I go by Aninymouse on the net. I've been a Pokemon fan since the beginning, and I've never stopped loving it. If there's an epicentre of Pokemon knowledge or culture, I try to be there. I work for a living, and that means I just don't have the time or money to toss Nintendo's way like I used to, but I still find time to play the games or dabble in community interaction as much as I can afford.

I'm a gamer more than an anime freak, but these days those two cultures are becoming increasingly synonimous, it seems. I'm also a pretty nice guy, and a patient one. I like it when people act rationally and take their time; in this silent and isolated text existance we call the net, there really isn't much else that separates one from another. We exist purely as narative style, and as the impacts we make on others.

With that said, I have purposed myself with the task of intermittenly lending a hand in the familiar Pokemon online community. On one hand, it feels odd, since Pokemon by nature attracts the young and immature. On the other hand, it's for that very reason that I try to lend some levelheadedness. And, hey, I might not be too talented, but I am a nice guy, right?