Pocket Monsters
(East/Southeast Asia)
Episodes Pokémon the Series
Series Arc* Opening Ending TV season Digital release season DVD season Series
Original series* Indigo League arc* Aim to Be a Pokémon Master One Hundred Fifty-One EP001 - EP027 Indigo League Indigo League The Beginning
Meowth's Song EP028 - EP037
Fantasy in My Pocket EP038 - EP051
EP052 - EP053 Adventures in the Orange Islands
Pokémon Ondo EP054 - EP057 Indigo League
EP058 - EP064 Adventures in the Orange Islands Adventures in the Orange Islands
Fantasy in My Pocket **
Meowth's Song EP065 - EP068
Type: Wild EP069 - EP080
Episode Orange Islands The Rivals EP081 - EP103 Adventures in the Orange Islands
Pokémon Ondo EP104
Riding on Lapras EP105
EP106 - EP116 The Johto Journeys
Episode Gold & Silver OK! Meowth's Party EP117 - EP141 The Johto Journeys Gold and Silver
Exciting Pokémon Relay EP142 - EP151
Exciting² Pokémon Relay EP152 - EP156
Takeshi's Paradise EP157
EP158 - EP162 Johto League Champions
Exciting Pokémon Relay EP163 - EP172
To My Best Friend EP173 - EP191
Aim to Be a Pokémon Master (Whiteberry Version) Face Forward Team Rocket! EP192 - EP209
EP210 - EP238 Master Quest Master Quest
Ready Go! Pocket-ering Monster-ing EP239 - EP262
EP263 - EP274 Advanced
Advanced Generation Hoenn League arc* Advance Adventure Because the Sky is There AG001 - AG018 Advanced Ruby and Sapphire
Polka O Dolka AG019 - AG040
AG041 - AG044 Advanced Challenge
Because the Sky is There AG045 - AG051
Smile AG052 - AG069
Challenger!! AG070 - AG082
Full of Summer!! AG083 - AG091
Smile AG092
AG093 - AG098 Advanced Battle
GLORY DAY ~That Shining Day~ AG099 - AG104
Pokémon Symphonic Medley AG105 - AG131
Kanto Battle Frontier arc* AG132 - AG134
Battle Frontier Pokémon Counting Song AG135 - AG145
AG146 - AG149 Battle Frontier
GLORY DAY ~That Shining Day~ AG150 - AG165
Spurt! AG166 - AG172
I Won't Lose! ~Haruka's Theme~ AG173 - AG192
Diamond & Pearl - Together By Your Side ~Hikari's Theme~ DP001 - DP023 Diamond and Pearl Diamond and Pearl
By Your Side ~Hikari's Theme~ (Pop-Up Version) DP024 - DP050
By Your Side ~Hikari's Theme~ (Winter Version) DP051 - DP052
DP053 - DP061 Battle Dimension
Message of the Wind DP062 - DP072
Message of the Wind (PokaPoka Version) DP073 - DP078
Together2008 DP079 - DP083
Message of the Wind DP084 - DP095
High Touch! Surely Tomorrow DP096 - DP104
DP105 - DP120 Galactic Battles
Get Fired Up, Spiky-eared Pichu! DP121 - DP133
High Touch! 2009 DP134 - DP144
Which One ~ Is It? DP145 - DP157
The Greatest - Everyday! DP158 - DP182 Sinnoh League Victors
The Greatest - Everyday! (Band Version) In Your Heart, LaLaLa DP183 - DP191**
Best Wishes! - Best Wishes! Fanfare of the Heart BW001 - BW025 Black & White Black & White
Can You Name All the Pokémon? BW BW026 - BW048
BW049 - BW060 Rival Destinies
Seven-colored Arch BW061 - BW078
Look Look☆Here BW079 - BW084
Season 2 - Be an Arrow! BW085 - BW097
BW098 - BW108 Adventures in Unova
Episode N Be an Arrow! 2013 Sakura Go-Round BW109 - BW122
Decolora Adventure! Summerly Slope Let's Join Hands BW123 - BW142** Adventures in Unova and Beyond
XY - V X Strait Y Scenery XY001 - XY028 XY XY
Mega V Peace Smile! XY029 - XY046
DreamDream XY047 - XY049
XY050 - XY054* Kalos Quest
Mad-Paced Getter XY055 - XY067
Roaring All-Stars XY068 - XY093
XY&Z XY&Z Puni-chan's Song XY094 - XY106 XYZ
Team Rocket's Team Song XY107
Puni-chan's Song XY108 - XY112
DreamDream XY113
Puni-chan's Song XY114 - XY123
Brilliantly XY124
Puni-chan's Song XY125 - XY128
Pikachu's Song XY129 - XY131
Puni-chan's Song XY132 - XY134
Meowth's Ballad XY135 - XY136
Brilliantly XY137
DreamDream XY138
Meowth's Ballad XY139
V XY140
Puni-chan's Song *
Brilliantly *
Sun & Moon - Alola!! Pose SM001 - SM029 Sun & Moon Sun & Moon
Aim to Be a Pokémon Master -20th Anniversary- SM030 - SM043
Alola!! SM044 - SM060 Ultra Adventures
Future Connection Twerp, Twerpette SM061 - SM090
Your Adventure SM091 - SM092
SM093 - SM103 Ultra Legends
Notebook of the Heart SM104 - SM128
Type: Wild SM129 - SM146
New series* - One, Two, Three Pokémon Shiritori (Pikachu → Mew Ver.) JN001 - JN019 Journeys Journeys
Pokémon Shiritori (Mew → Zamazenta Ver.) JN020 - TBD