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Franticshipping? My

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Yes, I have an Obsession With Franticshipping, Probably because its the only Canon Shipping in Pokémon Special. I dunno why I have a obsession with it, and dont ask.

If you Dont know what Franticshipping is, Its the relationship between Ruby and Sapphire from Pokémon Special. If you dont know what that is, Its the most famous Pokémon Manga in the world. If you dont know what Manga is, its Japanese Comics. If you dont know what that is, Learn English.


Yes, This is the Epic Scene where Sapphire Confesses her feelings ^_^ Although I have no Idea why she has two Tiny fangs coming out of her mouth. Is she a vampire? O.o

Lets look At some pics :)


Evil Sapphire, she looks liek she'z about to chew some heads off! O.o

And this is his reaction to it, Why is he blushing? i dunno O.o

This is his reaction when he finds out that the girl is Prof's wierd girl.

What happens? Ruby makes some clothes for Sapphire, and the rest is in the pic above. Clearly Ruby is already feeling sexual

Ruby must be sad about this...

They are all admiring Ruby's Popo, admiring waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too close that is (>")> <("<)

Uh oh, Shes angry... and what does she do? Strip! Of course!


Now they're travelling together. What?

Go Ruby! now Sapphire will have to accept you!

Hey, they're talking together already!


Best part evar!

Aww, now even shes trying to look cute... doesnt change the fact that she has those two tiny fangs up her mouth!

Memoir for sapphire from ruby :D

Ruby's turn :D. BTW you should look at the above pic then this one right after it. See the sentence? "Thank you but...I can't go with you. Because I know how you feel and...I like you too. I always liked you, ever since we first met." ^_^

Sapphire worried.png

Sad sapphire sees near death Ruby >:O

And thats it, Really. If anything happens in upcoming chapters (Hopefully HGSS chapter ^_^) ill post it here.