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Joined 18 February 2008
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Welcome You've Got Mail...No Wait thats not right, Anyway I'm Bob. I just recently turned 18 years old so thats pretty cool. My favorite tv shows are House, Smallville, Power Rangers, Beast Wars, Justice League Unlimited, Mythbusters, Bones, etc. My favorite videogames are Pokémon Silver Version, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Viewtiful Joe, Tales of Symphonia, Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, and about half a dozen other games. I enjoy many variations of Rock music though I will listen to anything except that stupid Stefani bitch. My favorite Pokémon is Cyndaquil and its evolutions. My favorite anime character are Brock and James. I read the Pokémon Special summaries on Anyway on to my dream team


Ash's Pokédex

okay everyone knows that in the series point and click with the Pokédex will tell you every thing you need to know however in the games you need to actually catch a pokémon to get its data. These are the Pokémon Ash has actually had possesion of in National Dex order. Thus I will include Beedrill, Seaking, and Raticate but not Haunter or Larvitar.

# Icon Name Type
001 001MS.png Bulbasaur Grass Poison
004 004MS.png Charmander Fire
005 005MS.png Charmeleon Fire
006 006MS.png Charizard Fire Flying
007 007MS.png Squirtle Water
010 010MS.png Caterpie Bug
011 011MS.png Metapod Bug
012 012MS.png Butterfree Bug Flying
015 015MS.png Beedrill Bug Poison
017 017MS.png Pidgeotto Normal Flying
018 018MS.png Pidgeot Normal Flying
020 020MS.png Raticate Normal
025 025MS.png Pikachu Electric
057 057MS.png Primeape Fighting
089 089MS.png Muk Poison
098 098MS.png Krabby Water
099 099MS.png Kingler Water
119 119MS.png Seaking Water
128 128MS.png Tauros Normal
131 131MS.png Lapras Water Ice
143 143MS.png Snorlax Normal
152 152MS.png Chikorita Grass
153 153MS.png Bayleef Grass
155 155MS.png Cyndaquil Fire
158 158MS.png Totodile Water
164 164MS.png Noctowl Normal Flying
190 190MS.png Aipom Normal
207 207MS.png Gligar Ground Flying
214 214MS.png Heracross Bug Fighting
231 231MS.png Phanpy Ground
232 232MS.png Donphan Ground
252 252MS.png Treecko Grass
253 253MS.png Grovyle Grass
254 254MS.png Sceptile Grass
276 276MS.png Taillow Normal Flying
277 277MS.png Swellow Normal Flying
324 324MS.png Torkoal Fire
341 341MS.png Corphish Water
361 361MS.png Snorunt Ice
362 362MS.png Glalie Ice
387 387MS.png Turtwig Grass
390 390MS.png Chimchar Fire
396 396MS.png Starly Normal Flying
397 397MS.png Staravia Normal Flying
418 418MS.png Buizel Water

This means that Ash has had 5 Fire Types, 7 Water Types, 2 Bug Types, 4 Normal Types, 1 Electric Type, 1 Fighting Type, 1 Poison Type, 6 Grass Types, 2 Ground Types, 2 Ice Types, 1 Grass/Poison Type, 1 Fire/Flying Type, 1 Bug/Flying Type, 1 Bug Poison Type, 7 Normal/Flying Types, 1 Water/Ice Type, 1 Ground/Flying Type and 1 Bug/Fighting Type.

My Pokédex

Now in Comparison I actually catch less Pokémon then our animated Hero here is my Pokédex

# Icon Name Type Height Weight
007 007MS.png Squirtle Water 1'08" 19.8 lbs.
008 008MS.png Wartortle Water 3'03" 49.6 lbs.
009 009MS.png Blastoise Water 5'03" 188.5 lbs.
021 021MS.png Spearow Normal Flying 1'00" 4.4 lbs.
022 022MS.png Fearow Normal Flying 3'11" 83.8 lbs.
041 041MS.png Zubat Poison Flying 2'07" 16.5 lbs.
042 042MS.png Golbat Poison Flying 5'03" 121.3 lbs.
109 109MS.png Koffing Poison 2'00" 2.2 lbs.
110 110MS.png Weezing Poison 3'11" 20.9 lbs.
127 127MS.png Pinsir Bug 4'11" 121.3 lbs.
129 129MS.png Magikarp Water 2'11" 22.0 lbs.
130 130MS.png Gyarados Water Flying 21'04" 518.1 lbs.
132 132MS.png Ditto Normal 1'00" 8.8 lbs.
133 133MS.png Eevee Normal 1'00" 14.3 lbs.
135 135MS.png Jolteon Electric 2'07" 54.0 lbs.
155 155MS.png Cyndaquil Fire
156 156MS.png Quilava Fire
157 157MS.png Typhlosion Fire
163 163MS.png Hoothoot Normal Flying
164 164MS.png Noctowl Normal Flying
169 169MS.png Crobat Poison Flying
175 175MS.png Togepi Normal
176 176MS.png Togetic Normal Flying
185 185MS.png Sudowoodo Rock
191 191MS.png Sunkern Grass
192 192MS.png Sunflora Grass
206 206MS.png Dunsparce Normal
213 213MS.png Shuckle Bug Rock
246 246MS.png Larvitar Rock Ground
247 247MS.png Pupitar Rock Ground
248 248MS.png Tyranitar Rock Dark
351 351MS.png Castform Normal
438 438MS.png Bonsly Rock
468 468MS.png Togekiss Normal Flying

My Dream Team


Pokémon Personality Ability
Held item
Lv.70 Typhlosion
Mild nature.

Likes dry food.
Grip Claw
Eruption Fire
Rollout Rock
Fire Blast Fire
Blast Burn Fire
Lv.61 Togekiss
Normal Flying
Modest nature.

Likes dry food.
Serene Grace
Bright Powder
Sky Attack Flying
Giga Impact Normal
Hyper Beam Normal
Metronome Normal
Lv.62 Fearow
Normal Flying
Jolly nature.

Likes sweet food.
Keen Eye
Amulet Coin
Drill Peck Flying
Steel Wing Steel
Fly Flying
Mirror Move Flying
Lv.61 Jolteon
Hasty nature.

Likes sweet food.
Volt Absorb
Exp. Share
Thunder Electric
Iron Tail Steel
Thunder Wave Electric
Flash Normal
Lv.60 Shuckle
Bug Rock
Sassy nature.

Likes bitter food.
Choice Specs
Rock Smash Fighting
Sandstorm Rock
Earthquake Ground
Power Trick Psychic


Pokémon Personality Ability
Held item
Lv.58 Blastoise
Quiet nature.

Likes dry food.
Hydro Cannon Water
Focus Blast Fighting
Blizzard Ice
Hydro Pump Water
Lv.56 Tyranitar
Rock Dark
Brave nature.

Likes spicy food.
Sand Stream
Thunder Electric
Stone Edge Rock
Captivate Normal
Outrage Dragon
Lv.54 Noctowl
Normal Flying
Jolly nature.

Likes sweet food.
Zen Headbutt Psychic
Extrasensory Psychic
Silver Wind Bug
Aerial Ace Flying
Lv.53 Ditto None
Quirky nature.

Likes all food.
Transform Normal