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Joined 13 October 2008

I don't really help out on Bulbapedia anymore, but I did some years ago. I'm keeping this page up for legacy reasons.

Images I've Scanned and Fixed

This does not include my normal card scans, as that would be insane to show in one place.

All these images are scans from the Trading Card Game for Gameboy Strategy Guides (from both games). I scanned them and removed the background, in many cases giving them alpha. For a few, I've even reconstructed portions of them that were behind floating text or cut off by the page bleed or other images, which was something of a pain. Since they're on the wiki I didn't watermark them, but don't use them irresponsibly or credit them as your own. Use them on the wiki as you like, however.

TCG for GB

TCG for GB 2