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Ash's Froakie using Frubble.

Frubbles (Japanese: ケロムース Keromousse) are a type of frothy bubbles naturally produced by Froakie and its evolved form, Frogadier. While Greninja do not have Frubbles visible on their body, some canons imply the final form can utilize them as well.

Frubbles form on the chest and back of Froakie and Frogadier, creating a sort of mane on the former and a makeshift scarf on the latter. These frothy bubbles are delicate, yet extremely flexible, protecting them from harm.

In the anime

Ash's Froakie using its Frubbles as a hood

Before Ash's Greninja reached its final form, it often used its Frubbles to its advantage in battle, as first seen in Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!. Typically, it would throw balls of Frubbles at its opponents to subdue or restrain them, giving it an opening to strike. Frubbles have been shown to have many possible applications, including as a kind of adhesive for a makeshift rope (as seen in A Stealthy Challenge! and A Legendary Photo Op!), as a cleaning agent (as in The Bamboozling Forest!, to make copies of itself (as seen in A Battle of Aerial Mobility!), or as a mask to protect against Poison Powder (as seen in The Green, Green Grass Types of Home!).

Sanpei's Frogadier was also shown using its Frubbles in its debut episode it its battles against Ash's Froakie and Team Rocket.

In the manga

Y's Greninja, Croaky, using its Fubbles as a decoy

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

Y's Greninja, Croaky, has been seen using Frubbles in all three of his evolutionary stages, including Greninja. Like in the anime, Croakie can use his Frubbles to distract opponents, create decoys, and save allies from falling from great heights. It has also been seen using them as makeshift clothes for his Trainer, and leaving traces of Frubbles behind for his Trainer and her friends to follow. After evolving into Frogadier, Croaky started hiding stones in his Frubbles to add weight and force to them.



Name origin

Language Name Origin
Japanese ケロムース Keromousse From ケロマツ Keromatsu (Froakie) and mousse
English Frubbles From Froakie and bubbles
German Flubba
Spanish Frurbujas
French Grebulles
Italian Frobolle
Chinese 呱呱泡沫