User:BigDocFan/Pokémon Voice Actor List English Dub

Based on emails provided by voice directors, I will list who voices which Pokémon. I hope to update these often when I receive more information

Pokémon Name Picture Voice Actor(s)/Actress(es) First confirmed Notable Pokémon
Bulbasaur Ash Bulbasaur.png Michele Knotz SM042 Ash's Bulbasaur
Marina's Bulbasaur
Ivysaur Ivysaur anime.png Justin Anselmi
Billy Bob Thompson (M20)
XY112 Shauna's Ivysaur
Venusaur Venusaur anime.png Justin Anselmi XYS04 Nihei's Venusaur
Corey's Venusaur
Charmander Ash Charmander.png Billy Bob Thompson M20 Ash's Charmander
Tierno's Charmander
Charmeleon Ash Charmeleon.png Billy Bob Thompson M20 Ash's Charmeleon
Squirtle Tierno Squirtle.png Michele Knotz M20 Gary's Squirtle
Blastoise Gary Blastoise.png Billy Bob Thompson XY132 Tierno's Blastoise
Sailor's Blastoise
Neesha's Blastoise
Metapod Goh Metapod.png Sam Black M20 Ash's Metapod
Rattata Goh Rattata.png James Carter Cathcart SM009 Ally Rattata
Raticate Totem Alola Raticate.png James Carter Cathcart SM009 Totem Raticate
Ally Raticate
Spearow Spearow anime.png Justin Anselmi SM032 Recurring Spearow
Spearow Flock
Ekans Vermilion Forest Ekans.png Rob Mungle M21 Ash's Ekans
Sandshrew Mount Lanakila Sandshrew.png Pete Zarustica (SM060)
Marc Thompson (SM080)
SM060 Sandshrew (SM080)
Sandslash Team Rocket Sandslash.png Abe Goldfarb SM080 Sandslash (SM080)
Clefairy Lusamine Clefairy.png Kate Bristol SM049 Lusamine's Clefairy
Clefable Lusamine Clefable.png Kate Bristol (M20-SM078)
Sarah Natochenny (SM085-present)
M20 Lusamine's Clefable
Vulpix Samson Vulpix.png Suzy Myers
Emily Jenness (Snowy)
SM014 Snowy
Samson Oak's Vulpix
Cerah's Vulpix
Ninetales Goh Alolan Ninetales.png Lisa Ortiz SM042 Cerah's Ninetales
Jigglypuff Jigglypuff anime.png Michele Knotz SM042 Recurring Jigglypuff
Wigglytuff Nurse Joy Wigglytuff.png Michele Knotz M18 Nurse Joy's Wigglytuff
Oddish Goh Oddish.png Michele Knotz XY089 N/A
Gloom Dandelion Island Gloom.png Lisa Ortiz SM042 N/A
Vileplume Team Rocket Vileplume.png Lisa Ortiz SM042 Toren's Vileplume
Paras Paras Nidoran f Nidoran m M20.png Billy Bob Thompson SM008 N/A
Venonat Goh Venonat.png Lisa Ortiz M21 N/A
Venomoth Goh Venomoth.png Sam Black M20 N/A
Diglett Goh Diglett.png Sarah Natochenny XY117 DJ Leo's Diglett
Dugtrio Laxton Dugtrio.png Marc Thompson
Erica Schroeder (Alolan Dugtrio head)
XY117 DJ Leo's Dugtrio
Meowth Matori Meowth.png Pete Zarustica SM062 Matori's Meowth
Nanu's Meowth
Persian Persian anime.png Kate Bristol (SM007-SM062)
Laurie Hymes (SM077-present)
SM007 Madame's Persian
Giovanni's Persian
Nanu's Persian
Psyduck Misty Psyduck.png Michele Knotz M19 Misty's Psyduck
Golduck Callahan Golduck.png H.D. Quinn M21 Callahan's Golduck
Mankey Goh Mankey.png Marc Thompson SM012 N/A
Primeape Primeape anime.png Marc Thompson SM012 N/A
Growlithe Officer Jenny Growlithe.png Marc Thompson SM009 N/A
Poliwhirl Poliwhirl anime.png Roger Callagy SM042 N/A
Poliwrath Team Rocket Poliwrath.png Roger Callagy SM081 Revengers' Poliwrath
Alakazam Faba Alakazam.png Bill Rogers XYS04 Levi's Alakazam
Faba's Alakazam
Machop Worker Machop.png H.D. Quinn SM015 N/A
Machoke Deliveryman Machoke.png Marc Thompson (XY099)
Ryan Nicolls (SM015-present)
XY099 N/A
Machamp Team Rocket Machamp.png Ben Phillips SM009 Police Officer's Machamp
Battle Royal Trainers's Machamp
Harriet's Machamp
Bellsprout Team Rocket Bellsprout.png Kayzie Rogers (XY123-XY139)
Melissa Hope (SM042-present)
XY123 Keanan's Bellsprout
Tentacruel Tentacruel anime.png Marc Thompson SM058 N/A
Geodude Geodude anime.png Marc Thompson SM032 Brock's Geodude
Slowpoke Slowpoke Island Slowpoke.png James Carter Cathcart SM005 N/A
Slowbro Slowbro anime.png James Carter Cathcart SM031 N/A
Magnemite Ren Francois.png Bill Rogers XY137 Clemont's Magnemite
Magneton Magneton anime.png Bill Rogers XY137 Clemont's Magneton
Molayne's Magneton
Farfetch'd Farfetch'd anime.png Marc Thompson XY101 Nini's Farfetch'd
Seel Clown Seel Alakazam.png Brian Kim SM042 N/A
Dewgong Goh Dewgong.png James Carter Cathcart SM042 N/A
Muk Scientist Muk.png James Carter Cathcart SM013 Ash's Muk
Revengers' Muk
Shellder Shellder SM015.png James Carter Cathcart SM015 N/A
Cloyster Cloyster SM120.png James Carter Cathcart SM012 N/A
Gastly Lon Gastly.png Marc Thompson SM003 N/A
Haunter Lon Haunter.png Marc Thompson SM003 N/A
Gengar Ash Gengar.png Marc Thompson SM003 Alva's Gengar
Corey's Gengar
Acerola's Gengar
Hypno Faba Hypno.png Jake Paque SM049 Faba's Hypno
Voltorb Laxton Voltorb.png Abe Goldfarb SM035 N/A
Exeggutor Goh Exeggutor.png Marc Thompson SM002 Recurring Exeggutor
Cubone Goh Cubone.png Marc Thompson SM008 Alvin's Cubone
Marowak Professor Oak Lab Marowak.png Sam Black SM034 Kiawe's Marowak
Lickitung Ulu Lickitung.png Pete Zarustica SM072 Ulu's Lickitung
Weezing Pokémon hunter Weezing.png Mike Liscio M20 N/A
Chansey Nurse Joy Chansey.png Sarah Natochenny M20 Nurse Joy's Chansey
Toren's Chansey
Horsea Pokémon Iceberg Race Horsea.png Zoe Martin SM042 N/A
Seaking Marin Seaking.png James Carter Cathcart SM042 N/A
Mr. Mime Mimey.png Michele Knotz SM024 Mimey
Scyther Goh Scyther.png Sam Black SM028 N/A
Magmar Magmar anime.png H.D. Quinn SM015 N/A
Magikarp Goh Magikarp.png Mike Liscio SM005 N/A
Ditto Kublock Ditto.png Erica Schroeder SM046 N/A
Eevee Chloe Eevee.png Suzy Myers (SM027)
Erica Schroeder (SM065-present)
SM027 Gladion's Eevee
Ilima's Eevee
Kagetora's Eevee
Risa's Eevee
Vaporeon 250px Lisa Ortiz M20 N/A
Jolteon Jolteon BW135.png Suzy Myers SM065 N/A
Flareon Virgil Flareon.png Kayzie Rogers (XY095)
Suzy Myers (SM034)
Erica Schroeder (SM065-present)
XY095 N/A
Aerodactyl Goh Aerodactyl.png Justin Anselmi XY087 Scientist's Aerodactyl
Trevor's Aerodactyl
Snorlax Wild Area Snorlax.png James Carter Cathcart XY121 Oluolu's Snorlax
Moltres Moltres anime.png Marc Thompson XY110 N/A
Totodile Ash Totodile.png Lisa Ortiz SM042 Ash's Totodile
Harriet's Totodile
Sentret Goh Sentret.png Erica Schroeder XY119 N/A
Spinarak Sebastian Spinarak.png Kate Bristol SM008 N/A
Chinchou Chinchou anime.png Sarah Natochenny SM067 N/A
Cleffa Lusamine Cleffa.png Kate Bristol SM053 Lusamine's Cleffa
Togepi Togepi anime.png Michele Knotz M21 Harriet's Togepi
Xatu Clown Xatu.png Ryan Nicolls M21 Harriet's Xatu
Mareep Cero Island Mareep.png Lisa Ortiz M21 N/A
Flaaffy Sylvan Flaaffy.png Michele Knotz M21 N/A
Bellossom Bellossom anime.png Erica Schroeder SM042 N/A
Marill Lulu Marill.png Kayzie Rogers (SM137)
Michele Knotz (M21-present)
SM137 Harriet's Marill
Sudowoodo Brock Sudowoodo.png Bill Rogers SM008 Callahan's Sudowoodo
Politoed Politoed anime.png Roger Callagy M21 N/A
Hoppip Hoppip anime.png Kayzie Rogers XY089 N/A
Skiploom Skiploom anime.png Kayzie Rogers XY089 N/A
Wooper Wooper anime.png Billy Bob Thompson M21 N/A
Quagsire Aether Paradise Quagsire.png James Carter Cathcart XY123 Wetland's Quagsire
Espeon Virgil Espeon.png Erica Schroeder XY109 Amelia's Espeon
Umbreon Gladion Umbreon.png Lori Phillips SM027 Gladion's Umbreon
Murkrow Murkrow anime.png Marc Thompson SM018 N/A
Wobbuffet Jessie Wobbuffet.png Kayzie Rogers (XY089-XY140)
Erica Schroeder (SM003-present)
XY089 Jessie's Wobbuffet
Snubbull Carl Snubbull.png James Carter Cathcart XY105 N/A
Qwilfish Aether Paradise Qwilfish.png Ryan Nicolls SM046 N/A
Scizor Goh Scizor.png Justin Anselmi (XYS04)
Marc Thompson (XY119-present)
Shuckle Conway Shuckle.png Mike Pollock XY102 N/A
Sneasel Sneasel anime.png Michele Knotz XY094 Team Flare Grunt's Sneasel
Pokémon hunters' Sneasel
Teddiursa Margo Teddiursa.png Erica Schroeder M21 N/A
Corsola Corsola anime.png Michele Knotz SM005 N/A
Skarmory Team Rocket Skarmory JN.png Jake Paque XY099 N/A
Houndoom Malva Houndoom.png H.D. Quinn M21 Pokémon hunters' Houndoom
Phanpy Hoopa Phanpy.png Haven Paschall M21 Hoyt's Phanpy
Stantler Goh Misdreavus Stantler.png Marc Thompson M21 N/A
Smeargle Laki Smeargle.png Ryan William Downey
Marc Thompson (M21)
SM017 Laki's Smeargle
Ilima's Smeargle
Toren's Smeargle
Tyrogue Harriet Tyrogue Xatu.png Billy Bob Thompson M21 Harriet's Tyrogue
Smoochum Smoochum anime.png Kayzie Rogers XY112 Nini's Smoochum
Blissey Nurse Joy Blissey.png Sarah Natochenny SM004 Nurse Joy's Blissey
Tyranitar Team Rocket Tyranitar.png H.D. Quinn M21 N/A
Lugia Lugia anime.png H.D. Quinn M21 N/A
Grovyle Sawyer Grovyle.png Bill Rogers XY094 Sawyer's Grovyle
Sceptile Sawyer Sceptile.png Bill Rogers XY119 Sawyer's Sceptile
Blaziken Gurkinn Blaziken.png James Carter Cathcart XY132 Meyer's Blaziken
Swampert Marine Athletic Race Swampert.png James Carter Cathcart M19 Levi and Cherie's Swampert
Zigzagoon Zigzagoon anime.png Bill Rogers XYS04 N/A
Linoone Linoone PG.png Bill Rogers XY137 N/A
Lotad Keanan Lotad.png Bill Rogers XY123 Wetland's Lotad
Ludicolo Ludicolo anime.png Bill Rogers XY126 Tierno's Ludicolo
Wingull Wingull anime.png Sarah Natochenny SM001 N/A
Pelipper Team Rocket Pelipper.png Laurie Hymes SM005 N/A
Gardevoir Diantha Gardevoir.png Michele Knotz XY118 Diantha's Gardevoir
Kimia's Gardevoir
Surskit Surskit anime.png Sarah Natochenny SM071 N/A
Masquerain Masquerain anime.png Michele Knotz M19 N/A
Breloom Breloom anime.png Alex Haynes XY129 N/A
Slaking Sawyer Slaking.png Bill Rogers XY127 Sawyer's Slaking
Makuhita Hala Makuhita.png Bill Rogers XY096 N/A
Hariyama Hala Hariyama.png Bill Rogers SM009 Hala's Hariyama
Azurill Azurill PK10.png Kayzie Rogers XY137 N/A
Skitty Skitty anime.png Kate Bristol XY088 N/A
Delcatty Delcatty anime.png Kayzie Rogers XY088 N/A
Sableye Carrie Sableye.png Bill Rogers XY092 Carrie's Sableye
Nanu's Sableye
Aron Nebel Plateau Aron.png James Carter Cathcart M19 N/A
Lairon Lairon anime.png James Carter Cathcart XY102 N/A
Aggron Gozu Aggron.png James Carter Cathcart XYS04 Levi and Cherie's Aggron
Gozu's Aggron
Manectric Officer Jenny Manectric.png Jake Paque XY119 Officer Jenny's Manectric
Cherie's Manectric
Celosia's Manectric
Carvanha Team Rocket Carvanha.png Bill Rogers SM012 N/A
Sharpedo Sharpedo anime.png Bill Rogers M19 Levi and Cherie's Sharpedo
Wailmer Wailmer anime.png H.D. Quinn SM031 N/A
Camerupt Xatu Forest Camerupt.png Daniel J. Edwards M19 Levi and Cherie's Camerupt
Spinda Clawmark Hill Machop Sableye Spinda Rockruff.png Suzy Myers SM015 N/A
Altaria Titus Altaria.png Rebecca Soler M19 Titus' Altaria
Lillie's Altaria
Corphish Ash Corphish.png Bill Rogers SM042 Ash's Corphish
Castform Totem Ally Castform.png Marisa Kennedy SM035 Ally Castform
Banette Banette SM094.png James Carter Cathcart M19 Levi and Cherie's Banette
Absol Goh Absol.png Bill Rogers XY126 Astrid's Absol
Lusamine's Absol
Snorunt Snorunt anime.png Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld SM060 N/A
Glalie Glalie anime.png Sean Reyes M19 Levi and Cherie's Glalie
Huntail Huntail anime.png Marc Thompson SM071 N/A
Gorebyss Gorebyss anime.png Michele Knotz M21 N/A
Luvdisc Luvdisc anime.png Kate Bristol (SM005)
Lisa Ortiz (SM055-present)
SM005 Professor Kukui's Luvdisc
Shelgon Sawyer Shelgon.png Justin Anselmi XY106 Sawyer's Shelgon
Latias Nurse Joy Latias.png Michele Knotz M18 N/A
Latios Tobias Latios.png Michele Knotz M18 N/A
Piplup Dawn Piplup.png Michele Knotz M20 Verity's Piplup
Starly Starly anime.png Sarah Natochenny XY119 N/A
Staravia Orson Staravia.png Sarah Natochenny XY119 N/A
Bidoof Bidoof anime.png Michele Knotz XY117 N/A
Luxray Clemont Luxray.png Billy Bob Thompson XY089 Clemont's Luxray
Sorrel's Luxray
Budew Budew anime.png Sarah Natochenny XY121 N/A
Roserade Cher Roserade.png Sarah Natochenny XY112 Elma's Roserade
Burmy Burmy anime.png Sarah Natochenny XY089 N/A
Wormadam Nebel Plateau Chesnaught Wormadam.png Kate Bristol M19 N/A
Combee Honey Island Combee.png Michele Knotz XY137 N/A
Buneary Team Rocket Buneary.png Sarah Natochenny XY114 Lilia's Buneary
Lopunny Nando Lopunny.png Sarah Natochenny SM003 N/A
Mismagius Mismagius SM094.png Sarah Natochenny SM053 Lusamine's Mismagius
Bonsly Bonsly anime.png Bill Rogers SM008 N/A
Munchlax Burnet Munchlax.png James Carter Cathcart M19 Professor Burnet's Munchlax
Lucario Ash Lucario.png Bill Rogers XY136 Korrina's Lucario
Sorrel's Lucario
Hippopotas Hoopa Bonnie Hippopotas.png Billy Bob Thompson M18 N/A
Hippowdon Bertha Hippowdon.png Billy Bob Thompson M18 N/A
Toxicroak Toxicroak anime.png Bill Rogers XY103 N/A
Lumineon Lumineon anime.png Zoe Martin SM071 N/A
Abomasnow Wulfric Abomasnow.png Marc Thompson XY136 Wulfric's Abomasnow
Weavile Alain Weavile.png Bill Rogers XY130 Alain's Weavile
Mable's Weavile
Kagetomo's Weavile
Magnezone Team Rocket Magnezone.png Bill Rogers SM013 Anna's Magnezone
Rhyperior Team Rocket Rhyperior.png Marc Thompson XY127 Remo's Rhyperior
Electivire Paul Electivire.png Bill Rogers SM070 Viren's Electivire
Mr. Electric's Electivire
Magmortar Paul Magmortar.png H.D. Quinn SM081 Mad Magmar's Magmortar
Probopass Olivia Probopass.png James Carter Cathcart SM036 Olivia's Probopass
Arceus Arceus M12.png Marc Thompson M18 N/A
Patrat Patrat anime.png Justin Anselmi XY088 N/A
Watchog Lenora Watchog.png Daniel J. Edwards M19 N/A
Herdier Lusamine Herdier.png Marc Thompson SM046 Sima's Herdier
Lusamine's Herdier
Stoutland Stoutland anime.png Marc Thompson SM007 Recurring Stoutland
Liepard Stephan Liepard.png Erica Schroeder XY133 Bryony's Liepard
Shinobu's Liepard
Simisage Angus Simisage.png Robby Duncan Sharpe XY099 N/A
Pansear Chili Pansear.png Marc Thompson XY109 N/A
Panpour Cress Panpour.png Marc Thompson XY109 N/A
Simipour Betty Simipour.png Marc Thompson XY099 N/A
Unfezant Ash Unfezant.png Erica Schroeder XY130 Alain's Unfezant
Roggenrola Goh Roggenrola.png Billy Bob Thompson SM070 Viren's henchmen's Roggenrola
Boldore Goh Boldore.png Abe Goldfarb SM008 Viren's henchmen's Boldore
Drilbur Team Rocket Drilbur.png Daniel J. Edwards M19 N/A
Audino Nurse Joy Audino.png Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld XY096 Nurse Joy's Audino
Scolipede Team Rocket Scolipede.png Marc Thompson XY103 N/A
Whimsicott Aether Paradise Whimsicott.png Michele Knotz SM008 N/A
Petilil Aether Paradise Petilil.png Michele Knotz SM030 N/A
Lilligant Lewis Lilligant.png Michele Knotz XY109 Kazalie's Lilligant
Lusamine's Lilligant
Krookodile Ash Krookodile.png Marc Thompson SM074 Nanu's Krookodile
Darmanitan Goh Darmanitan.png James Carter Cathcart SM034 N/A
Scraggy Ash Scraggy.png Jason Griffith XY112 Concetta's Scraggy
Team Skull Grunt's Scraggy
Scrafty Scrafty anime.png Jason Griffith XY129 N/A
Sigilyph Damon Sigilyph.png Marc Thompson XY092 Carrie's Sigilyph
Trubbish Pokémon hunter Trubbish.png Jonathan Todd Ross XY088 N/A
Garbodor Pokémon hunter Garbodor.png Erica Schroeder SM011 Zipp's Garbodor
Minccino Team Rocket Minccino.png Michele Knotz M19 N/A
Gothita Nini Gothita.png Erica Schroeder XY101 Nini's Gothita
Frillish Trip Frillish.png Laurie Hymes SM058 N/A
Alomomola Totem Ally Alomomola.png Lisa Ortiz SM005 Ally Alomomola
Litwick Leader Litwick.png Kate Bristol M19 N/A
Accelgor Shulin Accelgor.png Billy Bob Thompson XY112 Shulin's Accelgor
Mienshao Korrina Mienshao.png Kate Bristol SM067 Ikari's Mienshao
Druddigon Aliana Druddigon.png Billy Bob Thompson XY133 Aliana's Druddigon
Bisharp Heidayu Bisharp.png Justin Anselmi XY130 Alain's Bisharp
Bryony's Bisharp
Heidayu's Bisharp
Rufflet Rufflet anime.png Mike Liscio SM008 N/A
Braviary Kira Braviary.png Jake Paque (M18)
Ryan Nicolls (SM015-present)
M18 Baraz's Braviary
Professor Kukui's Braviary
Vullaby Clawmark Hill Vullaby Rockruff.png Erica Schroeder SM015 N/A
Heatmor Manning Heatmor.png Billy Bob Thompson SM034 N/A
Chespin Clemont Chespin.png Suzy Myers XY089 Clemont's Chespin
Quilladin Quilladin anime.png Justin Anselmi M19 N/A
Chesnaught Chapman Chesnaught.png Suzy Myers (M19)
H.D. Quinn (XY108)
M19 Chapman's Chesnaught
Fennekin Serena Fennekin.png Eileen Stevens XY140 N/A
Braixen Serena Braixen.png Eileen Stevens XY089 Serena's Braixen
Delphox Merilyn Delphox.png Eileen Stevens XY113 Aria's Delphox
Froakie Ash Froakie.png Billy Bob Thompson XY092 Ash's Froakie
Frogadier Ash Frogadier.png Billy Bob Thompson XY089 Ash's Frogadier
Greninja Ash Greninja.png Billy Bob Thompson XY111 Ash's Greninja
Sanpei's Greninja
Ippei's Greninja
Bunnelby Clemont Bunnelby.png Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld XY087 Clemont's Bunnelby
Diggersby Diggersby XY088.png Marc Thompson XY088 N/A
Fletchling Hoopa Fletchling.png Lisa Ortiz XY112 Clarice's Fletchling
Talonflame Ash Talonflame.png Alex Haynes XY087 Ash's Talonflame
Jan's Talonflame
Scatterbug Scatterbug anime.png Erica Schroeder XY121 N/A
Spewpa Spewpa anime.png Erica Schroeder XY121 N/A
Vivillon Alvin Vivillon.png Eileen Stevens XY089 Aria's Vivillon
Viola's Vivillon
Alvin's Vivillon
Litleo Litleo anime.png Mike Liscio M19 N/A
Pyroar Pyroar gender difference anime.png H.D. Quinn XY133 Lysandre's Pyroar
Alvin's Pyroar
Florges Orange Flower Florges anime.png Aurora Bea XY123 Trevor's Florges
Recurring Florges
Pancham Serena Pancham.png Erica Schroeder XY089 Serena's Pancham
Pangoro Viren Pangoro.png Marc Thompson SM015 Viren's Pangoro
Furfrou Yoko Furfrou.png Billy Bob Thompson XY132 Everett's Furfrou
Espurr Elise Espurr.png Sarah Natochenny M19 N/A
Meowstic Olympia Meowstic.png Sarah Natochenny XY092 Olympia's Meowstic
Honedge Sawyer Honedge.png Justin Anselmi XY106 Sawyer's Honedge
Doublade Sawyer Doublade.png Justin Anselmi XY119 Sawyer's Doublade
Aegislash Wikstrom Aegislash.png Marc Swint XY128 Sawyer's Aegislash
Spritzee Valerie Spritzee.png Lisa Ortiz XY136 Valerie's Spritzee
Aromatisse Aria Aromatisse.png Lisa Ortiz XY113 Aria's Aromatisse
Slurpuff Sawyer Slurpuff.png Haven Paschall XY112 Miette's Slurpuff
Sawyer's Slurpuff
Raleigh's Slurpuff
Inkay James Inkay.png Mike Liscio XY087 James's Inkay
Malamar Malamar XY054.png Marc Thompson XY134 Xerosic's Malamar
Binacle Goh Binacle.png Billy Bob Thompson XY111 Locke's Binacle
Ed's Binacle
Barbaracle Saizo Barbaracle.png Billy Bob Thompson XY100 Saizo's Barbaracle
Clawitzer Lob Clawitzer.png Billy Bob Thompson XY119 Sawyer's Clawitzer
Helioptile Alexa Helioptile.png Eileen Stevens XY117 Alexa's Helioptile
Heliolisk Clemont Heliolisk.png Ryan William Downey XY132 Clemont's Heliolisk
Tyrunt Scientist Tyrunt.png H.D. Quinn XY087 Scientist's Tyrunt
Grant's Tyrunt
Tyrantrum Scientist Tyrantrum.png H.D. Quinn XY087 Scientist's Tyrantrum
Amaura Amaura anime.png Erica Schroeder M19 N/A
Sylveon Serena Sylveon.png Erica Schroeder XY112 Serena's Sylveon
Hawlucha Bea Hawlucha.png H.D. Quinn XY089 Ash's Hawlucha
Carbink Kalos Route 14 Carbink.png Kate Bristol (Carbink B, C, D)
Daniel J. Edwards (Carbink F)
Bill Rogers (Carbink A, E)
XY123 Wetland's Carbink
Goodra Ash Goodra.png Jason Griffith XY128 Ash's Goodra
Klefki Monsieur Pierre Klefki.png Suzy Myers XY112 Monsieur Pierre's Klefki
Phantump Phantump anime.png Lisa Ortiz XY117 N/A
Gourgeist Jessie Gourgeist.png Haven Paschall XY087 Jessie's Gourgeist
Bergmite Wulfric other Bergmite.png Robby Duncan Sharpe XY120 Wulfric's Bergmite
Avalugg Wulfric Avalugg.png Robby Duncan Sharpe XY120 Wulfric's Avalugg
Noibat Ash Noibat.png Marc Thompson XY087 Ash's Noibat
Noivern Ash Noivern.png Marc Thompson XY116 Ash's Noivern
Gladion's Noivern
Zygarde Z2 50 Percent Forme.png Billy Bob Thompson XYS04 Squishy
Rowlet Ash Rowlet.png Roger Callagy SM014 Ash's Rowlet
Decidueye Hau Decidueye.png Roger Callagy SM063 Battle Royal Trainers's Decidueye
Litten Ash Litten.png Lisa Ortiz SM003 Ash's Litten
Torracat‎ Ash Torracat.png Lisa Ortiz SM063 Ash's Torracat‎
Incineroar Kukui Incineroar.png H.D. Quinn SM063 Professor Kukui's Incineroar
Cross's Incineroar
Popplio Lana Popplio.png Eileen Stevens (SM001-SM062)
Laurie Hymes (SM063-present)
SM002 Lana's Popplio
Brionne Lana Brionne.png Eileen Stevens SM040 Ida's Brionne
Primarina Lana Primarina.png Laurie Hymes SM063 Battle Royal Trainers's Primarina
Pikipek Pikipek SM071.png Kate Bristol (SM004-SM071)
Michele Knotz (SM084-present)
SM004 Recurring Pikipek
Trumbeak Trumbeak SM105.png Mike Liscio SM004 Recurring Trumbeak
Toucannon Toucannon anime.png Marc Swint SM004 Recurring Toucannon
Yungoos Yungoos anime.png Billy Bob Thompson SM009 Team Skull Grunt's Yungoos
Ally Yungoos
Gumshoos Officer Jenny Gumshoos.png Billy Bob Thompson SM009 Officer Jenny's Gumshoos
Totem Gumshoos
Grubbin Bamboo Hill Grubbin.png Abe Goldfarb SM004 N/A
Charjabug Sophocles Charjabug.png Simona Berman
Abe Goldfarb (SM041; several)
SM026 Sophocles's Charjabug
Horacio's Charjabug
Team Electric Princess's Charjabug
Team Twin Starmie's Charjabug
Team Science Speed's Charjabug
Crabrawler Hala Crabrawler.png Jake Paque SM010 Hala's Crabrawler
Crabominable Hala Crabominable.png Jake Paque SM060 Hala's Crabominable
Oricorio Hobbes Oricorio.png Erica Schroeder SM008 Hobbes's Oricorio
Officer Jenny's Oricorio
Anela's Oricorio
Cutiefly Treasure Island Cutiefly.png Emily Jenness SM020 N/A
Ribombee Mina Ribombee.png Suzy Myers (SM020)
Eileen Stevens (SM020)
Kate Bristol (SM059)
Emily Jenness (SM084)
SM020 Mina's Ribombee
Rockruff Ash Rockruff.png Haven Paschall SM002 Ash's Rockruff
Lycanroc Ash Lycanroc.png Mike Liscio SM015 Ash's Lycanroc
Gladion's Lycanroc
Olivia's Lycanroc
Cross's Lycanroc
Wishiwashi Aether Paradise Wishiwashi.png Lisa Ortiz
H.D. Quinn (Totem Wishiwashi)
SM033 Totem Wishiwashi
Mareanie James Mareanie.png Melissa Hope (James's)
James Carter Cathcart (SM058)
SM014 James's Mareanie
Mentor Mareanie
Toxapex Alternately Colored Toxapex.png James Carter Cathcart SM058 Shiny Toxapex
Mudbray Sima Mudbray.png Michele Knotz SM011 Sima's Mudbray
Hiroki's Mudbray
Mudsdale Hapu Mudsdale.png H.D. Quinn SM075 N/A
Dewpider Dewpider anime.png Martha Harms
Michele Knotz (B & C, Rival B)
Zoe Martin (A, Rival A)
Lisa Ortiz (D & E)
SM071 N/A
Araquanid Araquanid SM071.png Martha Harms SM071 N/A
Fomantis Fomantis anime.png Simona Berman SM035 N/A
Lurantis Totem Lurantis.png Samara Naeymi SM035 Totem Lurantis
Morelull Goh Morelull.png Michele Knotz SM029 N/A
Shiinotic Shiinotic anime.png Michele Knotz SM029 N/A
Salandit Tupp Salandit.png Haven Paschall SM011 Tupp's Salandit
Salazzle Lusamine Salazzle.png Haven Paschall SM053 Lusamine's Salazzle
Stufful Stufful anime.png Michele Knotz SM046 Recurring Stufful
Bewear Bewear anime.png Michele Knotz SM003 Recurring Bewear
Bounsweet Mallow Bounsweet.png Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld SM002 Mallow's Bounsweet
Steenee Mallow Steenee.png Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld SM018 Mallow's Steenee
Tsareena Mallow Tsareena.png Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld SM082 Mallow's Tsareena
Comfey Nurse Joy Comfey.png Suzy Myers SM004 Nurse Joy's Comfey
Oranguru Oranguru anime.png Scottie Ray SM039 Recurring Oranguru
Wimpod Treasure Island Wimpod.png Ryan William Downey SM020 N/A
Sandygast Sandygast anime.png Laurie Hymes SM022 N/A
Palossand Palossand anime.png Ryan Nicolls SM022 N/A
Pyukumuku Goh Pyukumuku.png Kate Bristol SM056 N/A
Type: Null Gladion Type Null.png Abe Goldfarb SM037 Gladion's Type: Null
Silvally Gladion Silvally.png Abe Goldfarb SM049 Gladion's Silvally
Minior Core Form Minior.png Emily Cramer SM079 N/A
Komala Samson Komala.png Mike Liscio SM002 Samson Oak's Komala
Turtonator Kiawe Turtonator.png Marc Thompson SM014 Kiawe's Turtonator
Togedemaru Sophocles Togedemaru.png Kate Bristol (SM001-SM080)
Emily Cramer (SM081-present)
SM056 Sophocles's Togedemaru
Mimikyu Jessie Mimikyu.png Billy Bob Thompson
Sarah Natochenny (Acerola's)
SM003 Jessie's Mimikyu
Acerola's Mimikyu
Bruxish Bruxish anime.png Jake Paque SM031 N/A
Drampa Grandpa Forest.png Jason Griffith SM059 Grandpa Forest
Dhelmise Dhelmise anime.png Billy Bob Thompson SM040 N/A
Jangmo-o Ally Jangmo-o.png Erica Schroeder SM051 Ally Jangmo-o
Hakamo-o Vast Poni Canyon Hakamo-o.png Eddy Lee SM051 Ally Hakamo-o
Kommo-o Zen Kommo-o.png Ryan Andes SM051 Totem Kommo-o
Tapu Koko Tapu Koko anime.png Erica Schroeder SM002 Recurring Tapu Koko
Tapu Lele Tapu Lele anime.png Suzy Myers SM020 Recurring Tapu Lele
Tapu Bulu Tapu Bulu anime.png Sam Black SM044 Recurring Tapu Bulu
Tapu Fini Tapu Fini anime.png Lisa Ortiz SM044 Recurring Tapu Fini
Cosmog Nebby anime.png Haven Paschall SM044 Nebby
Nihilego Nihilego anime.png Haven Paschall SM049 Recurring Nihilego
Buzzwole Buzzwole anime.png Billy Bob Thompson SM061 Ultra Guardians Buzzwole
Marshadow Marshadow M20.png Simona Berman M20 Marshadow (M20)
Poipole Ash Poipole.png Lisa Ortiz SM061 Ash's Poipole
Recurring Poipole
Naganadel Ash Naganadel.png Lisa Ortiz SM084 Recurring Naganadel
Stakataka Stakataka anime.png Daniel J. Edwards SM085 Ultra Guardians Stakataka
Zeraora Dia Zeraora.png Pete Zarustica M21 Zeraora (M21)