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Evolution Forest 変化
Transform Forest
Evolution Forest RTDX.png
Description: A boulder, shining with different colors, lies in the center of this extraordinary, slowly transforming forest.
Predominant type: None
Capacity: 6
Methods to obtain: Buy for 500 Poké
Have Eevee as starter
Friend Area

Evolution ForestRTDX or Transform ForestRB (Japanese: 変化 Transform Forest) is a Friend Area in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team. It can be bought from the Wigglytuff Club for 500 Poké, or it will be obtained automatically if the player begins the game with Eevee. It is one of many Friend Areas in the Western Forest area, and has the capacity of six Pokémon—Eevee and its evolutions.



Transform Forest is a small clearing surrounded by immense trees. In the center, there is a small rock that changes color every few seconds.


Pokémon Location
133 Eevee Starter Pokémon
Joyous Tower (12F-17F)
134 Vaporeon Evolve Eevee
135 Jolteon Evolve Eevee
136 Flareon Evolve Eevee
196 Espeon Evolve Eevee
197 Umbreon Evolve Eevee
470 LeafeonRTDX Evolve EeveeRTDX
471 GlaceonRTDX Evolve EeveeRTDX
700 SylveonRTDX Evolve EeveeRTDX


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