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Toria (Japanese: トリア Toria) is a recurring character who first appeared in It's... Champion Time!.

Toria first appeared alongside Vic as they approached Ash, Goh, and Cynthia outside Wyndon Stadium. Toria was super excited to see their Pokémon, causing Vic to try and hold her back. Toria was allowed to touch Ash's Pokémon and later ran off after a Gossifleur.

Toria went missing and was found watching the Gossifleur and witnessed it evolving into an Eldegoss and watched as it flew away. Vic realized the match with Leon and Diantha was underway and she hurried to Wyndon Stadium and watched the battle.

In Whittle While You Work!, Toria was shown watching Ash's battle against Cynthia.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 菅沼千紗 Chisa Suganuma


Language Name Origin
Japanese トリア Toria From Victoria
English Toria Same as her Japanese name

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