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Name Type Category Power Accuracy Power Points Description Secondary Effect
Aqua Assault Water Physical 120 100% 15 The user is surrounded by a thick bubbley mixture and it charges at the opponent. When taking recoil damage the user sparks deep blue electricaty. Variation of Double-Edge.
Sand Ball Ground Special 60 100% 20 The user forms a ball of sand infront of its mouth, or between its hands and fires it at the opponent. The ball explodes, sending sand everywhere, on impact. Variation of Water Pulse. Has a 20% chance of lowering the targets accuracy by two stages.
Thorn Tail Grass Physical 100 80% 5 The user forms small glowing light green spikes on its tail, or the spikes on the user's tail glow light green and it hits the opponent with it. Variation of Cross Chop.


Name of the Ability Effect
Corrosive Allows Poison type attacks to affect Steel types.
Dark Musician All sound based attacks are redirected back at the opponent.
DracoDefense Loses weakness to Dragon types but takes x4 damage to Ice type attacks.
Fertile Gives the Pokémon 1/2x resitance to Grass type attacks.
Food Chain Boosts attack and Sp. attack power when battling other bug types, but reduces Defense and Sp.Defense against Flying types.
Foot Fighter Kicking varitation of Iron Fist.
Ghost Fog Ghost type variation of Flash Fire.
Mined Resource Gives the Pokémon 1/2x resitance to Ground type attacks.
Razor Love The oppenent looses 1/16 of its HP every turn while it is infatuated with the Pokémon using the ability.
Rock Hard Gives the Pokémon 1/2x resitance to Fighting type attacks.
Shimmer Metal Steel type variation of Flash Fire.
Turbulance Flying type variation of Overgrow.