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安芸ノ楓の トレーイナー カーッド。スンズさん、まいど おおきに。


My Name : 安芸ノ楓 AKI(no) Kaede.

Date of Birth : 1989 JAN 13TH.

Birthplace: Kyoto, Japan

Star Sign : Capricorn

Blood Type: A

I hope I can contribute to Bulbapedia as much as I can. It is a wonderful project for a truly enjoyable series of games! As for me, I am a practitioner of traditional arts such as ikebana, calligraphy and hogaku music. However, my main interest is in traditional dance. I am a student of Kyomai and intend to work as a dancer for Kabuki (special troupe i.e. female performers) or for back-up in Miyako Odori etc.

My favourite type of Pokémon is grass-type~! This is because I am very much in love with flowers ~ I love flower arrangement and botanical study.

At the moment I am trying to improve my other languages like English and Française so I'd be happy to contribute in those two languages. Also, I can try to help in the Japanese versions of the games, but I have imported English versions for the more recent titles (from Crystal) so am a bad person to ask about the JP version of these games.