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Grassy Terrain
グラスフィールド Grass Field
Grassy Terrain active VIII.png
Move Ability
Grassy Terrain
Max Overgrowth
Grassy Surge

Electric Terrain (Japanese: エレキフィールド Elec Field) is a type of terrain introduced in battle in Generation VI.


Event Gen VI Gen VII Gen VIII
Grassy Terrain used N/A
Grassy Surge activated N/A
After turn is complete N/A
When Grassy Terrain ends N/A


Grassy Terrain in the anime

In battle

In the anime

In other generations

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 青草場地 Chēngchóu Chèuhngdeih *
青草領域 Chēngchóu Líhngwihk *
Mandarin 青草場地 / 青草场地 Qīngcǎo Chǎngdì *
青草領域 Qīngcǎo Lǐngyù *
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Grasveld
France Flag.png French Champ Herbu
Germany Flag.png German Grasfeld
Italy Flag.png Italian Campo Erboso
South Korea Flag.png Korean 그래스필드 Grass Field
Poland Flag.png Polish Trawiasty Teren
Portuguese Brazil Flag.png Brazil Terreno de Plantas
Portugal Flag.png Portugal Campo de Erva
Spain Flag.png Spanish Campo de Hierba