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Trace (game)/Quotes

These are Trace's quotes in the Pokémon games.

In the core series

Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!

Player's house
"I'm coming up! Up and at 'em! Morning, <player>!"
"What's going on? You've got one weird look on your face! Aw, never mind that! I couldn't wait any longer, so I came to get you! Today's finally the big day! We're finally going to get our first Pokémon from Professor Oak and become real Trainers! Oh, but before we do..."
"You read the email I sent you yesterday, right? You’d better have! Check your computer if you didn't!"
"I'm gonna book it to Professor Oak's lab, so see you there!"
Professor Oak's Laboratory
"Oh, <player>! Professor Oak isn't here. Do you think those Poké Balls hold the Pokémon you and I are supposed to get? I can't wait to get mine!"
  • After catching the partner Pokémon
"Professor Oak! Those Poké Balls there—I swear there were only two a second ago, but now there are three!"
'"So, wait, <player>... You caught it yourself?"
"Wha—?! I've never seen that happen before!"
  • If the player tries to select a different Pokémon
"I think it's trying to tell you you're going for the wrong one, pal!"
  • After obtaining the partner Pokémon
"Professor, I choose this one!"
"It's really cute! EeveeP/PikachuE is just what I wanted!"
  • Upon attempting to leave the lab
"What is that thing, Professor?"
"A Pokédex, huh? We're gonna meet so many Pokémon... This keeps getting better and better! I'm setting out right now! <player>, you should do the same... If you think you're ready, that is!"
  • After delivering Professor Oak's Parcel
"Hey, Professor Oak! It’s about my EeveeP/PikachuE! Its moves are—"
"Whoa! <Player>! That’s so cool! PikachuP/EeveeE just rides on you like that?!"
"Great! I've been starving!"
"That was close... I nearly swallowed one of 'em right up myself!"
"As for me... I wanna catch tons of different Pokémon! But I wanna train them up to be strong, too! Heh!"
  • Before battle
"Wait up! Come on, <player>! You do know you can do more with Pokémon than just catch 'em, right? If you're a Trainer, you can have Pokémon battles with other Trainers, too! I'll show you exactly what I mean! It's battle time!"
  • Upon being defeated
"What?! Did I lose?"
  • After the battle
If the player won: "Aw, jeez... There I went mouthing off like I knew everything, and then I lost! How embarrassing! I probably should've trained my Pokémon up a bit before trying a battle like that, huh?
If the player lost: "Yes! I did it! ...Oh! But don't worry about one little loss, OK?
Either way: Let's battle again sometime!"
Viridian City
"Huh? You look pretty pleased about something, <player>. ...Oh, you beat another Trainer? Good job! Well, since we're on the topic... The Pokémon you sent into battle might've lost some HP or PP... You should take 'em to a Pokémon Center and get them healed up! It doesn’t cost any money and doesn't take long at all, either. Just remember—heal up after battles!"
Route 22 (optional visit)
  • Before battle
"Oh! Hey, <player>!"
"You hoping to make it to the Pokémon League someday, too? That's where you can battle the strongest of all Pokémon Trainers... The ones they call the Elite Four! I was hoping maybe I could get a glimpse of 'em, but the guard at the gate wouldn't even let me pass without any Badges from Pokémon Gyms! Guess I'll just have to get there the long way: by battling and getting strong! So, <player>! I guess that means it's on!"
  • Upon being defeated
"Whoa, seriously?"
  • After being defeated
"Hmm... Maybe battling like this is just helping you get stronger, huh, <player>? Oh well! That works, too! Let's train hard so that someday we both make it to the Pokémon League!"
Pewter City
"Hey. Nice! I was hoping we’d run into each other!"
"You know there's a Pokémon Gym up this way, right, <player>? You can battle against the Gym Leader there, and he's seriously strong! If you want to get stronger, you've definitely gotta try to take him on!"
"Hah! Jeez, PikachuP/EeveeE! You're ready for a good battle, too, huh? Who wouldn’t be! All right, then. You're making me want to cheer you guys on, too, so take these!"
"I bought some for you with the prize money I’ve been earning in all my battles. Beat that Gym Leader, <player>, and you can really call yourself a true Trainer! Give it your best!"
Cerulean City
  • Before battle
"Eyaaarrrgh! Oh! <player>! You’ve gotta—! You're not gonna believe this! A P-P-Pokémon... Gahhh!"
  • Upon being defeated
"Phew... OK, I feel a bit calmer now..."
  • After being defeated
"Hah... Deep breaths... OK. Let me try that again... Sorry, it's not like me to lose my cool like that... There's a house up ahead where this famous Pokémon fanatic is supposed to live... I wanted to stop by, because I thought maybe I’d get to see some rare Pokémon or something. But what I found... and don’t freak out when you hear this..."
"That Pokémon fanatic Bill wasn’t there... Instead there was a Pokémon...that TALKED!"
"Eeesh, just thinking about it gives me the creeps! Don't go in there, <player>!"
Route 5
"Oh! Hey, <player>!"
"Seems like we can't pass through the gate there."
"But the Underground Path should take us to Vermilion City. It's a bit dark and spooky, though..."
"Huh? Hold still for one sec, <player>..."
"I was wondering what the sparkly thing was. This was stuck in your hair!"
"Revives can heal Pokémon that have been knocked out in battle. I have a few extra, so... Here, take some of mine, too!"
"Maybe those will help you when you take on the next Gym!"
"...Huh? Are those S.S. Tickets you have?"
"No way! They’re for the S.S. Anne, right? I hear it's a luxury cruise liner that's traveled all over the world! Man, I'd love a chance to see what it's like on the inside, even just once... ... ..."
"Hey, are you sure I can have this? You know I'm definitely going, right? Where'd you get this, anyway?"
"...Eek! You got it from that talking Pokémon?!"
"What? Oh, it was a person after all? Well, I guess that’s good to hear..."
"Hey, just, uh, forget about that whole thing, OK? I think I’ll press on ahead! See you there!"
S.S. Anne
  • Upon entering
"Oh! There you are, <player>!"
"Thanks again for the ticket. This ship is huge—and it's full of Trainers!"
"Hey, Blue! Are you taking a cruise?"
  • If talked to
"Team Rocket, huh... <Player>, if you get tangled up with those jerks again, you should call me!"
  • If talked to again
"Blue's real strong. I heard he beat the Pokémon League's Elite Four years ago. And I heard he's got a rival who even managed to beat him, too! How strong would someone have to be to beat Blue in battle? I can't even imagine it!"
  • Before battle
"Hey, <player>! Over here!"
"You see those stairs there? The captain's quarters are up there. He can teach you this cool Secret Technique if you ask him. He’s really famous for it!"
"Though...he looked pretty done in by seasickness when I saw him."
"Hey, before you go to meet him, how about I take a look to see how well you’ve been raising your Pokémon, huh?"
  • Upon being defeated
"Wh-whoa! I can't believe it!"
  • After being defeated
"Wow, <player>. You... You've gotten pretty strong. Oh, uh, nothing! That's cool! Anyway, go meet the captain and have him show you his Secret Technique!"
Route 2
  • After learning the Secret Technique Light Up
"Oh! <Player>! Did you learn how to use Light Up from Professor Oak's assistant, too? Wha...? You didn't learn it...but <partner Pokémon> did?! That partner of yours really is amazing, <player>... Hey, you know what? I actually know someplace where you might be able to use it! Want me to take you there?"
Yeah, let's go together: "All right! We'll be there in no time. Come on!"
Naw, I'm fine by myself: "Really? Well, OK... You sure you'll be all right?"
Yeah, I want to go alone: "OK! Just in case, though, let me give you directions. If you head east from Cerulean City, you’ll reach a place called the Rock Tunnel. It’s supposed to be pitch dark in there. Be careful!"
Actually, let's go together: "All right! We'll be there in no time. Come on!"
Cerulean City
  • If agreed to travel together from Route 2
"So, just head east here from Cerulean City... That's this direction—got it? Just keep going this way, and you'll eventually hit this cave system called the Rock Tunnel. I hear it's pitch dark! If you use Light Up, though, you don't have to be scared of the dark! See you around!"
Pokémon Tower (first visit)
  • Before battle
"Hey! If it isn't <player>! But what're you doing here?! No way... <Player>, your Pokémon... didn't d-die or anything, right...?"
"Oh boy, I’m glad I was wrong this time! But maybe I should check that your Pokémon really is/are doing well...with a battle!"
  • Upon being defeated
"Maybe your Pokémon are doing a little TOO well..."
  • After being defeated
"Aww, shoot! When we battled, we scared off that Cubone... You know Cubone, right, <player>? It's a Pokémon that's always wearing a skull!"
"That Cubone looked like it was searching for something... Maybe it’s up on one of the higher floors...?"
  • 3F
"Cubone! Cuuubone! Come out...come out...wherever you are!"
"I don't see any sign of it..."
"...Huh? Is that...?"
"I-it's a... It's a... It's a... Gh-gh-gh-gho..."
Lavender Town
"So that's Cubone's mom...?!"
"Me neither! I saw Cubone heading into the tower a little while ago, too... I'll go look for it—and I'll keep an eye out for that Mr. Fuji, too! The one who's been missing!"
"I r-really don't like ghosts... But I've gotta do this!"
  • Upon being approached
"Ah! <player>! Nice timing! You caught most of that, right? What d'you say? You wanna come with me?"
No: "Right... Then I'll just wait till you say you're ready!"
Yes: "Th-thanks, pal! It'll be a big relief to have you! I'll just let you lead the way, OK?"
"Ready when you are! I'll be right behind you, so don't worry. I've got your back."
Pokémon Tower (second visit)
  • 3F
"Urk... D-do you think there really are ghosts in here...?"
"Huh?! <Player>, what's that?!"
"Wh-whoa... That's crazy! So those ghosts were actually Pokémon?!"
"Ghost-type Pokémon aren't actually that scary, so keep going!"
  • 6F
"GAH! This one's even bigger than the last one! <Player>! Use the thing! The thing you used last time!"
"Cubone, you... You just came here because you wanted to see your mom again, huh?"
"Sorry for thinking your mom was scary, Cubone."
"<Player>, I... I don't want to leave Cubone alone like this. I'm gonna go take it home. Oh! If there's someone named Fuji upstairs, do you think you could see him home, too?"
You sure you’re OK by yourself?: "I-I'll be fine! I'm with Cubone now, after all! ...You've gotten pretty gutsy, haven't you, <player>?
I've got this!: "Are you not scared at all, <player>? Man, you're full of confidence, pal! You definitely seem dependable.
Either way: What? You rescued Cubone from Team Rocket?! When did you go and get that strong...? Right... Well then... Guess I'll leave this up to you, <player>! Come on, Cubone!"
Silph Co.
  • Upon entering
"<Player>! I've been looking for you! What're you doing in a place like this?"
Regardless of choice: "No surprise! Those Team Rocket goons are causing trouble all over the place!"
"Awesome! Do you think the Elite Four might come help us?!"
  • If talked to before battling Blue
"If I can beat Blue, then I can go get revenge for Marowak... That's right! I think maybe I can really do this! <Player>, you wanna go first?"
  • After battling Blue
"Aw, jeez... Just watching your battle made me nervous... Did you see his Pokémon's eyes? They blew me away...but I'm not backing down! <Player>, you go on ahead! I'll be right behind you!"
"Huh? <Player>? You know that old guy?"
"...Wait, aren't they the ones who are getting in our way?"
  • After defeating Archer
"Hey, look! That Grunt dropped something!"
"We'll just borrow this until all Silph is free!"
  • 7F
"Wha—?! You again?!"
"...Huh? What was that? Reach the boss? <Player>, d'you think—?!"
Regardless of choice: "So the boss of Team Rocket is right here in this building! That makes things easier, then!"
"Go, <player>! This is our best chance to beat their boss! Old man, you'll be dealing with me!"
"<Player>, go! Go beat the Team Rocket boss once and for all!"
Saffron City
"<Player>, you did it! You beat Giovanni, right? That Archer guy made a run for it, so I chased him all the way out here, and then... all the Team Rocket Grunts ran right outta Saffron City, too! Guess we're lucky you're such a strong Trainer, <player>! To be honest, I was a little scared. Like, what would have happened to us if it turned out the bad guys were the strongest, you know? But you and me, <player>... We really managed to save Silph! Nobody will have to go through what Cubone went through ever again!"
"All right! Now that everything's back to normal, I guess it's time for the next Pokémon Gym! Have you been to the Saffron City Gym already, <player>? How many Badges have you got? ...That many, huh? Wow. Maybe we'll both make it all the way to the Pokémon League!"
"Let's both give it our best shot! See ya!"
Cinnabar Island
"Ah! So this is where you were! I thought you might have made your way to Cinnabar Island by now. Did you beat Blaine? Really? Congratulations! You need to have eight Gym Badges to get into the Pokémon League, right? I've got seven already! Which means that the only one left is... Yeah! It must be the Gym in Viridian City, right? It was closed up last time I checked, though. Have you been in the Viridian City Gym yet, <player>? You haven't, right? I guess I'll try stopping by Viridian City one more time."
Viridian City
  • After earning seven Badges
"...Huh? Why's the door locked?"
"Open sesame!"
"Huh. Yeah, I guess that isn't gonna work..."
"Man... Oh! Hey, <player>! Sheesh, say something if you’re standing there! Watching me act all embarrassing like that..."
"Well, never mind that! So, how many Gym Badges you got these days? ...S-seven?! Then it looks like we’re even! All that's left now is the Viridian City Gym... Same for you, right? But this place is never open... I guess we’ve gotta tell someone that we haven’t been able to get into the Gym... But who should we talk to?"
Professor Oak: "Yeah, that's what I was thinking, too. Let's go see if he knows anything!"
<Partner Pokémon>: (after the partner Pokémon responds) "Uh-huh... Uh-huh... Makes sense... If I could understand anything you said! This is getting us nowhere..."
That old man there: (after the old man says he doesn't know anything) "O-of course you wouldn't! Sorry about that... We'll think it over ourselves!"
Professor Oak's Laboratory
"No, it wasn't me! <Player> beat Giovanni all by himself/herself! All I did was help out a bit..."
"Mega Evolution?! What's that?!"
"Mega Evolution... Man, if Team Rocket had used a thing like that, they'd have been an even bigger pain!"
Route 22 (mandatory visit)
  • Before battle
"I finally caught up to you! I got an Earth Badge, too! That means we can finally get into the Pokémon League! I heard the Elite Four are incredibly strong... But there's no turning back now, right? You think you're ready, <player>? Show me the Pokémon you’ve raised!"
  • Upon being defeated
"I've raised my Pokémon up this much... and still I can't beat you, huh?"
  • After being defeated
"You know, <player>... I've always felt like I needed to look after you, ever since we were young. But I think... I think you're the one who has more talent as a Trainer. It's...frustrating. I've never felt this way before. Is this what makes it fun to raise Pokémon? Whatever it is, I know I don’t want to lose again! It's weird to even have to ask, but... let me go on ahead first!"
Indigo Plateau (initial battle)
  • Before battle
"You did it, <player>! Oh man, that's great... I've been waiting! I beat the Elite Four and became the Champion!"
"You probably heard from the professor, right? From now on, the Champion will be part of the Pokémon League and battle all kinds of Trainers!"
"I'm really glad my first opponent turned out to be you, <player>!"
"You're the one Trainer I want to test my best against, after all!"
"Let's battle, <player>! The Champion's seat is on the line!"
  • Upon being defeated
"OK! I admit it! <Player>, you're the strongest Trainer in the world!"
  • After being defeated
"Aw man! My reign is over already? That was pretty short!"
"You're the Champion now, <player>! And as for me... I've got a new goal to work toward!"
"Th-thanks, Professor!"
Player's house
  • After becoming Champion
"Anybody home? Hey, <player>! I'm coming up!"
"Morning, Kanto Champion! But don't get too comfortable with that title. I plan on stealing it from you soon! First, though... Did you hear the rumors? There’s talk going around about some crazy strong-looking Pokémon being spotted..."
What kind of Pokémon?: "I hear it looks super strong—and super cool!
I want to catch it!: "Ha! I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist a rumor like that!
Either way: The Pokémon was seen near Cerulean City! And apparently it ran away into a cave somewhere there. That's all I know. So! I say we both go try to catch this Pokémon! Whoever catches it first is the winner!"
Cerulean City
"Hey, <player>! Oh! Wait, don't tell me... You already caught that superstrong Pokémon, didn't you? I knew it! So, it's called Mewtwo, huh?"
"Man, you got to Mewtwo before me or that girl!"
"Huh? Oh, I ran into this gutsy girl who said she was looking for a powerful Pokémon. I think she meant Mewtwo. Well, I guess that's that... Here, take these. I won’t need 'em now!"
"I just saw that girl come in here, too. She must still be looking for Mewtwo. You should go show it to her!"
Indigo Plateau (rematch)
  • Before battle
"I've been waiting for you... Champion! I've been training every day to try to beat you, <player>! And I'm not gonna lose today! Let's battle!"
  • Upon being defeated
"I knew it! Battling with you is the most fun, <player>!"
  • After being defeated
"Man, you truly are something! But that doesn't mean I'm giving up! I'll keep taking on the challenge to be the Champion as many times as it takes!"