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Decided to create my own Voice Actor prediction page for fun, hope User:Super10ZX doesn't object too much to me using his idea as my own.

Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon—Ultra Adventures

Picture Name Prediction Actual Comment
Lusamine anime.png Lusamine Erica Schroeder Bobbi Hartley Should have guessed it would be someone new, she's doing a good job
Lusamine Clefairy.png Lusamine's Clefairy Erica Schroeder Kate Bristol Alas, she voiced Clefairy all too briefly
Lusamine Clefable.png Lusamine's Clefable Erica Schroeder Kate Bristol (SM050-SM078)
Sarah Natochenny (SM085-present)
Kate Bristol did a good job whilst she had it
Would never have guessed she replaced Kate Bristol
Professor Burnet anime.png Professor Burnet Lisa Ortiz Melissa Hope A good actress gaining more and more roles
Burnet Munchlax.png Professor Burnet's Munchlax Carter Cathcart Carter Cathcart He's doing a good job
Wicke anime.png Wicke A new voice actress Riley Joseph Almost new lol
Faba anime.png Faba Sam Black Daniel J. Edwards My first wrong guess, I thought he left after XY series.
Tapu Bulu anime.png Recurring Tapu Bulu Billy Bob Thompson Sam Black Wrong again, oh well I'm having fun guessing
Tapu Fini anime.png Recurring Tapu Fini Lisa Ortiz Lisa Ortiz I was actually right, that is scary
Nebby anime.png Nebby (Cosmog) Erica Schroeder Haven Paschall Serena's back, even better!!!
Stufful anime.png Recurring Stufful Michele Knotz Michele Knotz Can't wait to hear Stufful featured more
Nihilego anime.png Recurring Nihilego Mike Liscio Haven Paschall Talk about creepy
Faba Alakazam.png Faba's Alakazam Bill Rogers Bill Rogers No surprise really but nice to still
hear him working on the series
Faba Hypno.png Faba's Hypno Marc Thompson Jake Paque Wasn't expecting that, nice all the same
Gladion Silvally.png Gladion's Silvally Billy Bob Thompson Abe Goldfarb Another actor it is good to see getting more roles
Nebby Cosmoem anime.png Nebby (Cosmoem) Erica Schroeder N/A Shame Cosmoem doesn't speak
Totem Kommo-o.png Totem Kommo-o Sam Black Ryan Andes Wrong again, oh well, this is just for fun
Ally Hakamo-o.png Ally Hakamo-o Billy Bob Thompson Eddy Lee That must have been fun, Eddy Lee vs Eddy Lee
Ally Jangmo-o.png Ally Jangmo-o Haven Paschall Erica Schroeder The one time I didn't guess her lol
Nebby Solgaleo anime.png Nebby (Solgaleo) The Original Japanese Voice Actor The Original Japanese Voice Actor Not surprised by that news
Kukui Braviary.png Professor Kukui's Braviary Jake Paque or
Mike Liscio
Ryan Nicolls Wasn't expecting that, Ryan Nicolls is gaining roles
Lusamine Salazzle.png Lusamine's Salazzle Haven Paschall Haven Paschall Good to see Haven Paschall voicing after Serena left
Lusamine Lilligant.png Lusamine's Lilligant Michele Knotz Michele Knotz Not a complete guess but still a correct answer
Lusamine Milotic.png Lusamine's Milotic Michele Knotz The Original Japanese Voice Actor Wish Milotic was dubbed
Lusamine Mismagius.png Lusamine's Mismagius Sarah Natochenny Sarah Natochenny Laughs evilly, I was right lol
Lusamine Absol.png Lusamine's Absol Bill Rogers Bill Rogers I ABSOLutely knew it would be him
Ash Poipole.png Ash's Poipole Lisa Ortiz Lisa Ortiz I was right, a complete guess that was correct, faints.
Alternately Colored Mareanie.png Alternately Colored Mareanie Melissa Hope Carter Cathcart Carter Cathcart did a good job that episode
Alternately Colored Toxapex.png Alternately Colored Toxapex Melissa Hope Carter Cathcart It is Carter Cathcart vs Carter Cathcart
Grandpa Forest.png Grandpa Forest Marc Thompson Jason Griffith Cilan has returned
Cerah.png Cerah Rosie Reyes Jo Armeniox Shauna has also returned
Cerah Ninetales.png Cerah's Ninetales Emily Jenness Lisa Ortiz Wasn't expecting that
Pokémon Sled Jump master.png Pokémon Sled Jump master Scottie Ray Scottie Ray Right but only because I guessed the connection with the Master fisherman
Hala Crabominable.png Hala's Crabominable Jake Paque Jake Paque It would have been rather CrABOMINABLE if it hadn't been him
Buzzwole anime.png Buzzwole Billy Bob Thompson Billy Bob Thompson Right again, think I was pleased with being wrong lol
Matori Meowth.png Matori's Meowth Kate Bristol or
Carter Cathcart
Pete Zarustica Drew's back
Kukui Incineroar.png Professor Kukui's Incineroar H.D. Quinn H.D. Quinn Lysandre's back but a lot nicer
Ash Torracat.png Ash's Torracat Lisa Ortiz Lisa Ortiz Pleased to have another right answer, even if based on previous evolution
Ilima anime.png Ilima A new voice actor Mike Liscio‎‎ Clemont has returned
Ilima Eevee.png Ilima's Eevee Risa Shimizu Erica Schroeder Nice that Eevee is being dubbed again
Kagetora anime.png Kagetora H.D. Quinn Sam Black Another newbie with increasing roles
Kagetora Eevee.png Kagetora's Eevee The Original Japanese
Voice Actor
Erica Schroeder Hope more Pokémon gain dubbed voices
Ilima Smeargle.png Ilima's Smeargle Sean Reyes Ryan William Downey Another smear on my not so good record lol
Ikari.png Ikari Brian Kim Wayne Grayson Always good to see actors we haven't heard in a while back
Ikari Mienshao.png Ikari's Mienshao Justin Anselmi Kate Bristol Wasn't expecting a female voice
Celesteela anime.png Celesteela Marc Swint N/A Shame Celesteela doesn't speak, oh well
Viren.png Viren Billy Bob Thompson H.D. Quinn H.D. Quinn sure likes being evil
Viren Electivire.png Viren's Electivire Bill Rogers Bill Rogers It's electrifying to be right, even if I guessed based on past credits
Viren henchmen.png Viren's henchmen Marc Thompson, Sam Black and Abe Goldfarb Wayne Grayson, Ryan Nicolls, Billy Bob Thompson
Ryan William Downey, Daniel J. Edwards
Should I quit whilst I'm ahead I wonder
Viren henchman Boldore.png Viren's henchmen's Boldore Abe Goldfarb Abe Goldfarb Previous credits help lol
Viren henchman Roggenrola.png Viren's henchmen's Roggenrola Abe Goldfarb Billy Bob Thompson Guess I'm not Rock 'n' rolling lol
Officer Jenny Granbull.png Officer Jenny's Granbull Carter Cathcart The Original Japanese Voice Actor A dubbed voice would have been nice, oh well
Dewpider anime.png Dewpider Laurie Hymes Martha Harms No matter how many times I end up being wrong, I shall never give up guessing
Ulu.png Ulu Marc Thompson Nicholas Corda Another new guy, we're getting quite a few of them but he did a good job
Ulu Lickitung.png Ulu's Lickitung Marc Thompson Pete Zarustica Again, well I can't complain too much, nice to see him back
Nanu anime.png Nanu A new voice actor Michael McMillan He does a good job not sounding enthusiastic
Acerola anime.png Acerola Erica Schroeder Lauren Kammerling Another newbie but one that is doing a perfect job
Acerola Mimikins.png Acerola's Mimikins Erica Schroeder or
Billy Bob Thompson
Sarah Natochenny Ash but creepier lol
Acerola Greedy Rapooh.png Greedy Rapooh Marc Thompson Marc Thompson Not surprised by this news
Piko.png Piko Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld Kate Bristol Wishing Kate Bristol well with her baby
Nene Alola.png Nene Simona Berman Emily Jenness Wouldn't have guessed this was Dawn or Matori
Officer Jenny Oricorio.png Officer Jenny's Oricorio Erica Schroeder Erica Schroeder Right again but only on past credits
Nanu Krookodile.png Nanu's Krookodile Marc Thompson Marc Thompson Krookodile doesn't intimidate me lol
Nanu Sableye.png Nanu's Sableye Bill Rogers Bill Rogers Right once more but only on past credits
Nanu Persian.png Nanu's Persian Kate Bristol Laurie Hymes Didn't realize when guessing Bristol would be leaving
Blacephalon anime.png Blacephalon Justin Anselmi N/A Shame Blacephalon doesn't speak, oh well
Xurkitree anime.png Xurkitree Erica Schroeder N/A Shame Xurkitree doesn't speak, oh well
Molayne anime.png Molayne Ted Lewis Barrett Leddy Another newbie which is good but would love to see more former
4Kids actors return
Molayne Magneton.png Molayne's Magneton Bill Rogers Bill Rogers Yet another right based on past credits
Core Form Minior.png Minior Jason Griffith Emily Cramer A good start from a newbie
Mount Lanakila Sandshrew.png Sandshrew Pete Zarustica Marc Thompson Would have been right in SM060 lol
Mount Lanakila Sandslash.png Sandslash Pete Zarustica Abe Goldfarb It is great to see Sandslash back in the anime
Sophocles Togedemaru.png Sophocles's Togedemaru Emily Cramer Emily Cramer Barely noticed the difference
Viren Pangoro.png Viren's Pangoro Marc Thompson Marc Thompson Don't know what's scarier, getting it right or Pangoro
Mad Magmar.png Mad Magmar‎ Billy Bob Thompson or
Pete Zarustica
James Weaver Clark He's doing a good job
Mad Magmar Magmortar.png Mad Magmar‎'s Magmortar H.D. Quinn H.D. Quinn H.D. Quinn continues to do a good job
Mr. Electric.png Mr. Electric A new voice actor Ben Phillips Certainly doing a good job voicing multiple characters
Mr. Electric Electivire.png Mr. Electric's Electivire Bill Rogers Bill Rogers It is always good to see Bill voicing Pokémon
Revengers.png Revengers Jake Paque, Sam Black, Billy Bob Thompson Sam Black, Roger Callagy, Marc Thompson One out of three isn't bad
Revengers Poliwrath.png Revengers's Poliwrath Ryan Nicolls Roger Callagy Nice to see Callagy's roles expanding too
Revengers Muk.png Revengers's Muk Carter Cathcart Carter Cathcart Would have been messy to get wrong
Revengers Golem.png Revengers's Golem Mike Liscio No actor listed Oh dear
Mallow Tsareena.png Mallow's Tsareena Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld A correct answer, albeit based on previous evolutions
Anela Dori-chan.png Anela's Oricorio Erica Schroeder Erica Schroeder I'm dancing for job with being right
Harper and Sarah.png Harper and Sarah Harper: N/A
'Sarah: Simona Berman
Harper: Martha Harms
Sarah: Emily Cramer
Had no reason to suspect a change of voice actor
Still doing a good job for a newbie
Mina anime.png Mina Kate Bristol Samara Naeymi Good to see her back as she was great as Malva
Mina Ribombee.png Mina's Ribombee Suzy Myers Emily Jenness Emily Jenness's roles continue to grow
Naganadel anime.png Recurring Naganadel Marc Thompson or Billy Bob Thompson Lisa Ortiz Should have listened to the Japanese voice before guessing
Stakataka anime.png Stakataka Ryan William Downey Daniel J. Edwards I don't know which is creepier, his Faba voice or his Stakataka voice
Gozu.png Gozu Wayne Grayson or Darren Dunstan Pete Zarustica Why must Pete Zarustica be given bad guy roles
Gladion Noivern.png Gladion's Noivern Marc Thompson Marc Thompson A loud shout of yes, even if based on past credits lol
Gozu Aggron.png
Gozu Mega Aggron.png
Gozu's Aggron Carter Cathcart Carter Cathcart I like Aggron, Carter Cathcart is doing a good job
Pikala.png Pikala Lori Phillips Emily Cramer Nice to see newbies getting more roles, especially those showing strong potential
Boss.png Boss Akio Suyama Pete Zarustica Wasn't expecting a dubbed voice but always good to see Pete Zarustica voicing Pokémon and characters
Curly.png Curly Nicole Fujita Emily Cramer Nice to see more Pokémon getting dubbed voices, showing newbies with more potential

Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon—Ultra Legends

Picture Name Prediction Actual Comment
Sandy.png Sandy Simona Berman or
Erica Schroeder
Erica Schroeder A correct answer!!!
Acerola Shuppet.png Acerola's Shuppet Carter Cathcart or
Laurie Hymes
Rock Hunters.png Rock hunters Jake Paque, Marc Swint, H.D. Quinn
Rock Hunters Pinsir.png Rock hunters's Pinsir The Original Japanese Voice Actor
Hiker Golem.png Hiker's Golem Mike Liscio
Hau anime.png Hau Pete Zarustica Neo Cihi One of the best voices by a new voice actor
Hau Dartrix.png Hau's Dartrix Roger Callagy or Abe Goldfarb
George Charino.png George Charino Carter Cathcart
Laki Chatot.png Laki's Chatot Sean Reyes
Lana father.png Lana's father Billy Bob Thompson
Shiny Tapu Koko anime.png Shiny Tapu Koko Erica Schroeder
Dia Alola.png Dia Marc Swint
Dia Zeraora.png Dia's Zeraora Pete Zarustica Pete Zarustica Not much of a surprise after M21 but glad to be right
Guzzlord anime.png Guzzlord Eddy Lee Marc Swint Right about Marc Swint voicing a guest character but wrong character
Misty Corsola.png Misty's Corsola Michele Knotz
Brock Comfey.png Brock's Comfey Suzy Myers
Hapu anime.png Hapu Simona Berman or A new voice actress
Hapu Golurk.png Hapu's Golurk Billy Bob Thompson or Sam Black
Hapu Mudsdale.png Hapu's Mudsdale H.D. Quinn
Plumeria anime.png Plumeria Lisa Ortiz or Erica Schroeder
Ida Primarina.png Ida's Primarina Erica Schroeder
Sophocles Vikavolt.png Sophocles's Vikavolt Simona Berman or Erica Schroeder
Lana Brionne.png Lana's Brionne Eileen Stevens or Erica Schroeder
Sofu.png Sofu Scott Williams or Sean Reyes
Mallow mother.png Mallow's mother Rebecca Soler or Rosie Reyes
Mallow Shaymin.png Mallow's Shaymin Amy Palant
Kahili anime.png Kahili Martha Harms
Kahili Touckey.png Kahili's Touckey Marc Swint
Master caddy.png Master caddy Scottie Ray
Master caddy Krabby.png Master caddy's Krabby The Original Japanese Voice Actor
Ash Meltan.png Ash's Meltan Kenta Miyake or Marc Thompson Samantha Cooper She's doing a great job giving Meltan an adorable voice
Meltan anime.png Recurring Meltan Kenta Miyake or Marc Thompson Samantha Cooper She's doing a great job giving them an adorable voice
Noah.png Noah Emily Cramer or Simona Berman Caroline Spinola Definitely didn't sound like a girl
Noah Pikipek.png Noah's Pikipek Michele Knotz
Manager SM113.png Manager Melissa Hope
Karpy Magikarp.png Manager's Karpy (Magikarp) Mike Liscio
Karpy Gyarados.png Manager's Karpy (Gyarados) H.D. Quinn or The Original Japanese Voice Actor
Rinka and Kenichi.png Rinka and Kenichi Dan Green (Kenichi)
Lisa Adams (Rinka)
Pheromosa anime.png Pheromosa Erica Schroeder Emily Cramer Haven't heard her voice yet but nice to see her getting some big roles
Guzma anime.png Guzma Dan Green or Ryan Nicolls
Guzma Golisopod.png Guzma's Golisopod Ryan William Downey
Mohn anime.png Mohn Darren Dunstan
Charlie Charma.png Charlie Charma Chris Patton
Ryuki anime.png Ryuki Daniel J. Edwards
Ryuki Zweilous.png Ryuki's Zweilous Bill Rogers
Ryuki Druddigon.png Ryuki's Druddigon Billy Bob Thompson
Farley.png Farley Ben Phillips
Darley.png Darley Emily Cramer or Simona Berman
Shirataki.png Shirataki Melissa Hope
Horacio Vikavolt.png Horacio's Vikavolt Abe Goldfarb
De Rosa.png De Rosa Pete Zarustica
De Rosa Vikavolt.png De Rosa's Vikavolt Abe Goldfarb
Lana Primarina.png Lana's Primarina Laurie Hymes
Hunter D.png Hunter D Pete Zarustica
Hunter D Seismitoad.png Hunter D's Seismitoad Carter Cathcart
Hunter D crew members.png Hunter D's crew members Sam Black and Ted Lewis
Hunter D crew members Palpitoad.png Hunter D's crew members's Palpitoad Carter Cathcart
Crawdaunt anime.png Crawdaunt Carter Cathcart
Kartana anime.png Kartana Ryan Nicolls
Yoko SM124.png Yoko Jessie Kane Gill
Yoko Furfrou.png
Yoko Furfrou trimmed.png
Yoko's Furfrou Billy Bob Thompson
Celebi anime.png Recurring Celebi Wakana Kingyo
Professor Kukui young anime.png Young Kukui Robby Duncan Sharpe
Kukui Litten.png Professor Kukui's Litten Lisa Ortiz or H.D. Quinn
Hala Makuhita.png Hala's Makuhita Bill Rogers
Totem Trevenant.png Totem Trevenant Billy Bob Thompson
Mohn Zoroark.png Gladion's Zoroark Ryota Iwasaki
Hau Decidueye.png Hau's Decidueye Roger Callagy
Hau Raichu.png Hau's Raichu The Original Japanese Voice Actor
Guzma Scizor.png Guzma's Scizor Marc Thompson or Sam Black
Plumeria Salazzle.png Plumeria's Salazzle Haven Paschall
Caster.png Caster Ryan Nicolls
Samson Exeggutor.png Samson Oak's Exeggutor Marc Thompson
Ilima Kangaskhan.png
Ilima Mega Kangaskhan.png
Ilima's Kangaskhan Sarah Natochenny
Ash Melmetal.png Ash's Melmetal Samantha Cooper or Billy Bob Thompson
Shiny Guzzlord anime.png
Giant Shiny Guzzlord anime.png
Shiny Guzzlord Marc Swint
Kukui Lucario.png Professor Kukui's Lucario Bill Rogers
Ash Naganadel.png Ash's Naganadel Lisa Ortiz
Kukui Venusaur.png Professor Kukui's Venusaur Justin Anselmi
Kukui Empoleon.png Professor Kukui's Empoleon Carter Cathcart
Ash Incineroar.png Ash's Incineroar Lisa Ortiz or H.D. Quinn


The Power of Us

Picture Name Prediction Actual Comment
Ash Ekans M21.png Ash's Ekans Marc Thompson Rob Mungle Too brief a role to comment on
Risa M21.png Risa Lisa Ortiz Haven Paschall Sounded like Serena but who cares!
Risa Eevee.png Risa's Eevee The Original Japanese
Voice Actor
Erica Schroeder Nice to see Eevee getting a dubbed voice
Callahan M21.png Callahan Sam Black Billy Bob Thompson I've having trouble believing what he says, given how much he lies
Callahan Sudowoodo.png Callahan's Sudowoodo Bill Rogers Bill Rogers Good to see him still working on the series
Callahan Golduck.png Callahan's Golduck Billy Bob Thompson H.D. Quinn Nice to see Golduck get a dubbed voice
Callahan Girafarig.png Callahan's Girafarig Michele Knotz N/A Would have loved a dubbed voice
Toren M21.png Toren Carter Cathcart Eddy Lee One day, I'll be correct. He did a good job
Toren Chansey.png Toren's Chansey Sarah Natochenny Sarah Natochenny Correct but only based on other credits, probably my only correct guess this movie
Toren Pokémon Team.png Toren's Staryu The Original Japanese
Voice Actor
The Original Japanese
Voice Actor
Too bad we have no idea who
Toren Pokémon Team.png Toren's Lurantis Samara Naeymi N/A Shame Lurantis doesn't speak as I would have been right
Toren Pokémon Team.png Toren's Smeargle Marc Thompson Marc Thompson Guessing main series actor Ryan Willian Downey was unavailable
Toren Pokémon Team.png Toren's Vileplume Michele Knotz Lisa Ortiz Would be nice to hear more of her as Vileplume
Harriet M21.png Harriet A new voice actress Kathryn Cahill A good job at being old and grumpy
Harriet Totodile.png Harriet's Totodile Erica Schroeder Lisa Ortiz Kayzie Rogers is and will be hard to replace
Harriet Marill.png Harriet's Marill Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld Michele Knotz Kayzie Rogers was hard to replace but hard to comment on Michele Knotz's work
Harriet Togepi.png Harriet's Togepi Mika Kanai Michele Knotz Nice to see more and more Pokémon getting a dubbed voice
Harriet Smoochum.png Harriet's Smoochum Erica Schroeder N/A Guessing they used archive audio
Harriet Heracross Tyrogue.png Harriet's Heracross Shinnosuke Ogami Shinnosuke Ogami Would have loved a dubbed voice for Heracross
Harriet Xatu.png Harriet's Xatu Marc Thompson Ryan Nicolls Guess I'm lacking the future sight
Harriet Tyrogue Xatu.png Harriet's Tyrogue Carter Cathcart Billy Bob Thompson Guess I didn't stand a fighting chance of being right
Harriet Machamp.png Harriet's Machamp Marc Thompson Ben Phillips Well that clears up confusion
Margo M21.png Margo Simona Berman Erica Schroeder She sounded like Bonnie, she did a good job
Margo Teddiursa.png Margo's Teddiursa Lisa Ortiz Erica Schroeder Was I surprised, yes I was
Margo Ditto.png Margo's Ditto Michele Knotz Erica Schroeder Didn't see that coming
Rick M21.png Rick Marc Swint Lianne Marie Dobbs Will I ever get any right lol?
Mayor Oliver.png Mayor Oliver Justin Anselmi Marc Thompson He certainly gets around, wouldn't have guessed it was him
Mia.png Mia Haven Paschall Martha Harms Another newbie proving herself to be good
Kellie.png Kellie Kate Bristol or Eileen Stevens Laurie Hymes Another wrong guess but an actress doing a good job
Townes Hoyt Miles.png Townes, Hoyt, and Miles Kate Bristol, Eileen Stevens, Marc Thompson Lisa Adams (Townes)
Lori Gardner (Hoyt)
Lisa Ortiz (Miles)
Lisa Adams has returned!!!
Wouldn't have guessed he was voiced by a woman
Lisa Ortiz shows what skills she has with her voice
Hoyt Phanpy.png Hoyt's Phanpy Lisa Ortiz Haven Paschall A brief but enjoyable role
Zeraora M21.png Zeraora Kōichi Yamadera Pete Zarustica A late add I admit but wasn't expecting it to get a dubbed voice

Mewtwo Strikes Back—Evolution

Picture Name Prediction Actual Comment
Misty Togepi M22.png Misty's Togepi Michele Knotz
Brock Vulpix M22.png Brock's Vulpix Suzy Myers
James Weezing M22.png James's Weezing Mike Liscio
Raymond M22.png Raymond Pete Zarustica
Nurse Joy M22.png Nurse Joy Michele Knotz
Officer Jenny M22.png Officer Jenny Emily Williams
Miranda M22.png Miranda Erica Schroeder
Dr. Fuji M22.png Dr. Fuji Daniel J. Edwards
Neesha M22.png Neesha Lisa Ortiz
Neesha Dewgong M22.png Neesha's Dewgong Carter Cathcart
Neesha Wigglytuff M22.png Neesha's Wigglytuff Michele Knotz
Shellshocker M22.png Shellshocker Billy Bob Thompson
Neesha Pokémon M22.png Neesha's Vileplume Lisa Ortiz
Neesha Pokémon M22.png Neesha's Ninetales Lisa Ortiz
Neesha Pokémon M22.png Neesha's Rapidash The Original Japanese
Voice Actor
Fergus M22.png Fergus Carter Cathcart
Fergus Gyarados M22.png Fergus's Gyarados The Original Japanese
Voice Actor
Fergus Pokémon M22.png Fergus's Seadra Marc Thompson
Fergus Pokémon M22.png Fergus's Nidoqueeen Michele Knotz
Fergus Pokémon M22.png Fergus's Golduck H.D. Quinn
Fergus Tentacruel M22.png Fergus's Tentacruel Marc Thompson
Fergus Pokémon M22.png Fergus's Vaporeon Lisa Ortiz
Corey M22.png Corey Ted Lewis or Mike Liscio
Corey Pokémon M22.png Corey's Scyther Sam Black
Corey Pokémon M22.png Corey's Hitmonlee Billy Bob Thompson
Bruteroot M22.png Bruteroot Justin Anselmi
Corey Pokémon M22.png Corey's Sandslash Abe Goldfarb
Mewtwo M22.png Mewtwo Dan Green or Pete Zarustica