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About me

Name's Blueman. Why? I'm a guy and like the color Blue :P. Ironically, the only blue Pokémon game I actually own is Sapphire. Weird.

My name is Patrick. I've been a fan of Pokémon since 1998, the years which Red and Blue came out in North America. To be completely honest, The first game I ever played was Alex Kidd in Miracle World. But the first game I can ever recall playing myself was Pokémon Red, and on that Christmas of '98, my Game Boy Pocket and Red were the beginning of a crazy spark which would turn me into somewhat of a fanatic of the series.

I was an avid TV surfer when I was 6 [the age I got Red], and happened to watch the first ever released dubbed episode, Battle Aboard the St. Anne. That single episode made me want to watch the anime of my favorite games [at the time] whenever it aired. Not surprisingly, though, I missed many episodes due to playing my [mostly other] games.

I like anime, generally futuristic and fantasy based ones. I like Pokémon, Gundam SEED, Gundam SEED Destiny, Inuyasha, Naruto, GUN X SWORD, ...

And others once I can think of some lol.

I also love gaming outside of Pokémon, mostly Nintendo franchises like Super Smash Bros., Zelda, EarthBound/MOTHER, Star Fox and the Phoenix Wright games.

I also love to read, particularly fantasy and adventure novels such as Kenneth Oppel's Silverwing, Sunwing, and Firewing.

And then I found this wiki ^_^. As I was immersing myself in the Silverwing Wiki, I thought Wait... are there other wikis like this one? and after a little searching, found this ^^. In my opinion this is one of the best and most informative wiki's ever.

Thanks to my interest in the games, the rest is history :).



I have a lot of favorite Pokémon, the list growing larger each generation. My teams are usually diverse in types, but similarities in the teams tend to skimp in the Flying type [Crobat and Gliscor, etc.]. I don't have a single, omnipotent favorite type, but I like Poison, Flying, Psychic, Ice, and Electric.

I don't like Grass and Rock types, mainly because of the sheer number of weaknesses they have. I mean, come on, 5 each! And I don't really like the Dark type too. Nothing against it, just mainly because it's the "weakest" type (its strongest move has the least amount of power among all type supermoves) gets a full immunity against Psychic and Ghost. How exactly does that work? Ah never mind.

List [As of Generation IV]

These two are my absolute favorites. Notice how both are part Flying :P

As for legendaries, I'm not too fond of using them due to them having superior power. Having said that...

Pokémon I dislike and why

Sure, I may like a lot, but dislike some too. Nobody can perfectly say that they like every single Pokémon, right? =P

  • Squirtle - Least favorite Kanto starter. 'Nuff said.
  • Parasect - Terrible type combination/bad stats = urrrg
  • Geodude evolutionary line - [See above save for defense lol]
  • Exeggcute - Shouldn't it only be one Pokémon? How exactly can it be 6 at once? coughsevenweaknessescough
  • Lickitung - ...? Dopey and weird...
  • Magikarp - Ahhh the [near] useless one... just be sure not to be close when it evolves, lol. I love the meme made by Magikarp; I swear to God when I evolve I'm going to kill you all. Which rings true, its evolution is amazing :).
  • Jumpluff - Oddly, I like Hoppip and Skiploom but not its final form. Must be the name...
  • Unown - ONLY ONE MOVE??!? Pretty good stats though. I just don't have the kinda determination to find all 28 -_-.
  • Dunsparce - What the heck is it even supposed to be, anyway? Below average stats don't help either...
  • Treecko evolutionary line - As I said before, I'm not too fond of Grass types. 'Specially this one. Not to mention its the mortal enemy of Swampert *_*.
  • Slaking - Its funny, this one being the strongest non-legendary ever. Too bad its ability is more then annoying. At least it can be solved, but geez...
  • Plusle/Minun - Novelty = fail. Semi - Pikachu clone = more fail.
  • Lileep - A Pokémon made up of my least favorite types? Goodness... Terrible Speed.
  • Torterra - I love dubious honors; this one has the lowest speed of all starter final forms. Plus it looks like its going to eat somebody... *coughgrasstypecough*
  • Stunky/Skuntank - First form: Facepalm-inducing name. Second form: Platinum sprite... *shudders*
  • Snover/Abomasnow - WORST TYPE EVER! Seven weaknesses! But it has the Ice type... curses...
  • Lickilicky - Buffing up Lickitung by making it look like a pink version of Barney with a long tongue... no.
  • Probopass - And I thought Nosepass was weird... It looks like Mario made into a compass XD


  • Raikou - Never really appealed to me, I guess. Suicune FTW :p
  • Registeel - Least fav of the Regis. Haha, Diamond and Pearl Sprite :P

Thank goodness for this wiki and its National Dex list ^_^

My Contributions (type and preferences)

Meh... This wiki is so detailed and has so many dedicated people, I envy it/them *_*. So much has been done, I feel that I don't have anything new or revolutionary to do. I'll probably think of something, excitedly search it up, and realize its been done -_-'. So I'll take on the role of grammer nazi; fixing stuff up, adding a couple of lines here and there, correcting incorrect notches of info, the works. *bows to all Project Leaders*

PUSA recasting controversy: Supported or Not?

When just looking (hearing...?) at the differences, I'm split straight down the middle in terms of preference. I prefer the raw all the way, as the English voices never really impressed me. Each company has their own strengths and flaws regarding their portrayal of the characters.

I may as well get it straight here: 4Kids. Some anime they've slaughtered, like One Piece, paved only disrespect from me. I'll try not to have too much bias :P Editing and English mistakes aren't my style of argument, but if it was, 4Kids would have a huge stack of harmful evidence against it, such as the Lola continuity mistake, many Pokémon mistakes (seriously... A SCYTHER does NOT look like an ALAKAZAM! 4Kids messed up, they knew it, and blamed it on fictional characters. Whew.) and others. Voice actors are my game.

At the beginning of the big switch, I felt alienated by Ash's new voice. Sarah Natochenny made him sound much older and gravelly then Veronica Taylor's husky yet light voice I was so used to. This would be enough to hate the voice, but lets look from a different perspective; Ash has bound to have aged, and it would have made sense to have his voice grow with him. This fact and since I've seen more episodes of Natochenny's work, I accepted his new voice with more approval then Veronica Taylor could have ever won. That, and the fact that Ash and May sounded similar when they battled [4Kids style], yelling commands and such. So, one for PUSA, zip for 4Kids.

Brock... goodness. His 4Kids voice, Eric Stuart, was awesome, yet his voice was too high-strung for me. Brock's advances on women were funny, yeah, but his voice ultimately faltered the humor for me, since he tended to talk fast and sound forced. His PUSA voice, Bill Rogers, couldn't be more opposite: his voice got much deeper and huskier. Unfortunately, this made his character flat-out more boring. His advances on women couldn't feel more unoriginal. PUSA killed the fun out of Brock.

As for Team Rocket, two to one PUSA. I wasn't too fond of Jessie's 4Kids voice (Rachael Lillis, as I felt it was too haughty, but the "softened up" PUSA voice (Michele Knotz) fit her character better. Same topic with James; I find campy characters funny, but Eric Stuart made him sound like he was wheezing very sentence. "Billy Beach" easily makes him a more likeable character. On the other hand though, Meowth's PUSA voice (once again "Beach") made his voice much scratchier then Maddie Blaustein's sly and comical portrayal. So Team Rocket may be favored by PUSA this time, but R.I.P Meowth's original voice... really.

May, hands down Veronica Taylor. PUSA made her voice much, much, much more generic and forgettable.

As for everybody else introduced/voiced, its really hit and miss. For actual human beings, both companies did a good job in voicing one-time characters and such. But for Pokémon... a recent viewing of a couple of episodes (namely Electric Shock Showdown! and Camping it Up! proved that 4Kids put a little more heart into voicing Pokémon then PUSA ever can. Though I can't give a comparison for any Generation IV Pokémon -_-.

So really, I seem to favour PUSA not just because 4Kids is... well, 4Kids, but actually for a overall better job at voicework. Though some 4Kids actors will be missed. And then DuArt comes into the picture... ;) So maybe the anime can reach all new heights. Time will tell.

And oh yeah, this is my personal view :P. If you disagree with it, fine by me. We all have opinions, right? And speaking of the anime...


The anime has such a colorful (and huge) cast of characters. They're easy to get attached to, and I have a lot of favorites. My favorite seasons of the anime, by the way, are all of the Johto ones, such as The Johto Journeys and Master Quest. But my absolute favorite season is Chronicles. Sometimes you have to just look back and think "What happened to that guy/girl/Pokémon?" Curse the Orange League, though. Nothing against Tracey or anything, but that season largely felt like creative filler.

[To be finished later...]