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London City Pikachu
ホーンテッドナイト ゴシック
Pokémon Center London logo.png
Pokémon Center London logo featuring London City Pikachu
Generation Generation VIII
Release date October 18, 2019
Region United Kingdom

The London City Pikachu Collection is a collection of merchendise and apperal released exclusively at the temporary Pokémon Center London upon its opening on October 18, 2019. The merchandise is exclusive to this store, and won't be released again elsewhere.

The collection is themed around a Pikachu dressed in a suit jacket, shirt and tie with a bowler hat and holding an umberella with a wooden handle carved to look like Psyduck. The collection also features Pikachu, Mew and Eevee on an elaborate crest as well as various Pokémon in London-inspired street scenes.

Available products

Product Price
London City Pikachu Crest Pokémon Pin £7.50
London City Pikachu Scene Pokémon Pin & Greeting Card £7.50
London City Pikachu Poké Plush £20.00
London City Pikachu Scene Fleece Throw £38.50
London City Pikachu 4 Sticker Set £6.50
London City Pikachu Black Hoodie £45.00
London City Pikachu Crest Hoodie £65.00
London City Pikachu Blue T-shirt
London City Pikachu Grey T-shirt
London City Pikachu Manga T-Shirt
London City Pikachu White Pocket T-shirt
London City Pikachu Chilly's Bottle
London City Pikachu Umberella
London City Pikachu Tote Bag
London City Pikachu Mini Journals
London City Pikachu Scene TCG Card Sleeves
London City Pikachu Crest TCG Play Mat
London City Pikachu Socks
London City Pikachu Beanie
London City Pikachu Scene Poster
London City Pikachu Mug
London City Pikachu Scene Note Cards (10 Pack)
London City Pikachu Baseball Cap

Product Images

TeamRocket T-Shirt.png
Crest Pokémon Pin
TeamRocket T-Shirt.png
Scene Pokémon Pin & Greeting Card
TeamRocket T-Shirt.png
London City Pikachu Poké Plush
TeamRocket T-Shirt.png
Fleece Throw
TeamRocket T-Shirt.png
4 Sticker Set
TeamRocket T-Shirt.png
Black Hoodie
TeamRocket T-Shirt.png
Crest Hoodie
TeamRocket T-Shirt.png
Blue T-Shirt
TeamRocket T-Shirt.png
Grey T-Shirt
TeamRocket T-Shirt.png
Manga T-Shirt
TeamRocket T-Shirt.png
White Pocket T-Shirt
TeamRocket T-Shirt.png
Chilly's Bottle

TeamRocket T-Shirt.png
TeamRocket T-Shirt.png
Tote Bag
TeamRocket T-Shirt.png
Mini Journals
TeamRocket T-Shirt.png
TCG Card Sleeves
TeamRocket T-Shirt.png
TCG Play Mat
TeamRocket T-Shirt.png
TeamRocket T-Shirt.png
TeamRocket T-Shirt.png
TeamRocket T-Shirt.png
TeamRocket T-Shirt.png
Note Cards (10 Pack)
TeamRocket T-Shirt.png
Baseball Cap
Spring 2011 Sneak Peek tins.jpg
The Sneak-Peek Tins

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