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Add Featured Articles

My first proposal.

The main page looks fine and all, but I honestly think that there should be a Featured Article Template on the Main Page, for many reasons. First, it can spice up the wiki a bit. It'll do a bit of justice, since the Featured Articles will appear at random every day. Even though a user can only nominate a maximum of three articles (see below note), they can still nominate their favorite article (even though the real kind of showcase is for the best written articles), and get a chance to see whether they have other favorites, attracting other community members. Second, to make the system a lot less cluttered, a "Featured Article Nomination Committee", or FANC, will be assigned to monitor nominations and make sure users are following certain policies and guidelines. It'll be composed of six members; one chairperson, one vice chairperson, and four executive members, who can view multiple nominations at once. Third, yes, I know there's already a featured articles page, but to be honest, I never really see any nominations become famous at all. I would like to see some fame in the current FA process.

Now let's go deeply into the FANC's federal system. So, member elections take place yearly, meaning that only one term can be served and users can't immediately run for reelection. If a member resigns, gets fired, or vanishes, a user must take his/her place. In order for the chairperson to fire a member, or a member to impeach/overthrow the chairperson for, say, inactivity or inappropriate behavior, a vote must take place and include three votes, and the majority vote has to outrule the minority.

Next, I'd better explain how this FA process works. Users can, but must, nominate any article he/she wants (nothing else, this includes but isn't limited to: templates, categories, images, help pages). The user also has limitations on what articles he/she can choose, too. He/she may only pick articles that are: well-written, unbiased, properly sourced, follow the Manual of Style, free of improvement tags, properly summarized, filled with less than ten red-links, significantly provided with info, new and have never starred before, filled with at least ten images, and very notable. Once a user does so, the FANC must post this nomination on a page linked off of their own wiki page, that is, Bulbapedia:Featured articles. Then, the community must vote on a support or oppose basis. This includes a removal of opposes section. There must also be a set deadline for when all ballots must be cast, and the majority vote wins. Remember, the voters must vote based on their educated opinion. (Ex. This page has too many unnecessary sections. is an acceptable argument, and Per <user>. is agreeing with a user; it's also valid, but I hate this idea!!! is invalid because it isn't a strong opinion.) Users can also remove opposes because why this user opposed has been resolved.

Nomination voting has a duration of one week. Any nomination that ends in a tie will be pushed for another week. However, deadlines can only be moved thrice. Should a consensus not be reached by the fourth deadline, the nomination will automatically fail, and said user can repropose at any time he/she wants.

All nominations, passed or failed, will be archived. Furthermore, each archive page will contain 20 attempted nominations in order to become occupied. If there are more than 20 archives, the system will move on to the next archive page. There's no limit to the number of archive pages.

Due to clutters with articles, the user can only nominate a maximum of three articles within a month.

Here's a summary of what will happen:

  • Message from the Editor will shrink to half its current size and the other half will be replaced with FA's
  • The FANC will be created
  • The current FA process will be remodeled