Well it seems my youtube channel was suspended, well I have new channel, under this name. I also have a NegaiShipping Channel, just search for NegaiShipping Together Forever, and my only video of the shipping should show up.

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I am a contributor to Bulbapedia, though I started just a while ago, around in the Summer of 2008. Have been watching Pokemon from the beginning. I am 19, and completed college. I have been in college since June 15, 2009 and finished on August 12, 2010. Graduation is January 2011. YEAH! ^_^ Well for those who know me in real life, I am one of most non-talkative person you will ever meet. However, I wasn't like this since I was able to speak. I can explain the story if you want, so keep on reading to the second paragraph if you want to know, if not, then go to the 3rd paragraph.

  • So I was known by lots of people in elementary school. Surprisingly, I was popular but to an extent. When 6th grade was over and I went to Middle School, things changed. 97% of my friends went to some older Middle School, while I went to a newer Middle School. So I wasn't able to adapt to the new surroundings and I made very few friends, and literally ended up having an invisible wall surrounding me. 8th grade came up and I changed to the older Middle School, where I meet new friends and reunited with the old ones. However, the damage has been done already and I slowly got less shy but I am still more on the shy side. High school was the same too, I did make some unfortgettable friends and I am glad I only got a few friends though, I hate the attention. So yeah, I basically became quiet because I couldn't adapt to new surrounings, which was having 6 teachers opposed to 1.*

== Actually, when I was around 10, I thought Pokémon was from the U.S. How absurd, huh? When I saw kids wearing shirts reading Pocket Monsters, I thought Japan or some noob was ripping off on it.


When the infamous voice actor came about, I frantically surfed the web, looking to see when Pokémon will air once again. I stumbled across Wikipedia(before finding out how unrealiable it is), then TV.com, followed by Serebii.net, and then bulbapedia. I didn't become a member though for a while. That is when I found out that Pokémon originated from Japan. How stupid of me, huh? I found out it is a Japanese cartoon by the age of 14-15!

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