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Turtwig has been featured on 12 different cards since it debuted in the Diamond & Pearl expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Turtwig cards are normally Grass-type Basic Pokémon.

List of Pokémon cards featuring Turtwig

Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a silver background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Turtwig   Diamond & Pearl   103/130 Space-Time Creation    
      Torterra Half Deck    
      Unnumbered Promotional cards    
DP Black Star Promos   DP01 DP-P Promotional cards   005/DP-P
POP Series 6   17/17 DP-P Promotional cards   017/DP-P
POP Series 8   17/17 DP-P Promotional cards   027/DP-P
Turtwig   Majestic Dawn   77/100 Torterra Half Deck    
      DP-P Promotional cards   072/DP-P
Turtwig   Majestic Dawn   78/100 PPP Promotional cards   001/PPP
      Regigigas LV.X Collection Pack   001/012
Turtwig   Platinum   101/127 Giratina Half Deck   001/013
Turtwig   POP Series 9   17/17 DP-P Promotional cards   117/DP-P
Turtwig   Supreme Victors   131/147 Turtwig Half Deck   001/014
Turtwig   Unleashed   67/95 Torterra Battle Starter Deck   002/010
Turtwig   Plasma Storm   1/135 Plasma Gale   001/070
Turtwig   Ultra Prism   6/156 Ultra Sun   005/066
Turtwig   Ultra Prism   7/156 Ultra Sun   006/066
      Ultra Force   001/050
      GX Starter Decks   004/131
McDonald's Collection 2021   4/25      
Turtwig   Brilliant Stars   006/172 Star Birth   006/100
      VSTAR Universe   006/172
Crown Zenith   GG31/GG70 VSTAR Universe   206/172
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Turtwig     Rising Rivals   85/111 Bonds to the End of Time   006/090

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