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[1. General Chat]

My ghostwriter has gone on strike with regards to general information, so I'll fill this in more fully (or more interestingly) at a later date. The basic summary is that I'm a female gamer from the UK who spends far too much of her time playing World of Warcraft. I also enjoy watching TV (although theres rarely anything interesting on these days) or reading sci-fi and fantasy books or manga.

My favourite games for the NDS are Pokemon Pearl, Digimon Dusk, and Puzzle Quest. My favourite pokemon are probably Misdreavus and Tyranitar. I hadn't realised when I got pearl that Larvitar was a Diamond version exclusive :(

[2. Trade]

Currently on hold. Bought a USB connector and now it works, but only tempermentally - on one computer in our house if I hold the connector right next to the DS. The computer it works on is my sisters, which makes it a bit hard ^^

[3. Local Defense]: Recent Occurences

Well, Team Galactic have now been booted off of Coronet again and Palkia has been given a new home. Mount Coronet should now be safe for trainers and pokémon of all ages to traverse once again. Now I'm trying to work out how many times I can put up with hitting reset in my search for shiny Uxie and/or Azelf.

[4. LFG]: Pokémon Team seeking further members

My current 'mains' used in my pokémon team.

Pokémon Gender Nature Level Ability Moves
Hardy 60 Overgrow
Jolly 60 Levitate
Jolly 61 Intimidate
Quiet 61 Swift Swim
Hardy 58 Flash Fire
Brave 49 Swarm
Jolly 47 Inner Focus
Mild 13 Natural Cure

The Pokémon I'm seeking or working towards

Pokémon Gender Nature Ability
Any Lonely Sand Stream
Any Any Snow Cloak
Any Any Leaf Guard
Any Keen Eye
Quiet (or Any) Own Tempo
Any Any Levitate
Any (Modest ideally) Levitate
Any (Modest/Serious ideally) Levitate