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This is the page where I post teams that I am inspired to create but not train and use in real battles (except in some cases). Enjoy.

4th gen Weather

With Weather being one of my favorite aspects of in-game battling I though I'd do one team for every different type of weather.


The Team

  • Torkoal: Starter and defender, I just wanted him there and with his defense I should be able to at least get out a sunny day.
  • Exeggutor: Chlorophyll Sweeper and superfast sleep inducer with Sunny Day Solarbeam.
  • Roserade:Solarbeam, Fire Weather Ball, and back up Sunny Day, to be seen later in the game.
  • Infernape:Big Physical Sweeper.
  • Torterra:Wall and Stealth Rock.
  • Houndoom: There to flesh out big weaknesses to flying type and Psychic Type, plus a decent Nasty Plot.


The Team

  • Rotom: Starter and quick Rain Dance setter, with a helpful Hydro Pump/Thunder combo.
  • Toxicroak: Dry Skin helps him live and other than that he's sweeper.
  • Magnezone: Wall, Supporter and back up Rain Dancer.
  • Gyarados: Dragon Dance Sweeper.
  • Swampert: A uniques Water with great typing which is very important for type teams.
  • Ludicolo: Healing Wall, Toxic to bring the foes down slowly and painfully.


The Team

  • Tyranitar: Sand Stream starter and Choice Sweeper. Got the fangs to round out weaknesses
  • Aerodactyl: Speedy Sweeper with Stealth Rock for a fast set up if he's about to die.
  • Metagross: Wall, Supporter with advantage being taken of its two strong STAB's.
  • Hippowdon: Second and Stream just in case. After that it's an healing wall with Roar just in case Aerodactyl sets up a Stealth Rock.
  • Gliscor: Critical Hitter with tons of different moves for variety.
  • Empoleon: Sweeper with Aqua Ring as its recovery move.


The Team

  • Abomasnow: Snow Warning, that's it
  • Glalie: Stab Weather Ball and Ice Body so I made him a Scarf Sweeper instead of Specs since he is so fragile.
  • Cloyster: Supporter and Screener and I love his ability.
  • Jynx: Is able to take down those problem fighting types, statuses, back up Hail.
  • Walrein: Thick Fat gives him that so important Fire Resistance.
  • Froslass: A beautiful fighting immunity with a nice mess of status effects and fast enough to effectively use Destiny Bond.

The Catching Team

Since I want to be able to catch all of the Legendary Beasts in HeartGold and SoulSilver and I only get one Master Ball I have found a three man team that should help. My main plan is to start with Jumpluff, have it make it fall asleep, then get Umbreon in and Mean Look it and Baton Pass to Gliscor who will whittle down it's HP with False Swipe.

Brother HeartGold

My brother says that he doesn't want to get SoulSilver when it comes out, so I decided to make a team for him (made up, of course). This is a lot more strategic than he plays it usually, so if you ever battle him don't expect him to use Baton Pass or Stealth Rock. I do know that he would use Feraligatr, since it is his starter, and Espeon, since it his favorite Eeveelution, the rest is a guess.

My brother is very offensive, so all of his team is meant to be offensive. Feraligatr and Houndoom sweep, Espeon Calm Mind sweeps, Hitmontop Rapid Spins, Sudowoodo has Stealth Rock and Wood Hammer, and Ursaring has Guts.

If Kotone was a Rival

This is what I think Kotone's team would look like if she was a battle-able rival in the game (I put them all at Lv. 100 just as default). Its all very defensive, with Mamoswine and Azumarill being the only real offensive Pokémon, and even Mamoswine has Stealth Rock. Ledian and Girafarig Baton Pass, Meganium as a healer and screener, Mismagius being the scacrifice Perish Song, with Azumarill to come in on it and set up a Belly Drum.

Sentimental Team

This is the team I used to complete the game. I will put down why they are sentimental to me in the first place. Typhlosion is the exact same on my competitive team as it is my starter. Except for Typhlosion none of these Pokémon will have focused EVs and I may gt them to LV. 100 later. Here it is.

Sentimental Reasons

As all of them have comparisons in some way to the Pokémon on my competitive team so I will note those too.

  • Typhlosion: My favorite starter ever, and its comparison is to itelf, duh.
  • Furret: As Gold was my first game, a Sentret was the first Pokémon I ever caught. I then remember taking it to the end of my old game and would always use it from then on. It compares to Miltank because they are both pure Normal-type.
  • Lanturn: As I had been in Olivine City at the time and at the harbor I caught a Chinchou. I didn't know what it would evolve into so I trained it and once it evolved it became one of my most trusted Pokémon ever. Its comparison is to Kingdra since they are both primary Water-type.
  • Forretress: I always wanted a Fortress in Gold and Silver but never got one and due to me having SoulSilver I couldn't get Ariados I changed it to this. Its comparison is to Scizor as they are both primary Bug-type.
  • Umbreon: My favorite Eeveelution and I always evolve my Eevees into it first. Its comparison is to Weavile since they are both primary Dark-type.
  • Jumpluff: I remember cathing a Hoppip and seeing its only move was Splash. I then thought of the Magikarp complex and thought it could then evolve into something really strong. When it evolved into Jumpluff it was able to finish off Red for me. Its comparison is to Crobat since they are both part Flying-type and main use on my team is for sleep inducing moves.


My reserve Pokémon for my Battle Box on Random Matchup.

Reasons for Reserve Role

  • Simisage: Sentimentality, he was the monkey I got from the Dream Yard. But he doesn't have the right nature or EV training, so reserve role.
  • Klinklang: I'm BrokenMotor, this is kind of a necessity.
  • Eelektross: Gastro Acid as a double battle partner for Archeops.
  • Zoroark: Zoroark is cool and fun to use, but I already have two Dark types on my team and there is no room for her.
  • Volcorona: Volcorona is mainly used For insurance against other Fighting types.
  • Braviary: He's shiny, and also has a better (although not great) ability then the rest of my other shinies.

Shiny Team

This is a team composed of several of my (mostly 5th gen) Pokémon that I may finish but just as a for fun team. Note, since it is a team based on my shinies, egg moves are not an option.