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Arcade games are games made for dedicated, typical coin-operated machines installed in game centers and other public businesses. They vary in genre and play-style, some featuring gameplay remnant to traditional Pinball games and others being closer to modern video games. They often involve the aspect of utilising physical items such as pucks and merchandise as part of the game's setup. The Pokémon series has seen a number of different Arcade games since the late 1990's. Several developers and publishers, including Banpresto, Bandai Namco, Marvelous and Takara Tomy have been involved in those games, which are usually made independently of the Nintendo, Game Freak and Creatures games.



Dance! Pikachu


Pikachu's Great Surfing Adventure


Pokémon: Crayon Kids


Pokémon: Wobbuffet Fell Down!


Bandai Namco

Pokémon Tug of War Tournament! Absolutely Get the Medal


Pokémon Get Round and Round


Pokémon Medal World


Pokémon Battle Nine


Pokkén Tournament


Takara Tomy

Pokémon Battrio


Pokémon Tretta


Pokémon Card Game Gacha


Pokémon Ga-Olé


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