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Decided to continue the evolution scenes with the XY series but Mega Evolution isn't included.

Episode Name Pokémon Evolving From Pokémon Evolving To Trigger Evolution Start Image Evolution End Image
To Catch a Pokémon Smuggler! Scatterbug Spewpa Natural Scatterbug XY012 Evolution Start.png Spewpa XY012 Evolution End.png
To Catch a Pokémon Smuggler! Pikachu Raichu Touching a Thunder Stone during a fantasy 250px 250px
To Catch a Pokémon Smuggler! Spewpa Vivillon Natural Spewpa XY012 Evolution Start.png Vivillon XY012 Evolution End.png
The Cave of Trials! Helioptile Heliolisk Touching a Sun Stone 250px 250px
Battles in the Sky! Fletchling Fletchinder Battling Moria's Talonflame 250px 250px
A Stealthy Challenge! Froakie Frogadier Battling Saizo's Barbaracle Ash Froakie Evolution Start.png 250px
An Oasis of Hope! Goomy Sliggoo Battling a wild Grumpig 250px 250px
The Future Is Now, Thanks to Determination! Luxio Luxray Battling Team Rocket 250px 250px
Battling with Elegance and a Big Smile! Fennekin Braixen Battling Aria's Delphox and Aromatisse alongside Pancham Serena Fennekin Evolution Start.png 250px
Good Friends, Great Training! Sliggoo Goodra Protecting Ash from a fire Ash Sliggoo Evolution Start.png Ash Goodra Evolution End.png
Garchomp's Mega Bond! Gible Gabite During a flashback 250px 250px
Garchomp's Mega Bond! Gabite Garchomp During a flashback while helping Professor Sycamore's Pokémon 250px 250px
Rivals: Today and Tomorrow! Treecko Grovyle Battling Ash's Frogadier 250px 250px
A Festival Trade! A Festival Farewell? Pumpkaboo Gourgeist Being traded for Count Pumpka's Mawile 250px 250px
A Legendary Photo Op! Fletchinder Talonflame Protecting Ash and company while battling a wild Moltres 250px 250px
The Tiny Caretaker! Tyrunt Tyrantrum Protecting Bonnie and company from Team Rocket 250px 250px
A Festival of Decisions! Frogadier Greninja Battling Heidayu's Bisharp 250px 250px
Party Dancecapades! Eevee Sylveon Battling against James's Inkay and Miette's Slurpuff alongside Ash and Pikachu 250px 250px
An Electrifying Rage! Noibat Noivern Saving Ash's Hawlucha from a fall 250px 250px
Seeing the Forest for the Trees! Spewpa Vivillon Natural 250px 250px