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A batch of Lumiose Galettes in the anime.

A local specialty is a type of regional item from the Pokémon games. Typically, these food items are classified as Medicine by the player's bag, and when used on a player's Pokémon, will heal any status conditions they may be afllicted by.

Local specalties are often used to help characterize their particular region and the area they are named after. Local specalties introduced in older games are poplular import items, and are often obtained as bonuses for using certain services.

List of local specialties

In the anime

A Rage Candy Bar in the anime

Rage Candy Bars appeared in An Egg Scramble!, where they were one of the items being sold by Khoury at the Johto Festival. Some of them were also seen amongst the food stolen by Team Rocket.

Old Gateau was first seen in Get Your Rotom Running!. Ash and his friends went to the Old Chateau to try some of the famous treat at the recommendation of Professor Oak. A piece of Old Gateau also appeared in Getting a Jump on the Competition!.

A Lava Cookie appeared in The Brockster Is In!. An elderly passenger gave it to Brock to help cure the poisoned Pokémon Normajean was taking care of.

Casteliacones were first mentioned in A Venipede Stampede!. While in Castelia City, Iris accidentally led the group to the stand selling the treat, which they realized was closed. The same stand was referred to again in Climbing the Tower of Success!, when Ash, his friends, and Stephan were attempting to solve a quiz at the Wishing Bell Festival. Thankfully, Cilan remembered eating a Casteliacone in the past, allowing them to figure out the right answer.

Casteliacones were also sold at the Vertress Conference, as seen in Lost at the League! and A Unova League Evolution!. Bianca bought several cones from an ice cream stand and offered some to Ash and his friends.

Lumiose Galettes first appeared in Kalos League Passion with a Certain Flare!, where Meyer and Clembot brought Ash, his friends, Sawyer, and their Pokémon two boxes of them to celebrate Ash advancing to the finals of the Lumiose Conference. More Lumiose Galettes appeared in The First Day of the Rest of Your Life!, where Ash and Serena bought themselves some to eat from a bakery in Lumiose City.

In Turning Heads and Training Hard!, Ilima was seen serving some Lumiose Galettes he had brought from Kalos to Professor Kukui and Samson Oak.

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

In The Final Battle I, Gold was seen eating some Lava Cookies at the Hoenn Battle Frontier. As it was the first time he came to Hoenn, he decided to try the region's famous delicacy, and found them delicious.

In Robust Rotom, Diamond served Platinum some Old Gateau for tea time during their stay at the Old Chateau.

In Out-Odding Oddish, while on his way to the Pokéathlon Dome, Gold was seen eating some Rage Candy Bars that he had recently purchased. He also threw one into Whitney's mouth, almost causing her to choke. Gold later gave a Rage Candy Bar to Bruno, who immediately fell in love with its delicious taste.

In All About Arceus IX, Whitney, who was shown to have a crush on Bruno, was seen sending the Elite Four member a boxful of Rage Candy Bars, much to his pleasure.

In Big City Battles, White gave Black a box of Casteliacones to use in battle.



In the TCG

Big Malasada (Sun & Moon 114)

The Big Malasada has been featured as Item cards in the Pokémon Trading Card Game. It heals the player's Active Pokémon of 20 damage and one Special Condition. It was released in the Collection Moon and Sun & Moon Starter Set in Japan, which were combined to form the English Sun & Moon expansion.


  • Old Gateau's name in both English and Japanese is a pun based on the location it is found. In English, the French word gateau ("cake") plays on Chateau. In Japanese, the Chateau's name is "Forest Manor" (Japanese: もりのようかん) while the Gateau's name is "Forest Yōkan" (Japanese: もりのヨウカン); the two terms are homophones and are pronounced as mori no yōkan.
  • According to the anime, the Old Gateau is also known as the Mirage Gateau.
  • Most local specialty items introduced since Generation III — the Lava Cookie, Old Gateau, Casteliacone, Lumiose Galette, Shalour Sable, and Big Malasada — are variants of the Full Heal. The Rage Candy Bar, introduced in Generation II, was a variant of the Potion until Generation VII. The Sweet Heart, introduced in Generation V, is the only "local specialty" item that is still a variant of the Potion.
  • In the games, "Old Gateau" is usually pluralized as "Old Gateaux". However, the description of the Souvenir Set in Join Avenue says "A set of two Old Gateaus. The cake heals all the status problems of one Pokémon."
  • Although Shalour Sables aren't obtainable in Pokémon X and Y, they're mentioned by a female Tourist standing near the Galette Stand in Lumiose City.
  • Shalour Sable is the only "local specialty" not found in its home region.
  • Galar is the only core series region without a local specality. However, it introduced a host of ingredients and food products players can cook and serve to their Pokémon in curry.