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Numbered parameters:

  1. Game ID (R, B, Y, Gr, G, S, C, Ru, Sa, E, FR, LG, D, P, Pt, HG, SS, Bl, W)
  2. Number of badges (for G/S/C/HG/SS, the Kanto League badges go IN LEAGUE ORDER: Pewter-Cerulean-Vermilion-Celadon-Fuchsia...)
  3. Number of Pokémon you have seen in the REGIONAL Pokédex
  4. Number of Pokémon you have caught in the REGIONAL Pokédex

These parameters are usually arranged as such, for those of you who don't get what I'm saying:

{{User:Chiefboz/TR | Game ID | Badges | Seen | Obtained }}

Named parameters

These parameters will accept any value.

  • title - Title, instead of "Pokémon (1) Version Team"
  • ns - National Seen (number of Pokémon seen in the National Pokédex) - Does not appear for Generations I or II
  • nc - National Caught (number of Pokémon caught in the National Pokédex) - Does not appear for Generations I or II
  • fc - Friend Code (type your friend code here) - Ignore if you don't know it - Does not appear for Generations I through III
  • pgl - Pokémon Global Link name (type your PDW name here) - Ignore if you don't know it - Appears only for Generation V

These parameters will only accept specific values.

cool, beauty, cute, smart, tough (Contest parameters)
Enter a 0 for "no ribbon", 1 for "Normal ribbon", 2 for "Great/Super ribbon", 3 for "Ultra/Hyper ribbon", or 4 for "Master ribbon". Default value for all five of these is 4.
tower, factory, arcade, castle, hall, pike, pyramid (Frontier parameters)
Enter a 0 for "no symbol/print", a 1 for "silver symbol/print", or a 2 for "gold symbol/print".
For Emerald: note that arcade is used for arena, castle is used for palace, and hall is used for dome.

For all parameters that require numbers: please use integers only for the best results.

Examples of the template in other games

For  D  P  Pt  HG  SS  B  W , you should be able to figure it out yourself.