Trozei Beamer

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The Trozei Beamer, known in the European version as Link Beamer, is an item used in Pokémon Trozei! It was developed by Professor P at SOL and is used for transporting Poké Balls. It is used by Lucy Fleetfoot to transport the Poké Balls from the Phobos Battalion secret bases to the SOL Base.

The Trozei Beamer.


The Trozei Beamer has two functions.

In the second function, the Pokémon inside the Poké Ball must be emitting a strong enough signal in order for the transfer to be successful. One single Pokémon does not emit enough signal, so the user needs four or more of the same kind, which strengthens the signal these Pokémon emit, letting the Trozei Beamer lock onto the signal. The transferred Pokémon are then sent to the SOL Satellite where they are then relayed to the SOL Base far from the scene. As a result, the base receives the Pokémon and they are therefore rescued. The Pokémon are transferred without opening the Poké Balls, leaving them behind. This is done so that members of the Phobos Battalion don't realize that they are missing and try to investigate.

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