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There are various methods of transportation used in the Pokémon world. These methods can be divided into transportation by land, air, and water. Some Pokémon can also be used as transportation.

Ash, Dawn, and Brock on a speedboat


Main article: Land transportation in the Pokémon world

In the games, there are many means of land-based transport that the player can use. For simple personal navigation, Running Shoes and Bicycles have long been a staple, and Roller Skates made an appearance in Pokémon X and Y.

Vehicles are commonly seen, but rarely used by the player. The opening scene of the Hoenn games sees the player arriving in a moving van. In Lumiose City in Kalos, the player can use the Lumi Cab taxi service. In Alola, the Exeggutor Express bus can be used to reach the top of Mount Hokulani. In Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, the player also rides a levitating motorcycle/scooter for intercity travel.

Trains provide some (usually intercity) travel in the games. The Magnet Train connects Saffron City in Kanto and Goldenrod City in Johto. The Battle Subway can travel between Nimbasa City and Anville Town in Unova—but most of its lines function as battle facilities. In Kalos, a train connects Lumiose City and Kiloude City, while a monorail connects two halves of Coumarine City. In Galar, a rail system connects Wedgehurst, the Wild Area, Motostoke, Hulbury, Hammerlocke, White Hill Station, and Wyndon; a monorail in Wyndon also connects Wyndon Station, the Rose of the Rondelands, Wyndon Stadium, and the Battle Tower. In Orre, The Under Subway connects The Under and the Shadow PKMN Lab. A cable car is also the primary means of reaching Mt. Chimney.

In Pokémon Snap and New Pokémon Snap, the player rides in special, self-navigating vehicles: ZERO-ONE and NEO-ONE.

In other media, these transports may also appear when the story touches the same setting. In the anime, the destruction of Misty's bike becomes the impetus for her to join Ash as his first traveling companion. May and Dawn also had bikes that were destroyed.


Main article: Air transportation in the Pokémon world

Air transport is relatively rare in the games. In Unova, Mistralton City has an airport, from which the player can travel to the Nature Preserve. Team Plasma also uses an airship, the Plasma Frigate. In Pokémon Conquest, a blimp is used to carry Warriors between non-adjacent kingdoms. In Pokémon GO, members of Team GO Rocket appear in hot air balloons. In Hoenn, in the Delta Episode, the Mossdeep Space Center's rocket is a centerpiece of the plan to stop an asteroid.

In the anime, the Team Rocket trio often uses many different kinds of balloons to travel and to spy on targets. Ash traveled by plane to reach Unova, Kalos, and Alola. In Pokémon Horizons: The Series, the Rising Volt Tacklers operate off their airship, the Brave Olivine. Helicopters are often used by villainous teams.


Main article: Water transportation in the Pokémon world

Most games feature a prominent mode of water transport. In Kanto, several ships dock at Vermilion City: the S.S. Anne is a luxury cruise that sails the world; the S.S. Aqua travels between Vermilion City and Olivine City in Johto; and the Seagallop provides access to and between the Sevii Islands. In Hoenn, the S.S. Tidal mainly goes between Lilycove City and Slateport City. In Sinnoh, the S.S. Sinnoh connects Snowpoint City and Fight Area. In Unova, the Royal Unova in Castelia City provides a short pleasure cruise that returns to dock in a matter of hours. In Alola, ferries are the main mode of transportation between the islands (docking at Hau'oli City, Heahea City, Malie City, and the Seafolk Village), as well as Aether Paradise.

In the anime, the Team Rocket trio often uses submarines to travel and spy on targets. In Alto Mare, a city of canals, gondolas provide a major means of transportation.

Pokémon as transport

Pokémon riding on other Pokémon

In the games, surfing over water and flying are common modes of transport. Notably, Lapras, the Transport Pokémon, is often seen as a way of ferrying people across the sea. For example, in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon, Lapras is used to transport the player and partner to other islands.

In the anime, Pokémon are also occasionally used for transportation. People, as well as Pokémon themselves, may ride on Pokémon for various reasons. This is mostly seen in races, wherein only Pokémon may be used to move around, such as in The Flame Pokémon-athon!, where Ash and his friends joined a race.

Like in the games, Trainers also surf or fly using their Pokémon, such as in Mewtwo Strikes Back where Trainers attempted to use their Pokémon to reach Mewtwo's island. Ash and his friends also used Lapras while traveling in the Orange Archipelago. Pokémon Rangers often harness the power of certain Pokémon to fly, surf, or swim. Ash's Flying-type Pokémon were rode on many times, mostly by Pikachu while looking for something or attacking Team Rocket's balloon. Pikachu rode on Butterfree in episodes such as Bye Bye Butterfree. It also rode on Pidgeotto, Swellow, and Staraptor, Ash's bird-based Pokémon, multiple times.

Hidden Machines

Main article: Hidden Machine

Hidden Machines are machines that can be used to teach Pokémon certain moves. HMs are often used to progress within the story, and help carry the player character over certain obstacles. Surf, Fly, Rock Climb, and Whirlpool are some HM moves used that directly require carrying the player.


In Pokémon X and Y, Rhyhorn racing was introduced as a mode of transportation adopted by competing Rhyhorn racers. Though the player cannot participate in an actual Rhyhorn race, the player's mother, Grace, is a retired Rhyhorn racer, and her Rhyhorn partner lounges outside her house. The player can ride this Rhyhorn, but cannot take it outside the small front lawn. The player can also ride a Rhyhorn on Route 9, which is the only way to cross the jagged, rocky terrain to Glittering Cave. Big boulders which block various parts of the route can be easily smashed apart by the Rhyhorn.

In the anime, Rhyhorn have also been used as a mode of transport by Rhyhorn racers. Rhyhorn racing was first introduced in Lumiose City Pursuit!, where Serena was attempting to ride her mother's Rhyhorn under the watchful eye of her mother Grace, an accomplished Rhyhorn racer. An actual Rhyhorn race was first shown in Giving Chase at the Rhyhorn Race! where Ash competed in a Rhyhorn race. Serena also rode on a Rhyhorn in A Race for Home! to catch up to the fleeing Team Rocket. Serena was able to catch up to Team Rocket since Rhyhorn are faster than the Skiddo which Ash and his friends had rode on to catch up to Team Rocket.


In Pokémon X and Y, the player must ride a rental Mamoswine in order to traverse Route 17, which is mostly covered in snow so thick that it is completely inaccessible by foot. With the Mamoswine, the player can plow through the snow with ease, and crush big boulders blocking certain parts of the route.

Rental Mamoswine also appeared in the anime in Over the Mountain of Snow!, where two Mamoswine were hired by Ash and his friends to travel through the steep and snow-laden Route 17.

Skiddo and Gogoat

In Pokémon X and Y, a Gogoat Shuttle service in Lumiose City allows the player to ride a Gogoat around the city. Signposts are located all around the boulevards where the shuttle service can be used. The fare is flat at $200.

Similarly, on Route 12, Skiddo can be ridden at Baa de Mer Ranch. These Skiddo can be used to explore parts of the route that cannot be accessed by foot alone.

Gogoat have also been used as a mode of transport in the anime. In particular, Alexa has ridden atop her Gogoat on several occasions to find things to report on. Gogoat have the ability to sense the feelings of whoever grips their horns; therefore the rider's feelings influence how successful they are at riding.

Similarly, in A Race for Home! Ash and his friends have ridden on Skiddo when they visited Baa de Mer Ranch. Serena and her mother also had a Skiddo race to determine whether Serena would pursue Rhyhorn racing as a career. Like Gogoat, Skiddo's ability to read the feelings of its riders through their grip on its horns is important in controlling Skiddo when riding.

Soaring in the sky

Main article: Soaring in the sky
Artwork of May and Brendan soaring on Mega Latias and Mega Latios, respectively

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire introduced soaring in the sky, where the player can use the Eon Flute to summon LatiosOR/ LatiasAS and Mega Evolve it to soar around over Hoenn.


The player rides on a Mega Rayquaza during the Delta Episode in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire to stop a meteorite.

Poké Ride

Main article: Poké Ride

In Pokémon Sun and Moon, the player can summon a Pokémon through the Ride Pager, allowing the player to ride on certain Pokémon. Each Pokémon allows the player to use a special ability. Poké Ride Pokémon have also been featured several times in the anime. For example, Ash and Delia take a ride in a Pokémon Taxi driven by a Tauros in Alola to New Adventure!.

Ultra Wormholes and Ultra Warp Ride

Main article: Ultra Warp Ride
Selene and Elio during Ultra Warp Ride

In Pokémon Sun and Moon, Nebby creates an Ultra Wormhole and brings Lillie and the player into the Ultra Deep Sea to save Lillie's mother.

In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, the player can summon either the Ultra Recon Squad's Solgaleo/Lunala or Nebby to travel through Ultra Space by creating Ultra Wormholes and passing through them to get to alternate dimensions to catch Ultra Beasts.

Walking Pokémon

Main article: Walking Pokémon

In Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!, certain walking Pokémon can be ridden on top of, replacing certain functions such as the bicycle or Surf.

Flying Taxi

Main article: Flying Taxi

Since Generation VIII, several regions have carriages pulled by Pokémon that are used as a mode of air transportation, similar to HM Fly in previous generations. These carriages are pulled by a Corviknight in Galar, a flock of Squawkabilly in Paldea, a flock of Noctowl in Kitakami, and a pair of Skarmory at Blueberry Academy in Unova. They are each piloted by a Cabbie.

Rotom Bike

Main article: Rotom Bike

In Galar, similar to how it does to a Pokédex, Rotom can connect itself to a Bicycle through a Rotom Phone, greatly enhancing it.

Ride Pokémon of Hisui

Main article: Ride Pokémon (Hisui)

In Hisui, Ride Pokémon are a select group of Pokémon that are dedicated to assisting humans that they have deemed worthy. The Ride Pokémon are descendants of five of the ten companions of the ancient hero of legend, who have received their blessing from Arceus.

Koraidon and Miraidon

Main article: Koraidon (game)
Main article: Miraidon (game)

In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, a KoraidonS/MiraidonV are ride Pokémon that the player befriends early on in the game and travels with them throughout the story. The Pokémon replaces typical functions from previous games such as the bicycle and surfing.


Main article: Starmobile

Starmobiles are vehicles used in battle by the squad bosses of Team Star. Each Starmobile is powered by Pokémon: a Revavroom sits in the hood and controls the vehicle, while two Varoom are located on the back, acting as rear wheels. Additionally, according to Mela, the Starmobiles are fueled by evolved forms of Charcadet. Starmobiles are most likely based on dekotora, a Japanese style of modifying trucks with elaborate stainless steel parts, murals, and LED lights.


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