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Top 6: Generations of Pokémon

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Pokémon Adventures chapters from best to worst with evaluations and grading

Over the recent years Pokémon Adventures has grown to be our favourite and main canon to the franchise. It's hard to make a list of all the chapters in order from the best to the worst when every single one has lots of great things to them. But we've made our choice. The grading follows an order in which 4 is the lowest and 10 the highest.

1. Diamond & Pearl chapter

The Seventh chapter is by far the best one. Why? No other chapter in the series or part of other series yet has entertained, amazed, affected or amused us as much as the Seventh chapter of Pokémon Adventures. With being full of great characters, both main and supporting, settings, new ideas regarding the world set in the games, and an amazing plot, this chapter just nails it. The relationships and chemistry between the main characters work out really, really well and, unlike previous chapters, each of them is almost equally visible. And talk about their personalities and connection with each other compared to those of the other trios (or let's say quartet in Kanto's case). Dia and Pearl's manzai just makes one giggle no matter what. And all those memorable moments... Definitely among the best manga ever created. 10

2. Black & White chapter

Again a great chapter, a great plot, new ideas and of course characters. Like Ruby & Sapphire and Diamond & Pearl, this chapter was another reboot to the series, having yet to feature previous main characters. Like in the case of both ones, the characters have great personalities. The main characters introduced are awesome, especially Black who is pretty much a better version of Red; same ambition and goals but has got more character to him and is much more interesting person (sort of like in Doctor Who where Amelia Pond is in a way a better version of Rose Tyler). Though not over yet, we know already it'll be one heck of a chapter overall.

3. HeartGold & SoulSilver chapter

As the second "remake chapter" in the series, this chapter works far better than its predecessor FireRed & LeafGreen. Featuring all the new elements and characters in the games (aside from the Battle Frontier already in Sinnoh), as well as being a bridge between chapters it’s a real masterpiece. In addition, being 19 rounds long it is at a perfect length for a remake chapter that should be short as they feature only previously introduced main characters who already have been in the footlights (yes, we mean you FR&LG ಠ_ಠ). 9+

4. Yellow chapter

This chapter is the one that made us fall in love with the series. Not because of the main-main character (who one of the best by the way) but because of the whole plot (finally a plot after that random bundle of events in the first one), it's just so good with the Elite Four and all. This chapter also places this high for being the first one where Red doesn't appear in person at all (at least for the first 36 rounds ಠoಠ). 9

5. Platinum chapter

Platinum is by far the best game in the franchise and a manga chapter based on it can't go wrong. All the new features added to the previous games appear, as well as the characters in the games and the previous chapter, making it a pleasure to read it. Plotwise it's not as good as the previous chapter (in the chronological order) but has got lots of memorable moments neverthless. A bit too short, though. 9-

5. Emerald chapter

Emerald is a good chapter, featuring all the main characters at the time and revealing some things about the pre-series/-chapter era. Not to mention being a great bridge between the older and newer eras of the series. It's a good length and there are many good innovations and settings. Guile Hideout is so far the best villain in the series. Overall, a very enjoyable chapter. 9-

7. Ruby & Sapphire chapter

This chapter is still great, but there are certain things to it that make is less enjoyable as most other chapters. The characters are the best feature of the chapter, the two main characters are gender role-breakers (come on, Sapphire is May’s only counterpart who isn’t a Coordinator) but the thing that makes them less good characters is the FranticShipping, a clear and not very well done love-drama side plot (though not as contrived as the relationship between the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler). The rest of the characters are good, as is the story though it’s A LITTLE too slow-paced and the last battle takes almost one third of the chapter. BO-RING! Plus the Celebi moment is the absolute best example of Deus ex machina we can think of. A great and memorable chapter but with certain flaws it isn’t as good as its Generation IV counterpart.

7. Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter

This chapter is good, and we both enjoyed reading it very much. The characters introduced are charming, especially Silver and Crystal. The innovation on the storyline based on the games is just magnificent. The overall chapter is good but until Crystal’s introduction the chapter was sort of lagging and starting from that moment the story really started to proceed. Had it been earlier this chapter would’ve most likely placed better.

9. FireRed & LeafGreen chapter

This chapter is very, very overrated by the fandom. It’s nice that it takes place on the Sevii Islands but it’s way too slow paced and the final battle is ridiculously long compared to how little actually happens during it. On the plus side the chapter saw the introduction of the Three Beasts and especially Sird is a marvelous character. Also the way how it connects to the other chapters is well made up. There are other redeeming and good innovations (like the weather change-thingie) but the storyline just doesn’t work for it being too long and, as stated, very slow paced. Just not our cup of tea this one.

10. Red, Green & Blue chapter

This chapter is also very overrated. It’s got no actual storyline (although, to be fair, it is based on games where virtually no storyline is present) and thus feels a lot like the anime; a random bundle of events all stacked together. The main characters are very basic, with the exception of Green, who makes the chapter at least a bit interesting (sadly she is featured very little). Especially the main-main character is not good; Red is a bland, boring and overall unmemorable character who could be basically found in virtually every single shonen-manga series. There’s not much else to say. Except the artwork which is quite beautiful in a minimalistic way and makes one want to forgive all the plotlessness and flaws of the overall chapter.


As fans, we have our own speculations about the series, mainly about Pokémon Adventures. As speculation isn't allowed on talk pages and articles, we've put the most important bits here.


  • We believe that Bianca could actually be Pearl's cousin and the Sinnoh trio may appear during Black & White chapter or Black & White 2 chapter.
  • Bianca and Cheren would be new main characters in Black & White 2 chapter. BUSTED as of yet.


BUSTED as of the ninth chapter.

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