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List of anime competitions

Region Competition Location Type(s) Prize(s) Episode(s) Winner(s)
Kanto Beach Beauty and Pokémon Costume Contest  
Beauty contest $1000
Beauty and The Beach Unknown
Kanto P1 Grand Prix  
Celadon City
Sports tournament Golden belt The Punchy Pokémon Ash
Kanto Big P Pokémon Race  
Safari Land
Race Flag
Honorary Laramie clan membership
The Flame Pokémon-athon! Ash
Kanto Queen of the Princess Festival  
O-Hina Town
Battle tournament Pokémon Princess Doll set
Photo with Fiorella Cappuccino
Princess vs. Princess Misty
Kanto Indigo Plateau Conference  
Indigo Plateau
Battle tournament Entry into the Kanto/Johto Champion League
Pokémon League Badge
All Fired Up!
Friends to the End
Unnamed Trainer
Orange Archipelago Orange League  
Pummelo Island
Battle challenge Title of "Orange League Champion"
Place in the Palace of Victory
Winner's Trophy
Hello, Pummelo!
Enter the Dragonite
Johto Sunflora Festival  
Beauty contest One year's supply of instant noodles
Grin to Win! Sonrisa
Johto Mareep Festival Pokémon Battle  
Unnamed town
Battle tournament Unknown Mild 'n Wooly Unknown
Johto Running of the Tauros  
Skill competition Trophy Tricks of the Trade Unknown
Johto Rock and Tumble One-on-One Tauros Competition  
Battle challenge Unknown Tricks of the Trade Ash (overall winner)
Johto Fire and Rescue Grand Prix  
Unnamed town
Skill competition Title of "Best Pokémon firefighter team" The Fire-ing Squad! Officer Jenny
Johto Bug-Catching Contest  
National Park
Catching contest Sun Stone
The winning Pokémon
The Bug Stops Here Ash
Johto Seaking Catching Competition  
Unnamed lake
Catching contest One year's supply of chocolate bars
Seaking badge
Hook, Line, and Stinker Misty
Johto Pokémon Beauty Contest  
Beauty contest Title of "Beauty of the year" Beauty and the Breeder Unknown
Johto Grass Pokémon Tournament  
Unnamed town
Battle tournament Set of Leaf Stones
The Grass Route Ephraim
Johto Fire Pokémon Tournament  
Unnamed town
Battle tournament Set of Fire Stones The Stolen Stones! Unknown
Johto Sumo Conference  
Rikishii Town
Sports tournament One year's supply of Pokémon food
King's Rock
Ring Masters Ash
Johto Pokémon Balloon Race  
Unnamed field
Race Balloon engine The Big Balloon Blow-Up Ash, Misty and Brock (tie)
Skyler and Tenma (tie)
Johto Whirl Cup  
Scarlet City
Battle tournament Title of "Sea Hero"
Mystic Water
Octillery The Outcast
The Perfect Match!
Unnamed Trainer
Johto Extreme Pokémon Race  
Race Medal
Extreme Pokémon! Ash
Johto Tour de Alto Mare  
Alto Mare
Race Eon duo medal Pokémon Heroes: Latios & Latias Misty
Johto Silver Conference  
Silver Town
Battle tournament Entry into the Kanto/Johto Champion League
A Claim to Flame!
Johto Photo Finish
Hoenn Rustboro Contest  
Rustboro City
Pokémon Contest Rustboro Ribbon All Things Bright and Beautifly! Janet
Hoenn Slateport Contest  
Slateport City
Pokémon Contest Slateport Ribbon Win, Lose or Drew! Robert
Hoenn Trick House Contest  
Mauville City
Race One year's supply of Pokéblocks A Poké-BLOCK Party! Ivan
Hoenn Fallarbor Contest  
Fallarbor Town
Pokémon Contest Fallarbor Ribbon Pros and Con Artists
Come What May!
Hoenn Verdanturf Contest  
Verdanturf Town
Pokémon Contest Verdanturf Ribbon Disguise Da Limit May
Hoenn Rubello Contest  
Rubello Town
Pokémon Contest Rubello Ribbon Cruisin' for a Losin' Drew
Hoenn Crossgate PokéRinger  
Crossgate Town
Sports tournament Honorary citizenship of Crossgate Town That's Just Swellow Ash
Hoenn Lilycove Contest*  
Lilycove City
Pokémon Contest Lilycove Ribbon Pokéblock, Stock, and Berry
Lessons in Lilycove
Hoenn Purika Contest  
Purika City
Pokémon Contest Purika Ribbon A Cacturne for the Worse May
Hoenn Pacifidlog Contest  
Pacifidlog Town
Pokémon Contest Pacifidlog Ribbon Mean With Envy
Pacifidlog Jam
Hoenn Hoenn Grand Festival  
Slateport City
Pokémon Contest Title of "Top Coordinator"
Ribbon Cup
Hi Ho Silver Wind!
Rhapsody in Drew
Hoenn Ever Grande Conference  
Ever Grande City
Battle tournament Entry into the Hoenn Champion League
Like a Meowth to a Flame
At the End of the Fray
Kanto Cameran Palace Pokémon Competition  
Battle tournament Title of "Guardian of the Aura"
Permission to hold Sir Aaron's staff
Lucario and the Mystery of Mew Ash
Kanto Kanto Battle Frontier  
Battle challenge Position as Frontier Brain
Place in the Battle Frontier hall of fame
Numero Uno Articuno
Pace - The Final Frontier!
Kanto Saffron Contest  
Saffron City
Pokémon Contest Saffron Ribbon A Hurdle for Squirtle May
Kanto Silver Contest  
Silver Town
Pokémon Contest Silver Ribbon Weekend Warrior May
Kanto Pokémon Orienteering  
Potpourri Island
Race Supply of Potpourri Island fruit
Off the Unbeaten Path Jameson
Kanto Wisteria Contest  
Wisteria Town
Pokémon Contest Wisteria Ribbon Harley Rides Again Harley
Kanto Chrysanthemum Contest  
Chrystanthemum Island
Pokémon Contest Chrysanthemum Ribbon Spontaneous Combusken! May
Kanto Gardenia Contest  
Gardenia Town
Pokémon Contest Gardenia Ribbon What I Did for Love! May
Kanto Mulberry Contest  
Mulberry City
Pokémon Contest Mulberry Ribbon New Plot, Odd Lot!
Going for Choke!
Kanto One-day Pokémon Battle Tournament  
Sable City
Battle tournament Unknown The Ole' Berate and Switch! None (cancelled)
Kanto Kanto Grand Festival  
Indigo Plateau
Pokémon Contest Title of "Top Coordinator"
Ribbon Cup
May, We Harley Drew'd Ya!
Channeling the Battle Zone!
Kanto Terracotta Contest  
Terracotta Town
Pokémon Contest Medal Once More With Reeling! Ash (tie)
May (tie)
Sinnoh Jubilife Contest  
Jubilife City
Pokémon Contest Jubilife Ribbon Mounting a Coordinator Assault!
Arrival of a Rival!
Sinnoh Village Festival Pokémon Contest  
Unnamed village
Pokémon Contest One year's supply of fruit Borrowing on Bad Faith! Jessie
Sinnoh Floaroma Contest  
Floaroma Town
Pokémon Contest Floaroma Ribbon Getting the Pre-Contest Titters!
Settling a Not-So-Old Score!
Sinnoh Pokémon Dress-Up Contest  
Unnamed town
Beauty and skill competition Pokémon Egg All Dressed Up With Somewhere To Go! Brock
Sinnoh Alamos Contest  
Alamos Town
Pokémon Contest Alamos Ribbon The Rise of Darkrai Allegra
Sinnoh Hearthome Contest  
Hearthome City
Pokémon Contest Hearthome Ribbon Dawn's Early Night! Nando
Sinnoh Hearthome City Tag Battle Competition  
Hearthome City
Battle tournament Soothe Bells Tag! We're It...!
Smells Like Team Spirit!
Ash and Paul
Sinnoh Solaceon Contest  
Solaceon Town
Pokémon Contest Solaceon Ribbon Team Shocker! Jessilina
Multiregional Wallace Cup  
Lake Valor*
Pokémon Contest Aqua Ribbon Staging a Heroes' Welcome!
Strategy with a Smile!
Sinnoh Croagunk Festival  
Great Marsh
Beauty and skill competition Crown Cream of the Croagunk Crop! Nurse Joy
Sinnoh Hearthome Collection  
Hearthome City
Beauty contest Tiara
PokéChique Campaign photoshoot
Arriving in Style! Dawn
Sinnoh Pokémon Summer Academy  
Rowan Research Facility
Various Plaque Camping It Up!
One Team, Two Team, Red Team, Blue Team!
Red Team
Sinnoh Pokémon Triathlon*  
Unnamed forest
Race 50 points for the winnner's Pokémon Summer Academy team One Team, Two Team, Red Team, Blue Team! Ash
Sinnoh Celestic Contest  
Celestic Town
Pokémon Contest Celestic Ribbon Battling The Generation Gap! Dawn
Sinnoh Majolica Contest  
Majolica Town
Pokémon Contest Majolica Ribbon Shield with a Twist! Jessilina
Sinnoh Chocovine Contest  
Chocovine Town
Pokémon Contest Chocovine Ribbon Another One Gabites the Dust! Dawn
Sinnoh Squallville PokéRinger  
Sports tournament Supply of Pokémon food
Honorary citizenship of Squallville
Pursuing a Lofty Goal! Ash
Sinnoh Sandalstraw Contest  
Sandalstraw Town
Pokémon Contest Sandalstraw Ribbon Old Rivals, New Tricks! Kenny
Sinnoh Pokémon Ping Pong Tournament  
Sandalstraw Town
Sports tournament One year's supply of Pokémon food
Six golden ping pong balls
To Thine Own Pokémon Be True! O
Sinnoh Greenstation Town Sinnoh Pokémon Hustle  
Greenstation Town
Skill competition Infinite number of balloon trips through Sinnoh (fake) Beating the Bustle and Hustle! None (cancelled)
Sinnoh Festival Battle Challenge  
Twinleaf Town
Battle tournament Battle against Palmer
Challenging a Towering Figure! Ash
Sinnoh Lilypad Contest  
Lilypad Town
Pokémon Contest Lilypad Ribbon Dressed for Jess Success! Jessilina
Sinnoh Brussel Contest  
Brussel Town
Pokémon Contest Brussel Ribbon Double-Time Battle Training! Zoey
Sinnoh Camellia Town Pokéathlon  
Camellia Town
Skill competition Qualification for regional Pokéathlon
A Marathon Rivalry! Daniel
Sinnoh Daybreak Contest  
Daybreak Town
Pokémon Contest Daybreak Ribbon Yes in Dee Dee, It's Dawn!
Playing the Performance Encore!
Sinnoh Daybreak Contest  
Neighborly Town
Pokémon Contest Neighborly Ribbon Teaching the Student Teacher! Jessilina
Sinnoh Arrowroot Contest  
Arrowroot Town
Pokémon Contest Arrowroot Ribbon Dawn of a Royal Day! Dawn
Sinnoh Sinnoh Grand Festival  
Lake Valor
Pokémon Contest Title of "Top Coordinator"
Ribbon Cup
Last Call — First Round!
A Grand Fight for Winning!
Multiregional Pokémon Baccer World Cup  
Crown City*
Sports tournament Title of "Pokémon Baccer World Champion" Zoroark: Master of Illusions Unknown
Sinnoh Lily of the Valley Conference  
Lily of the Valley Island
Battle tournament Entry into the Sinnoh Champion League
An Old Family Blend!
The Semi-Final Frontier!
Unova Fishing Competition  
Unnamed town
Catching contest Golden rod (fake) A Fishing Connoisseur in a Fishy Competition! None (cancelled)
Unova Club Battle  
Nimbasa Town
Battle tournament Set of all wings Reunion Battles In Nimbasa!
Club Battle Finale: A Hero's Outcome!
Unova Harvest Festival Battle Competition  
Eindoak Town
Battle challenge Unknown White—Victini and Zekrom
Black—Victini and Reshiram
Unova Subway Bosses' Stamp Rally  
Nimbasa City
Race Battle against Ingo or Emmet* Lost at the Stamp Rally! Cilan*
Unova Pokémon Performance Competition  
Unnamed town
Skill competition Unknown A Maractus Musical! Toby
Unova Wishing Bell Festival  
Mistralton City
Various Ringing Mistralton Tower's bell and making a wish Climbing the Tower of Success! Stephan
Unova Clubsplosion  
Ambiga Town
Battle tournament One year's supply of vitamins The Clubsplosion Begins!
Commanding the Clubsplosion Crown!
Unova Pokéstar Studios Film Competition  
Pokéstar Studios
Skill competition Directing a film funded by Pokéstar Studios
An Epic Defense Force! Luke
Unova Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup  
Lacunosa Town
Battle tournament Battle against Alder
Jostling for the Junior Cup!
Goodbye, Junior Cup - Hello Adventure!
Unova Vertress Conference  
Vertress City
Battle tournament Entry into the Unova Champion League
Curtain Up, Unova League!
A Unova League Evolution!
Decolore Islands Marine Cup Tournament  
Unnamed ship
Battle tournament Unknown Cilan and the Case of the Purrloin Witness! Ash
Decolore Islands Scalchop King Competition  
Scalchop Island
Beauty and skill competition Winning Pokémon becomes symbol of Scalchop Island for one year
Golden scalchop
Crowning the Scalchop King! Cadbury
Decolore Islands Pokémon Sumo Tournament  
Harvest Island
Sports tournament Supply of Harvest Island Berries
Focus Band
The Journalist from Another Region! Ash
Kalos Odyssey Village Rhyhorn Race  
Odyssey Village
Race Unknown Giving Chase at the Rhyhorn Race! None (cancelled)
Kalos Battle Chateau  
Battle Chateau
Battle challenge Various titles
Various capes
Breaking Titles at the Chateau! Grant*
Kalos Poké Puff Contest  
Unnamed town
Skill competition Unknown A Battle by Any Other Name! Berrybaker kids
Kalos Pokémon Summer Camp  
Pokémon Summer Camp
Various Place in the camp's hall of fame Summer of Discovery!
Battling into the Hall of Fame!
Team Froakie
Kalos Lagoon Showcase  
Lagoon Town
Pokémon Showcase Lagoon Princess Key Dreaming a Performer's Dream! Unknown
Kalos Coumarine Showcase  
Coumarine City
Pokémon Showcase Coumarine Princess Key A Showcase Debut! Shauna
Kalos Pokémon Sky Relay  
Unnamed valley
Race Trophy A Relay in the Sky! Orson
Kalos Dendemille Showcase  
Dendemille Town
Pokémon Showcase Dendemille Princess Key Performing with Fiery Charm! Serena
Kalos Anistar Showcase  
Anistar City
Pokémon Showcase Anistar Princess Key A Performance Pop Quiz! Serena
Kalos Couriway Showcase  
Couriway Town
Pokémon Showcase Couriway Princess Key A Dancing Debut! Jessilee
Kalos Fleurrh Showcase  
Fleurrh City
Pokémon Showcase Fleurrh Princess Key Master Class Choices! Serena
Kalos Gloire Showcase  
Gloire City
Pokémon Showcase Title of "Kalos Queen"
Master Class Is in Session!
Performing a Pathway to the Future!
Kalos Lumiose Conference  
Lumiose City
Battle tournament Entry into the Kalos Champion League
A League of His Own!
Down to the Fiery Finish!
Alola Island challenge  
Battle challenge Various Z-Crystals To Top a Totem!
A Grand Debut!
Alola Pokémon Pancake Race  
Hau'oli City
Race One year's supply of Alola pancakes Racing to a Big Event! Samson
Alola Charjabug race Koko Cup  
Hau'oli City
Race One year's supply of Charjabug-themed products Mounting an Electrifying Charge! Sophocles Lab
Alola Pokémon Sled Jump Games  
Mount Lanakila
Skill competition Pokémon Sled Jump master's sled Getting a Jump on the Competition! Hala
Alola Battle Royal  
Royal Avenue
Battle challenge Title of "strongest Battle Royal Trainer" Pushing the Fiery Envelope!
A Young Royal Flame Ignites!
Masked Royal (over 20 consecutive wins)
Alola Pokémon Ping-Pong tournament  
Hau'oli City
Sports tournament Title of "Pokémon Ping-Pong champion of Alola" Smashing with Sketch! Ilima
Alola Alola Bread Festival  
Hau'oli City
Skill competition Cruise around Alola on a luxury liner
Sours for the Sweet! Aina's Kitchen
Unknown Pokémon Catch Race  
Fula City
Catching contest Trophy The Power of Us Callahan
Alola Alola Pokémon Quiz  
Hau'oli City
Skill competition Unknown This Magik Moment! Noah
Alola Kantonian Gym  
Malie City
Various Kantonian Badge Aiming for the Top Floor! Ash
Alola Vikavolt race Fini Cup  
Poni Island
Race Buginium Z A High-Speed Awakening! Sophocles
Alola Manalo Conference  
Manalo Stadium
Battle tournament Title of "Alola's first Pokémon Champion"
Battle against Masked Royal
Battle Royal 151!
From Z to Shining Z!
Hoenn Battle Frontier Flute Cup  
Battle Frontier
Battle tournament Set of all flutes
Serving Up the Flute Cup! Ash
Sinnoh Pokémon Iceberg Race  
Snowpoint City
Race Unknown The Sinnoh Iceberg Race! None (cancelled)
Galar Masters Eight Tournament*  
Battle tournament Title of "Monarch"
Flash of the Titans! Leon
Kanto Pokémon Orienteering  
Vermilion City
Various Unknown Dreams Are Made of These! Yellow Team
Kalos Battle Festival Challenge  
Shalour City
Battle challenge Increasing World Coronation Series ranking A Festival Reunion! N/A
Kanto Magikarp High Jump Competition  
Unnamed town
Skill competition Trophy Splash, Dash, and Smash for the Crown! Kasukarp
Hoenn Friendship Festival  
Slateport City
Beauty contest Trophy The Cuteness Quotient! Unknown
Kanto Pokémon Grand Eating Contest  
Vermilion City
Skill competition Free trip to Unova
Ticket for a supply of all-you-can-eat Unova gourmet food
Crowning the Chow Crusher! Goh
Kalos Castle of Chivalry  
Castle of Chivalry
Various Knight Medal Searching for Chivalry! Ash
Hoenn Marine Athletic Race  
Lilycove City
Race Unknown On Land, In the Sea, and to the Future! Kiley (Adult division)
Ash (Kids division)
Alola Pokémon Catch Adventure Race  
Unnamed island
Race and catching contest Year's supply of malasada
All Out, All of the Time! Ash and Goh
Galar All-Alcremie Decoration Challenge  
Skill competition Battle against Opal The Sweet Taste of Battle! Ash
Sinnoh Pokémon Catching Experience Corner  
Canalave City
Catching contest A copy of the book "A History of Space-Time in Sinnoh" The Arceus Chronicles (Part 1) Ash (tie)
Dawn (tie)
Goh (tie)
Hoenn Lilycove Contest*  
Lilycove City
Pokémon Contest Lilycove Ribbon Reuniting for the First Time! Serena (tie)
Lisia (tie)
Alola Alola League Champion Homecoming Battle Royal  
Royal Avenue
Battle challenge Unknown Helping the Hometown Hero! Unknown*
Galar Masters Eight Tournament*  
Battle tournament Title of "Monarch"
Curtain Up! Fight the Fights!
Partners in Time!