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Melissa Finely
メリッサ細かく Melissa Finely
""From Dancer to Trainer!""
Age 16 (as of the PCBC tournament)
Gender Female
Hometown Goldenrod City
Region Johto
Relatives Unnamed parents
Trainer class Trainer
Melissa Finely (Japanese: メリッサ細かく Melissa Finely) is the first main character of the comic series Pokémon: Peridot, and the text-based role-playing game of the same name. Her first Pokémon in both story arcs was a Chikorita . Melissa is happy, bubbly and upbeat. She is an optimist and often tries to find light in whatever situation. She is very self-confident, which is often misinterpreted as being arrogant. She is also incredibly strong willed, rarely giving up on something once her mind is set on it.

Born into a wealthy family within the luxurious Goldenrod City, Melissa was raised as the “ideal lady”, learned in proper etiquette, elocution and poise. Her father worked as a producer at the famous Johto Radio Tower, and her mother owned a florist within the Goldenrod Department Store. Melissa was brought up as a ballet dancer and unlike most children; she did not like Pokémon – specifically Pokémon Battles. She believed they were crude and lacked finesse. So, she spent every waking second perfecting her dances. By the time she was 13, she was dancing at a professional level with a golden future set out for her.

However, her entire career path changed the day she witnessed a newcomer to the city battle against the Goldenrod Gym Leader, Whitney. The dazzling display intrigued her greatly, and she was absolutely fascinated. Upon the trainer’s defeat at the hand of Whitney’s Miltank, Melissa commented that Pokémon Battles took just as much care and dedication as dancing. In order to discover more about herself and the world of Pokémon, she decided to leave her dancing on hold, and become a Pokémon Trainer by asking her father for a Pokémon.

Pokémon: Peridot Comic

The comic follows Melissa’s journey through the vast world of Pokémon. It begins as she recalls the start of her journey and takes the reader through her experiences; from her beginnings in Goldenrod City, to the Silver Conference tournament, and beyond to other regions. Melissa makes many friends and many enemies on her journey – but always manages to continue! Nothing will stop her from reaching her goal to discover the link between humans, Pokémon and the world.

The comic is currently in development, but there are many volumes planned.

Volume 1: So It All Began Here... (In Development)

This volume kicks off the series, including Melissa's initial decision to become a Pokémon trainer, and her acquisition of Chikorita. The excitement of her adventure is cut short however, after she meets a young girl named Rosemary Cullen, who's appearance brings the wrath of the infamous Team Rocket down upon them.

Pokémon Creative Battle Contest

The Pokémon Creative Battle Contest (PCBC ) is one of the most unique tournaments in the Pokémon world. Based on a distant Island known as Muse Island, it gathered a vast collection of trainers from all over the world. The contest wished to promote creativity and out-of-the-box-thinking, meaning that the matches were judged based on how creative the trainers and the Pokémon were. Though of course, defeating your opponent in battle was a great plus, if the losing trainer had fought with a more inventive style, then they would be voted the victor and advance on to the next round.

Melissa took to the tournament well, but fell short in the second round, meeting defeat at the hands of a trainer named Kay Elreen. The girl’s interesting technique of using Melissa’s Xatu’s own ability, Synchronize to her own benefit; in order to boost her Ninetales’ firepower with Blaze. The match ended in a ferocious Overheat, leaving Xatu scorched. Surprisingly enough, afterwards, Melissa and Kay became quick friends.

Deciding to stay on Muse Island, in order to watch her friends participate, Melissa and the rest of the trainers were caught in a deadly storm, whipped up by the arrival of the Legendary Pokémon, Rayquaza. Lured to the Island by a higher power, Rayquaza attacked the island and tore it asunder.

During the attack, Melissa was reunited with old friends, Kyran Williams and Rosemary Cullen. Together, along with the rest of the trainers on the island, they were able to drive Rayquaza back to the skies.

It was after that, Melissa decided to leave the island. Wishing good luck to the finalists, she ventured back to Kanto to continue collecting the Gym Badges for the region.


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Character (c) Theo Evans

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