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User:BigDocFan/Pokémon Journeys Voice Actor Predictions

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Pokémon Journeys: The Series

Picture Name Prediction Actual Comment
Goh anime.png Goh Neo Cihi Zeno Robinson Should have expected a new actor lol
Chloe anime.png Chloe Suzy Myers Cherami Leigh Another newbie, if only I'd know dubbing had partially moved to LA.
Which Chloe got more screen time
Mew anime.png Recurring Mew Kōichi Yamadera Kōichi Yamadera No surprise that Mew keeps its Japanese voice
Chloe Yamper.png Chloe's Yamper Melissa Hope Tara Jayne Sands Welcome back Tara Jayne Sands!!!
Professor Cerise anime.png Professor Cerise Pete Zarustica Ray Chase I predict many more wrong answers to come with LA actors getting prominent roles.
Ren.png Ren Ryan Nicolls or Wayne Grayson Billy Kametz Wrong again lol.
Chrysa.png Chrysa Jessie Kane Gill Casey Mongillo Another underused character, can't really comment on her voice
Ash Rotom Phone.png Ash's Rotom Phone Roger Callagy Billy Kametz New dubbing base, new voice actor. Found Rotom Dex annoying so no complaints
Goh Rotom Phone.png Goh's Rotom Phone Rebecca Becker Erica Schroeder Can't complain as she's better than her Japanese counterpart.
Officer Jenny JN.png Officer Jenny Emily Cramer Emily Jenness Should have guessed after the last two movies lol
Team Rocket Gyarados.png Team Rocket's Gyarados The Original Japanese Voice Actor The Original Japanese Voice Actor If only we knew who
Team Rocket Tyranitar.png Team Rocket's Tyranitar The Original Japanese Voice Actor or H.D. Quinn The Original Japanese Voice Actor If only we knew who
Goh Scorbunny.png Goh's Scorbunny Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld Casey Mongillo I scored wrong lol. Still a good voice for Scorbunny
Nurse Joy JN.png Nurse Joy Michele Knotz Megan Hollingshead Hollingshead's back too!!! That is welcome news.
Goh Caterpie.png Goh's Caterpie Rikako Aikawa Rikako Aikawa Can't be too surprised it keeps its Japanese voice
Goh Metapod.png Goh's Metapod Sam Black
Goh Venomoth.png Goh's Venomoth Sam Black
Goh Paras Parasect.png Goh's Paras Billy Bob Thompson
Goh Parasect.png Goh's Parasect Shin'ichirō Miki Shin'ichirō Miki Can't be too surprised it keeps its Japanese voice
Goh Butterfree.png Goh's Butterfree Rikako Aikawa Rikako Aikawa Can't be too surprised it keeps its Japanese voice
Goh Pinsir.png Goh's Pinsir The Original Japanese Voice Actor The Original Japanese Voice Actor Can't be too surprised it keeps its Japanese voice. Wish we knew who
Goh Weedle.png Goh's Weedle The Original Japanese Voice Actor The Original Japanese Voice Actor Can't be too surprised it keeps its Japanese voice. Wish we knew who
Goh Kakuna.png Goh's Kakuna The Original Japanese Voice Actor The Original Japanese Voice Actor Can't be too surprised it keeps its Japanese voice. Wish we knew who
Goh Beedrill.png Goh's Beedrill The Original Japanese Voice Actor Risa Shimizu Can't be too surprised it keeps its Japanese voice. At least we know who
Goh Venonat.png Goh's Venonat Lisa Ortiz
Goh Scyther.png Goh's Scyther Sam Black Sam Black After SM028 and SM085, I'm not surprised.
Hibana.png Hibana Lisa Ortiz or Melissa Hope Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld Nice to know she hasn't left.
Goh Taillow.png Goh's Taillow James Carter Cathcart Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld Should have guessed it was a female voice lol
Hodge.png Hodge Sam Black or Pete Zarustica
Hodge Hariyama.png Hodge's Hariyama Bill Rogers Bill Rogers No surprises really.
Hodge Mightyena.png Hodge's Mightyena Mike Liscio or The Original Japanese Voice Actor
Goh Wurmple.png Goh's Wurmple Michele Knotz
Goh Tentacool.png Goh's Tentacool Marc Thompson
Goh Mantyke.png Goh's Mantyke Kei Shindō Kei Shindō Part of me wishes it was dubbed over, despite my guess
Lauren.png Lauren Emily Jenness Xanthe Huynh Another newbie I see, wonder if we'll see more of her
Lauren Piplup.png Lauren's Piplup Michele Knotz
Lauren Croagunk.png Lauren's Croagunk Bill Rogers Bill Rogers Too bad it wasn't Brock's
Masaya.png Masaya Eddy Lee
Masaya Empoleon.png Masaya's Empoleon James Carter Cathcart Bill Rogers Feel a bit foolish now after guessing it was Cathcart
Team Rocket Beartic.png Team Rocket's Beartic Billy Bob Thompson or Pete Zarustica
Team Rocket Machamp.png Team Rocket's Machamp Ben Phillips
Goh Sentret.png Goh's Sentret Erica Schroeder
Goh Misdreavus.png Goh's Misdreavus Sarah Natochenny
Goh Misdreavus Stantler.png Goh's Stantler Marc Thompson
Chad.png Chad Neo Cihi Cristina Vee Nice to see more origins or generation actors appearing.
Chad Fearow.png Chad's Fearow Abe Goldfarb
Chad Cyndaquil.png Chad's Cyndaquil Emily Cramer or Erica Schroeder
Jaye.png Jaye Pete Zarustica
Jaye Hoothoot.png Jaye's Hoothoot Laurie Hymes
Goh Dewgong.png Goh's Dewgong James Carter Cathcart
Ash Dragonite.png Ash's Dragonite Kenta Miyake Kenta Miyake No surprise it keeps its Japanese voice.
Team Rocket Wailord.png Team Rocket's Wailord H.D. Quinn or The Original Japanese Voice Actor
Goh Cascoon.png Goh's Cascoon Michele Knotz
Ren Francois.png Ren's Magnemite Bill Rogers Bill Rogers Older Pokémon aren't too surprising
Talia.png Talia Tara Jayne Sands Lisa Ortiz Its nice to have Sands voicing characters again
Parker.png Parker Emily Cramer Erica Mendez Interesting
Yeardley.png Yeardley Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld
Ash Gengar.png Ash's Gengar Marc Thompson Marc Thompson No surprise there. So glad Ash caught a Gengar.
Lance JN.png Lance Wayne Grayson Wayne Grayson So glad they brought Grayson back to dub Lance.
Leon anime.png Leon Pete Zarustica or Sam Black Alejandro Saab Its good to see more actors joining the cast.
Leon Charizard.png
Leon Gigantamax Charizard.png
Leon's Charizard Kenta Miyake Kenta Miyake At least we know who voices Charizard and didn't have to wait long.
Team Rocket Bellsprout.png Team Rocket's Bellsprout Melissa Hope
Drednaw anime.png
Gigantamax Drednaw anime.png
Recurring Drednaw Marc Thompson Ray Chase Drednaw certainly sounded scary
Goh Skwovet.png Goh's Skwovet Laurie Hymes
Goh Darmanitan.png
Goh Darmanitan Zen Mode.png
Goh's Darmanitan James Carter Cathcart
Goh Sandile.png Goh's Sandile Marc Thompson
Goh Golurk.png Goh's Golurk H.D. Quinn
Kira.png Kira Erica Schroeder or Lisa Ortiz
Kira Meditite.png Kira's Meditite Laurie Hymes
Kira Braviary.png Kira's Braviary Ryan Nicolls
Leader JN014.png Leader Billy Bob Thompson or Marc Thompson
Leader Litwick.png Leader's Litwick Laurie Hymes or Emily Cramer
Leader Lampent.png Leader's Lampent Billy Bob Thompson
Shane Seeker.png Shane Seeker Brian Kim
Shane Seeker Psyduck.png Shane Seeker's Psyduck Michele Knotz
Goh Cubone.png Goh's Cubone Marc Thompson
Camille.png Camille Rebecca Soler
Ikuo.png Ikuo Marc Swint
Halta.png Halta Rosie Reyes
Gengar former Trainer.png Gengar's former Trainer Billy Bob Thompson
James Dusclops.png
Jessie Dusclops.png
Team Rocket's Dusclops Ben Phillips
Goh Raboot.png Goh's Raboot Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld
Team Rocket Poliwrath.png Team Rocket's Poliwrath Roger Callagy
Team Rocket Chewtle.png Team Rocket's Chewtle Billy Bob Thompson
Goh Spearow.png Goh's Spearow Justin Anselmi
Visquez.png Visquez Erica Schroeder
Visquez Raichu.png Visquez's Raichu Fumiko Takekuma
Visquez Electrode.png Visquez's Electrode Abe Goldfarb
Steve and Tony.png Steve and Tony Billy Kametz (Steve)
Jason Griffith (Tony)
Drone Rotom anime.png Drone Rotom Pete Zarustica or Roger Callagy
Goh Rattata.png Goh's Rattata James Carter Cathcart
Kublock.png Kublock Ted Lewis
Ditto anime.png Koreda's Ditto Erica Schroeder
Goh Pidgey.png Goh's Pidgey The Original Japanese Voice Actor
Goh Nidoran.png Goh's Nidoran The Original Japanese Voice Actor
Goh Oddish.png Goh's Oddish Michele Knotz
Goh Poliwag.png Goh's Poliwag Michele Knotz or Lisa Ortiz
Goh Grimer.png Goh's Grimer James Carter Cathcart
Goh Ekans.png Goh's Ekans Marc Thompson
Goh Farfetch'd.png Goh's Farfetch'd Marc Thompson
Officer Jenny Growlithe.png Officer Jenny's Growlithe Marc Thompson
Oliver JN020.png Oliver Pete Zarustica or Ryan Nicolls
Oliver Stanium.png Oliver's Meganium Soshina or Emily Cramer
Team Rocket Crobat.png Team Rocket's Crobat The Original Japanese Voice Actor
Team Rocket Skarmory JN.png Team Rocket's Skarmory Jake Paque
Ash Riolu.png Ash's Riolu Laurie Hymes
Goh Exeggcute.png Goh's Exeggcute Marc Thompson
Hayden.png Hayden Eddy Lee
Hayden Tauros.png Hayden's Tauros The Original Japanese Voice Actor
Goh Dustox.png Goh's Dustox Michele Knotz
Goh Goldeen.png Goh's Goldeen Michele Knotz or Lisa Ortiz
Goh Magikarp.png
Goh giant Magikarp.png
Goh's giant Magikarp Mike Liscio
Goh Binacle.png Goh's Binacle Billy Bob Thompson
Goh Flabébé Blue Flower.png
Goh Flabébé Yellow Flower.png
Goh Flabébé Red Flower.png
Goh's Flabébé The Original Japanese Voice Actor
Goh Scatterbug.png Goh's Scatterbug Erica Schroeder
Goh Phantump.png Goh's Phantump Lisa Ortiz
Goh Fletchling.png Goh's Fletchling Lisa Ortiz
Korrina Mienshao.png Korrina's Mienshao Cherami Leigh or Emily Cramer
Kasuking.png Kasuking Sean Schemmel
Kasuking Kinking.png Kasuking's Magikarp Mike Liscio
Kasuking Machamp.png Kasuking's Machamp Ben Phillips
Team Rocket Magikarp.png Team Rocket's Magikarp Mike Liscio
Team Rocket Slowking.png Team Rocket's Slowking James Carter Cathcart
Ash Farfetch'd.png Ash's Farfetch'd James Carter Cathcart
Raihan anime.png Raihan A New Voice Actor
Raihan Duraludon.png
Raihan Gigantamax Duraludon.png
Raihan's Duraludon H.D. Quinn
Nurse Joy Indeedee.png Nurse Joy's Indeedee Tara Jayne Sands
Sonia anime.png Sonia Megan Hollingshead
Goh Sobble.png Goh's Sobble Tara Jayne Sands
Team Rocket Armaldo.png Team Rocket's Armaldo James Carter Cathcart
Team Rocket Magnezone.png Team Rocket's Magnezone Bill Rogers
Morpeko Full Belly anime.png
Morpeko Hangry Mode anime.png
Recurring Morpeko Cherami Leigh
Pidove anime.png Pidove (JN029) Erica Schroeder
Tony Electabuzz.png Tony's Electabuzz Ray Chase or The Original Japanese Voice Actor
Goh Wingull.png Goh's Wingull Sarah Natochenny
Nami.png Nami Erica Mendez or Michelle Ruff
Nami Hi-chan Feebas.png Nami's Feebas Erica Schroeder or The Original Japanese Voice Actor
Nami Hi-chan.png Nami's Milotic Michele Knotz or The Original Japanese Voice Actor
Team Rocket Kingler.png Team Rocket's Kingler Ray Chase or The Original Japanese Voice Actor
Team Rocket Carvanha.png Team Rocket's Carvanha Bill Rogers
Goh Ariados.png Goh's Ariados Noriaki Kanze
Goh Pineco.png Goh's Pineco Sam Black or Billy Bob Thompson
Tokio.png Tokio Tara Jayne Sands
Goh Heracross.png Goh's Heracross The Original Japanese Voice Actor
Koromi.png Koromi Rebecca Becker
Koromi Heracross.png Koromi's Heracross The Original Japanese Voice Actor
Koromi Pinsir.png Koromi's Pinsir Tatsuki Kobe
Team Rocket Drapion.png Team Rocket's Drapion The Original Japanese Voice Actor
Team Rocket Scolipede.png Team Rocket's Scolipede Marc Thompson
Goh Hitmonchan.png Goh's Hitmonchan Billy Bob Thompson
Bea anime.png Bea Megan Hollingshead
Bea Grapploct.png Bea's Grapploct Billy Bob Thompson or Sam Black
Bea Hawlucha.png Bea's Hawlucha H.D. Quinn
Goh Pikachu.png Goh's Pikachu Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld
Goh Raichu.png Goh's Raichu The Original Japanese Voice Actor
Team Rocket Buneary.png Team Rocket's Buneary Sarah Natochenny
Team Rocket Minccino.png Team Rocket's Minccino Michele Knotz
Goh Trapinch.png Goh's Trapinch Marc Thompson
Goh Vibrava.png Goh's Vibrava Ray Chase
Goh Flygon.png Goh's Flygon Risa Shimizu
Goh Exeggutor.png Goh's Exeggutor Marc Thompson
Goh Pyukumuku.png Goh's Pyukumuku Lori Phillips
Goh Alolan Exeggutor.png Goh's Alolan Exeggutor Marc Thompson
Goh Aerodactyl.png Goh's Aerodactyl Justin Anselmi
Team Rocket Graveler.png Team Rocket's Graveler Marc Thompson
Team Rocket Nidorino.png Team Rocket's Nidorino The Original Japanese Voice Actor
Curator.png Curator Sean Schemmel
Goh Chinchou.png Goh's Chinchou Sarah Natochenny
Chuck JN.png Chuck Dan Green
Chuck Poliwrath JN.png Chuck's Poliwrath Roger Callagy
Bea Hitmontop.png Bea's Hitmontop Billy Bob Thompson