Portrait of Alex's character Stephan for Power Master: A Strange Journey MV
Other Names Alex, Alexander, Bodine95, Power Master, Powmas, PowerMaster64, PowerMasterAlex, Hardcore Alex, HardcoreAlex95
Birthday April 3rd, 1995
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I am a staff member of other NIWA wikis, also under the name Alex95. I joined Bulbapedia on August 5th, 2015.

I started playing Pokémon during Gen III, and Hoenn quickly became my favorite region, though I didn't actually get a Pokémon game of my own until Pokémon Y. I also collected a lot of cards over the years and watched the anime until it got boring. Pokémon helps inspire my monster creations for my own games.

Site that goes into more detail about me, the games I have, etc.


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