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List of anime ships


Forrest FranklinMay
Their entire interaction takes place during the episode All in a Day's Wurmple.


  • When Forrest tells May that she's "independent" and "self-sufficient", she begins to blush.


  • Forrest comes to May's rescue when she is being double teamed by Team Rocket.
  • When May says that she's trying to capture a Wurmple, Forrest offers to help her. He also gives her advice on how to catch one and what attacks it knows.
  • While May and Forrest are scaling a cliff, a rock breaks under May's foot and she almost falls. Forrest catches her by putting his hand around her waist.
  • Forrest told May that she was "independent" and "self-sufficient".
  • Forrest considered traveling with May. He stated that he always wanted to travel, but was afraid to. He ended up not going with her, but he still overcame his fear of traveling thanks to May.
  • When Team Rocket steals May's newly caught Wurmple, he sends his Heracross to stop them.

Name origins

  • Bug is derived from Forrest helping May catch her Wurmple, as well as after Forrest's own Heracross.


  • Forrest was May's first tag battle partner.
  • May brings a Pecha Berry to Forrest to snack on. Fans of the Ship note that the Pecha is in the shape of a heart.


They knew each other in their younger years, and were rivals during their time as Coordinators. Their entire interaction takes place during the episode Battling the Generation Gap!.



  • Johanna seemed disappointed when Lila lost against Dawn in the final round.

Other hints

  • At the beginning of the episode, it shows a flash-back in which Johanna and Lila shake hands, smiling at one another. Another flash-back also shows Lila and Johanna eating lunch together and discussing strategies, showing their close friendship/rivalry.
  • When Dawn later enters the room, Lila and Johanna are smiling and laughing through the screen.

Name origins

  • ContestCat is derived from both of them participating in Contests with feline-based Pokémon: Delcatty and Glameow.


(ShigeKasu シゲカス)
Despite the lack of evidence, this pairing has quite a large number of supporters, originally being an alternate to PokéShipping.


  • On several occasions, Misty and Gary first kiss their Poké Balls before calling out their Pokémon.
  • They both have the habit of teasing Ash.
  • Both of their parents were never revealed in the series.
  • They both don't really like Ash in the beginning, but become friendlier towards him later on (more in Misty's case, but Gary does warm up to Ash later).


Dig Those Diglett!
  • This marks Gary and Misty's first meeting. Misty describes what she thinks of Gary, but Brock finishes her sentence for her, leaving her initial thought incomplete. Fans like to believe she intended to say something indicating the start of an attraction.
Riddle Me This
  • In the early days, Misty usually made up for Ash's lack of wit against Gary's taunts. For example, when Gary mocks Ash by saying, "Ash, I've never seen anyone so pathetic!", Misty retorts by telling him, "Have you looked in a mirror?" Gary is used to being admired by girls, but he didn't get mad at Misty for saying that, implying to supporters he likes her enough to get away with it.
Illusion Confusion
  • Misty asks Gary why he still wasn't out of the forest despite the fact he had a Hoothoot with him. Gary states that he's been so busy catching Pokémon, he lost track of time. Fans see this as an attempt to show off, and some believe it's specifically for Misty's benefit.
Extreme Pokémon
  • While they were at the restaurant, Misty hopes Gary will win the race. But once Ash enters, she cheers for him instead.

Name origins

  • Ego is derived from both having high-esteem of themselves.


NormanNurse Joy
During the events of Love, Petalburg Style!, Carolina believed Norman was having an affair with Petalburg City's resident Nurse Joy, around the time of Carolina and Norman's anniversary. It turned out to be a big misunderstanding in the end.


  • Norman spent a lot of time with Nurse Joy, as she was helping him put together a surprise for his wife. However, the secretive nature that they went about gave Carolina the wrong impression in the first place, believing they were, in fact, having illicit relations. The fact she suspected it validated this pairing's possibility.

Name origins

  • Fireworks is derived from the very display Norman and Nurse Joy were cooking up for him and Carolina.


  • The validity of this premise was suspected in canon, and then later disproven in the same episode.


(NataMomi or MomiNata ナタモミ orモミナタ)
This is one of the few ships involving Gym Leaders that is comprised of minor characters (who aren't Gym assistants) and isn't a nevermetshipping. Their entire interaction takes place during the episode The Grass-Type is Always Greener!.


  • Gardenia expresses genuine interest in Cheryl's "mission" to find the enchanted honey, and offers her services to help without any invite. She also uses the article 'we' instead of 'you', cementing herself to Cheryl's cause, never mind all the helpful advice that give the group a destination to head for. She even admits to wanting to help, using her impulsive request for Ash to battle her as an example, when Cheryl says she doesn't want to be a bother to Gardenia.
  • Gardenia is still bespelled by James's Pokémon when Cheryl mentions her Mothim, temporarily confusing her into assuming James had one too. She reacts to the confusion the same way she does Grass-types (infatuation), despite Mothim being Bug/Flying.
  • She also admits to being happy to help treasure hunters, after rescuing Mothim, making it sound like those are the kind of people she likes compared to many other types of people.


  • Upon meeting Gardenia and Ash challenging her to a battle, Cheryl is nonplussed by the idea when Dawn reminds Ash they were already on a task: to help Cheryl. In fact, Cheryl even says it "might be fun" and wishes them to have a nice time.
  • Cheryl spends her shot during Ash's introduction to Gardenia looking in Gardenia's direction. There's also no reason for her to be standing there, as she says nothing (Brock and Dawn weren't in the shot, and the situation wasn't anything special). She also only comments on Gardenia's Turtwig during the battle, and spends the rest of her time on the sidelines appearing engrossed in the action, saying nothing of Ash at all.
  • She falls back on a quote her grandfather said later that evening in regards to Gardenia volunteering to help her out: "Witness a good Pokémon battle and something good always happens." She is likely implying that the "something good" that occurred is likely Gardenia herself joining them.
  • After the battle, Cheryl personally introduces herself and tells Gardenia she was impressed with her battling, while only telling Ash she was sorry he lost.
  • Mothim takes an instant liking to Gardenia after a compliment, perhaps reflecting Cheryl's own feelings, as she doesn't sound overly worried or chiding when she tells him not to get "too close to strangers." Given Cheryl's docile personality, it might indicate she's already comfortable with Gardenia and not simply being flighty.
  • She voices self-doubt and concern of being a "bother" when Gardenia volunteers to show the group the way to the Combee wall; this is something she didn't do when Ash and his friends volunteer to help her with her Burmy, another just-as-daunting task, or when they joined her quest to find the Amber Castle themselves the the episode before.
  • Cheryl expresses gratitude for Gardenia's supposed attempt at personally protecting her Mothim from Carnivine.
  • Cheryl cries out, "Gardenia!" immediately after Mothim is freed from Team Rocket's robotic arm, even when Gardenia wasn't the one placed in harm's way. She then personally, much like her introduction, thanks Gardenia for saving Mothim.

Name origins

  • Gaia is derived from their association with nature and Mother Earth, Gardenia being a Grass-type Trainer and Cheryl with her overall arboreal clothing scheme and gentle personality.



An early jump in on the Shipping game, GoggleShipping launched the currently dubious validity of characterization that Ash does, in fact, notice pretty girls, an argument used even today for various debates, which aren't limited to Shipping. Their entire interaction takes place during the episode School of Hard Knocks.


  • Giselle so far is the only girl that Ash displayed his affection for saying that she was "really pretty" and acting in a similar manner that Brock does when he sees a pretty girl. Anti-GoggleShippers often argue that this was because Ash's normally oblivious character wasn't developed that early on.

Alternate names

  • SchoolShipping (another name for Joe/Giselle)

Name origins

  • Goggle is derived from Giselle being the first and only girl Ash has ever ogled.
  • School is derived from the setting of the Pokémon Tech, a Pokémon academy.




The Grass-Type is Always Greener!
  • Gardenia spends a lot of time fawning over Carnivine and Cacnea. She never spent anytime fawning over Ash's Turtwig. She also doesn't believe James is evil, claiming Grass-type Trainers cannot be evil.


Once There Were Greenfields
  • He battles alongside her. When she offers to train Cacnea, he's a lot nicer to her. He agrees to let her train Cacnea, despite his devoted attachment, and trusts her to train it well.

Name origins

  • Grass is derived from both being seemingly Grass-type predominant when it came to their Pokémon partners.



When they met, Ritchie and Misty actually get along well and they both like and respect each other. Since Ritchie is often seen as a clone of Ash, some people see this couple as another kind of PokéShipping, with less arguing.


Friend and Foe Alike
  • When Team Rocket calls on Ash's hotel phone, disguised with Ritchie's voice, Misty answers. Jessie insults her calling her a "big mouth". Misty, who thought it was Ritchie, becomes really mad. When she hands over the phone to Ash she, notably, calls "Ritchie" Prince Charming instead of calling him something insulting, although this is probably nothing more than sarcasm. Ash asks who it is, but instead of answering she says angrily, "I knew that kid was too good to be true!" This could point out that Misty felt something for Ritchie, however it's more likely that she thought he was nice.

Name origins


Officer JennyNurse Joy


Riding the Winds of Change!
  • Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy work together to get the Gligar back to the forest.

Alternate names

  • CloneShipping (another name for Professor Westwood/Officer Jenny)
  • LesShipping
  • PublicServantShipping


It is well-established that Misty seems to be closer friends with "younger men", and this is a slightly amusing look at how young she could go. Another reason for this Ship is the fact that Max respects Misty as a Gym Leader and with the way she handles her Pokémon.


Max shows that he admires Misty, and he adopted her ritual of pulling Brock's ear whenever he goes overboard in flirting with a girl.
A Real Cleffa-Hanger
  • Max and Misty are separated from the rest of the group. During this time, they had a bonding moment through discovering common ground, namely their annoying older sisters.
  • What is most interesting is that Misty's return at the end of Hoenn appears to have more contextual MasumiShipping than the two other popular Misty Ships - PokéShipping and OrangeShipping.

Names origins

Masumi is derived from a combination of their Japanese names: Masato and Kasumi





Stopped in the Name of Love!
  • Barry explains that he quickly became friends with Kenny because they are both from Twinleaf Town. However, when Barry learned that Dawn was from Twinleaf Town as well, he didn't show the same enthusiasm.
  • Barry casually throws his arm on to Kenny's shoulder to emphasize their friendliness with one another. Even when Barry begins rummaging his pockets for the Ping Pong Tournament poster, his arm stays on Kenny's shoulder, despite his point having been made.
Old Rivals, New Tricks!
  • When Kenny is leaving, Barry complains about the other's impatience to go. Barry is usually not one to question hastiness, so there is the possibility that he did not want Kenny to leave because he wanted to spend more time with him.


Stopped in the Name of Love!
  • When Barry tells the others that Kenny is his best friend, Kenny confirms it, despite the fact that they only just met. That he doesn't contradict Barry might indicate Kenny already feels a close bond with him, or that he aspires to actually have a close relationship with him.
  • When Barry has an arm around him, Kenny appears completely unfazed by the other's familiarity.
  • Kenny chooses to go with Barry when searching for Piplup instead of staying with his childhood friend, Dawn.


Old Rivals, New Tricks!
  • During the Contest, Barry and Kenny are seen having a conversation by themselves, standing separate from the rest of the group.

Alternate names

Name origins

  • Sakugo is derived from the Japanese characters 錯誤 (sakugo) to mean 'mistake'. The name itself was coined prior to the knowledge Barry would exist in the anime, and prior to Kenny's dubbed premier, likely assuming that, despite there being no evidence of Barry's existence, if Barry did exist, they might know each other by local proximity. The exact relation to the name itself is unknown.


(トオサト or サトトオ TooSato or SatoToo)



Pokémon Paparazzi
  • Todd sacrificed his camera to save Ash's life, even though earlier in the same episode he'd established that he cared more about his pictures than the feelings of Pikachu.

Name origins

  • Sakugo is derived from Todd alternate name/surname, Snap, as well as their meeting over Todd 'snapping' a few pictures of Pikachu.



This pairing is primarily considered taboo due to the visible age difference between the characters. Regardless, it has its fans, age difference a matter of issue or not. What it lacks in romantic hints, however, it does have events which fans use to turn-about their relationship.



A Cacturne for the Worse
  • Harley tricks Max into telling him something he can use against May in the upcoming Contest by adopting a kind facade and treating him to ice cream. While not a hint, his willing to be generous with Max in attempt to get something from him is notable, as it did not automatically mean Harley would get the information he wanted. Fans tend to build off this as a platform to a future relationship, since his aim was to hurt May and not necessarily Max, but since Harley has also been 'kind' to May earlier in the episode, 'being nice' is not an inherent trait Harley only shows Max.
  • Harley's plan does bear fruit, but only when Harley claims to be afraid of Pokémon, prompting Max to tell Harley the story of May and the Tentacool. The fact that Max tries to console Harley, a virtual stranger, after believing him suggests a casual acceptance of Harley, though argument stands that Harley's tactic of ice cream bribery worked and it lowered Max's guard to be wary, because children are more honest.
Throughout the remaining course of the Advanced Generation, Max continues to be weary of Harley's actions, even when everyone else, May included, chooses to trust the man. While his personal guilt over having May almost lose the Izabe Island Contest is a factor in Max's continual distrust, it can be taken as slightly more personal, as if he felt overly used and humiliated by his decision to open up to a man who actually had no intention of befriending him. When Harley is around, Max's attention is often on the man, and he later states that he'll never forgive Harley for what he did to his sister even when Brock and Ash seem convinced Harley has changed for the better.
Harley, on the other hand, is quite nonchalant about the fact he used Max, and other times, seems amused to the point where he's comfortable playfully teasing him. On two separate occasions, when Max questions Harley's motives, the man roughly slaps him on the back, as if to let out his frustration that Max has caught onto his antics and is able to read him better than May and her friends.

Name origins

  • Sundae is derived from the ice cream sundae Harley treated Max to.





Alternate names

  • UnrelatedShipping

Name origins

  • Tension is derived from the apparent tension between the two.