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Zach's Typhlosion (Japanese: サトシのハヤシガメ Zakku's Bakphoon) was the first Pokémon that Zach captured in the Johto region.


Zach recieved Typhlosion as a Cydaquil sometime before Tag Battle in Cerulean City!. He recieved Quilava from Professor Elm to begin his journey. Typhlosion was one of the Pokémon offered to Zach, and after a moment of silence between the two, Zach immediately chose him. He had taken a large liking to Zach, who believed that they had a sort of mental connection.

Typhlosion is a quiet loner Pokémon that usually is seen lounging next to Zach against a tree or street light. Like Ivysaur, he enjoys tricking Gary in many sorts of pranks. He is very strong, as he is able to knock out Misty's Gyarados in two attacks, despite a type disadvantage. He has also been shown to be incredibly fast.

In Tag Battle in Cerulean City!, Quilava battled alongside Ivysaur against Misty, who was using her Starmie and Gyarados. He certainly held his own in battle, as he obeys Zach completely, and due to their excessive training, were able to defeat Gyarados easily.

In In the events leading up to and the final battle with Team Rocket, Quilava evolved along with Gary's Ivysaur, his Lombre, his Sealeo, and his Kirlia and Growlithe.

Moves used

Italicised moves are moves that have been used recently.


  • Typhlosion has been shown to have a strikingly similar personality to Ash's Sceptile.
  • As a Quilava, Typhlosion was the first known Pokémon to use Giga Impact and not be fully evolved.