Steel Mega Genesect Bug Steel Genesecite Swarm


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The male player's default name is Jai and the female player's default name is Pip.


  • Ayana - This rival will choose the starter with a type advantage against the player.
  • Jett - This rival will choose the starter with a type disadvantage against the player. In post-game, he will trade the unevolved form of his starter Pokémon that had raised from a egg.
  • Finn - This rival will choose the pseudo starter with a type advantage against the player.
  • Kym - This rival will choose the pseudo starter with a type disadvantage against the player. In post-game, she will trade the unevolved form of her pseudo starter Pokémon that had raised from a egg.
  • Georgina - This rival has all three Johto starter with a Mega Stone each. After defeating her, she will give you a choice of a Johto starter and she will give you a Mega Stone to Mega Evolve when fully evolved.

Team Radioactive

Team Radioactive is a villainous team. Their main goal is to make Pokémon sick and turn perfume from the perfumery into stink bombs. Its leader is Vanomus.

Gym Leaders

Caria League
Generation VII Region: Caria
Gym Leader
Type Badge
ソーラ Sora
Tohang City
Accidental City
Sky Badge
キチロ Kichiro
Chunchen City
Accidental City
Normal Badge
サリーナ Sareena
Soulnaem City
Accidental City
Umbra Badge
ゴルダ Golda
Itche City
Accidental City
Metal Badge
チョー Chou
Seyyou City
Accidental City
Butterfly Badge
リユー Ryu
Seuwaon City
Accidental City
Mythical Badge
ダミ Dami
Dayjume City
Accidental City
Sand Badge
フィノ Fino
Chumjewel City
Accidental City
Burn Badge

Elite Four and Champion

Caria League
Generation VI
オーキド博士 Dr. Okido
オーキド博士 Dr. Okido
オーキド博士 Dr. Okido
オーキド博士 Dr. Okido
オーキド博士 Dr. Okido


  • Seasons returns making Deerling and its evolution to be found in the wild depending on season and the introduction of the Season quartet.
  • Pokémon outbreak returns.
  • Pokémon can battle underwater which applies to Water-type Pokémon only called Underwater Battle when can be only battled after talking to a Diver, a trainer class.


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Name Description
Token Incense An item to be held by a Pokémon. This exotic-smelling incense boosts the power of Normal-type moves.
Fighting Incense An item to be held by a Pokémon. This incense has a tough aroma that boosts the power of Fighting-type moves.
Feather Incense An item to be held by a Pokémon. This incense has a beautiful aroma that boosts the power of Flying-type moves.
Beak Incense An item to be held by a Pokémon. This exotic-smelling incense boosts the power of Flying-type moves.
Mineral Incense An item to be held by a Pokémon. This exotic-smelling incense boosts the power of Ground-type moves.
Drill Incense An item to be held by a Pokémon. This exotic-smelling incense boosts the power of drill-based moves.
Pixel Incense An item to be held by a Pokémon. This exotic-smelling incense boosts the power of Fairy-type moves.
Fist Incense An item to be held by a Pokémon. This exotic-smelling incense boosts the power of Fighting-type moves,
Present Incense An item to be held by a Pokémon. This exotic-smelling incense doubles the power of the move Present.
Metal Incense An item to be held by a Pokémon. This exotic-smelling incense boosts the power of Steel-type moves.
Umbra Incense An item to be held by a Pokémon. This exotic-smelling incense boosts the power of Dark-type moves.
Snow Incense An item to be held by a Pokémon. This exotic-smelling incense boosts the power of Ice-type moves,
Audio Incense An item to be held by a Pokémon. This exotic-smelling incense boosts the power of sound-based moves.
Aromatic Perfume An item to be held by a Pokémon. It's a perfume that smells like aroma that boosts the power of Fairy-type moves.
Tail Fossil A fossil from a prehistoric Pokémon that once lived on the land. It appears to be part of a tail.
Antennae Fossil A fossil from a prehistoric Pokémon that once lived on the land. It appears to be part of an antennae.


# Name Effect
??? Beamproof Protects the Pokémon from beam moves.
??? Magic Trap Prevents Psychic-type Pokémon from escaping.
??? Dizzy Eyes Contact with the Pokémon may cause confusion.
??? Sleepwalk Contact with the Pokémon may cause sleep.
??? Quick Body Protects the Pokémon from Speed-lowing attacks.
??? Cold Body Contact with the Pokémon may freeze the foe.
??? Magical Flash Powers up Fairy-type moves if hit by a fairy move.
??? Radioactive Contact with the Pokémon may badly poison the foe.
??? Perfume Guard Protects the Pokémon from aroma-based moves.
??? Punchproof Protects the Pokémon from punching moves.
??? Seasonal Power Powers up moves based on seasons.
??? Money Pick The Pokémon may doubles the received money after battle.*
??? Spooky Transform The Pokémon changes form if hit by a Ghost-type move.
??? Hell Guard Protects the Pokémon from Dark-type moves and Fire-type moves.
??? Horn Boost Powers up horn moves.
??? Dangerous Web Prevents Bug-type Pokémon from escaping.
??? Aero Feathers Powers up wing moves and beak moves.
??? Heaven Guard Protects the Pokémon from Fairy-type moves and Flying-type moves.