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Pokémon Monday

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Pokémon Monday
"It's just another Pokémon Monday."
Pokémon Monday's podcast art, featuring a Snorlax holding an early-generation iPod.
Language English
Status Defunct
Run May 2010 - September 2011
Podcast debuted May 24, 2010
Last episode published September 5, 2011
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Creator(s) Carolyn Gudmundson (formerly of GamesRadar)
Host(s) Gudmundson, Henry Gilbert, Michael Grimm, Brett Elston
Number of Episodes 47
Mascot Snorlax (podcast art)
Website GamesRadar
Feed Pokémon Monday RSS feed Pokémon Monday on the iTunes Store

Pokémon Monday was a Pokémon-centric podcast that was hosted by various editors of GamesRadar, mainly Carolyn Gudmundson. The podcast originally debuted on May 24, 2010 and was known to Pokémon fans as being the first Pokémon fan podcast that was hosted, run, and published by the staff of a larger website with a general audience (i.e. video gaming-focused site, GamesRadar), rather than fans running their own podcast with or without an affiliated fansite. The podcast gets its name from Pokémon Sunday (now Pokémon Smash!).



The podcast had a mixed reception in the fandom; criticism of the podcast included the hosts' supposed lack of knowledge and certainty of Pokémon news and information, their lack of enthusiasm towards Pokémon as well as said hosts often going off-topic, and main hostess Gudmundson's distinctly quiet and raspy voice. Nevertheless, it was popular among Pokémon fans, probably due to its unique status of being under a large, video gaming-focused website. Steve Black Jr. of It's Super Effective has stated that Monday was an inspiration to him for starting his own Pokémon podcast.[citation needed]

Pokédex Radio

Pokédex Radio
"Live, Love, and Catch 'em All!"
Pokédex Radio's podcast art, featuring a computer-rendered, old-style Kanto Pokédex.
Language English
Status Active
Run March 2009 - July 2010 (episodes 1 - 26)
October 2010 and March 2011 (episodes 27 and 28, both update episodes)
October 2012 - Present (episode 29 onwards)
Podcast debuted March 6, 2009
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Website closed {{{site_close}}}
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Creator(s) Austin Marchand (previously known under the alias, "Gabriel Sebastian")
Host(s) Marchand
Number of Episodes 33 (as of December 21, 2012)
Forum Pokédex Radio forum
Website Flashlight Studios
Pokédex Radio current archive
Pokédex Radio original archive
Feed Pokédex Radio RSS feed Pokédex Radio on the iTunes Store Pokédex Radio can be found on the Zune Marketplace.

Pokédex Radio is a Pokémon-centered podcast that debuted in March 2009. It is hosted by Austin Marchand, who previously referred to himself under the psuedonym "Gabriel Sebastian" before revealing his real name on episode 29, the podcast's first new episode after an over 18-month-long hiatus.

The podcast is also initialized as FSPR, "FS" being the initials of the production "studio" behind the show, Flashlight Studios.


The first episode of Pokédex Radio was published on podcast publishing website, Podbean, on March 6, 2009. The debut was hosted by Marchand (using the alias "Gabriel") and a friend of his referred to as "Gene", who actually was not a Pokémon fan and was only on the podcast to help launch the show. Marchand would be the only host of the podcast from the second episode onwards. After its third episode, FSPR would reach its original host site's free subscriber download limit, causing Marchand to move the podcast to a new Feedburner feed with no limits. However, this move led to some of the podcast's few initial subscribers to falsely assume that the podcast was already dead; "Gabriel" did not mention the change to those old subscribers until he uploaded an audio file to the old feed mentioning the feed switch in June.[1]

Throughout the podcast's initial run, Marchand ran the show with a typical Pokémon podcasting structure of a "news-topic-PotE (Pokémon of the Episode)-emails" format. The emails also had a "Question of the Episode" that listeners would answer to him not unlike those of other Pokémon podcasts. He would also become known to his listener base for his small rants he sometimes gave during the show's emails segment, which were always delivered with his consistently calm demeanor. During the summer of 2009, "Gabriel" held a logo contest for listeners to submit a new podcast art for FSPR.[2] The winner of contest, LexGear, was announced in episode 12 on September 16, 2009, and a slightly fixed version of the winning entry was used as the podcast art since.

After FSPR's twenty-sixth episode, "Gabriel" took an unexpected hiatus. He recorded episode 27 on October 1, 2010, an update episode in which he mentioned that he couldn't do another episode during the past three months due to his job, college education, and a new girlfriend. He also played voicemails sent to the podcast for the first time during the "Mailbag" segment. Despite the update's publishing on October 4, the podcast went back into hiatus for five more months, returning for another update episode mentioning Black and White's international release and the podcast's second anniversary on March 6, 2011. In the episode, "Gabriel" stated that despite not updating Pokédex Radio in a long time, he would not give up on the podcast.

He would finally make good on his statement on the publishings of episodes 29 and 30 in October 2012, more than eighteen months since episode 28. In episode 29, which was published on October 6, 2012, Marchand revealed his real name and stated that he also haven't been gaming or keeping up with Pokémon like he's been wanting to since the previous episode, and had just recently found out about and pre-ordered Black 2 and White 2. In episode 30, published eleven days later, he changed up the show's format to a discussion-style which he would use to "converse" with the listener.



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