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About me

Me? You want to know about me? Well, I am a small-time Community Web Entrepreneur, which basically means internet addict in regular English. I venture many sites such as Simtropolis, PokéCommunity,, YouTube, and the English Wikipedia, all of which contain some remnants of MLP: FiM, and I am quite active at the Bulbagarden Forums, which also has a prominent MLP fanbase. Oddly enough, I have watched an episode of FiM, and find no particular dislikes or likes for me in it, and am no 'Brony' in any case. Anyway, I'm pretty much here, there, and everywhere, and my sole alias is AlexTheRose; I use AlexTheRose1 when my username isn't available, such as on YouTube. I love anime and manga and hentai too, and don't hesitate to watch series I think I'll like. I run a private wiki on my TLD, and I (used to) run a forum site called Pikapost, which I'm trying to purge from the shadows of my public_html folder ^^;