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An Unnamed Wizards Set was slated to appear, but was scrapped for other ideas.

Set size

  • Unknown


  • From theories floating around the web, it may have been the 16th English Expansion.

Release date

  • Approximately Mid-Late 2003. The release date was conjectured, as no official date was announced. Many believed that it would make its appearance after Skyridge.


(Quoted from the January 3rd 2002 Wizards Pokémon TCG Chat)
wotc_keith presents the speaker with question #329 from nickfifteen:
Is there anything you can say about a possible Wizards-first/only Pokémon TCG set?
wotc_keith says, "This is something that we have been thinking about for quite some time. We are currently working with TPC to work out the feasibility and details of this. However, it's definitely something that we would like to see. In fact, it's also something that the Pokémon Company would like to see as well."
  • It was rumored that Wizards would use their own artists for this set. They even contacted at least three well known artists from the online Pokémon TCG community; Nick15 (Philippe Van Lieu) and Kaizeren Myuu (Julia Sprenz) of Pokémon Aaah!, and purity of Pokémon Zeo!. However, nothing ever came of this.
  • Although this set was in the planning stages, it was eventually scrapped for Jamboree. Many elements of this planned set, as well as Crosstrainer, were implemented into Jamboree. However, even that failed to see the light of day.

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