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Joined 12 December 2007
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Gender Neutral
Eye color Blue
Hair color Auburn
Hometown Celestic
Region Sinnoh
Generation IV
Games Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum
"What? A new Mitsuhiro Arita card!?" - to Nate quite frequently

My real name is REDACTED, but most know me as Cally,, or faiarrow. Gender neutral. They/Them/Themselves pronouns preferred please. I'm a 20-something year old who seeks catharsis via collecting, with a healthy adoration for the Sinnoh legendaries, every single bird Pokemon ever, and the glory that is Fairy Type. Prolific collector of the TCG; I own a stupid amount of cards. I run the website CollectorViper, which houses scans of my personal collection, and frequently assist here with translations and news.

I also dabble in writing music arrangements, building/customising/painting model kits, and speedrunning video games. Been a long time lurker on BP, even with an account. Only recently I've taken to editing and directly contributing -- pretty much only in the TCG department since that's kinda my thing. Wiki-code isn't exactly my thing. Feel free to (gently) slap me on the wrist if I code something wrong on a page so I can learn from my mistakes!

I don't bite; if you have any questions about cards please feel free to drop me a line on my talk page or at one of my contacts below.


Other Collections

Viperhazard - バイオハザード/Resident Evil Collection
Elysium & Tartarus - Animation Cels, Sketches, and Model Sheets
Hawkbuilds - Model Kits (Zoids)

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