Timmy (EP053)

Timmy (Japanese: マナブ Manabu) is a character of the day who appeared in The Purr-Fect Hero.


When Ash and his friends arrived at Timmy's school for Kids Day, he was the only one who didn't want to play with any of their Pokémon. He explained that he only wanted to play with a Meowth, because it was the Pokémon that saved him from a Beedrill.

After being kidnapped by Team Rocket, Timmy thought that their Meowth was the same one that rescued him before. When Jessie and James discovered this, they forced Meowth to act like Timmy's friend. Unfortunately, their plan backfired when he spoke in front of Ash and the others. After leading Timmy to Team Rocket, they engaged Ash in a battle, which was interrupted by a rockslide. Just as a large boulder was about to crush Timmy and Ash, the real Meowth that Timmy befriended rescued them once again.

Timmy adopted the Meowth as his own, and told Ash that when he got older, both of them would compete in the Pokémon League.


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The only Pokémon Timmy wanted to see on Kids Day was a Meowth. So when Team Rocket tried to steal Pikachu again, Timmy was caught instead. After seeing Meowth Timmy calmed down thinking Meowth was the one who saved him, and Team Rocket decided to put on another scheme. Jessie and James put on an act to look like they were trying to hurt Timmy. Meowth used Fury Swipes knocking the duo to the ground and Timmy and Meowth ran off.

They later arrived back at the school, where all the children started to crowd around Meowth. Suddenly the Scratch Cat Pokémon talks which Misty hears, Meowth runs off followed by Ash and his friends including Timmy. Meowth arrives back with Team Rocket, after losing the battle, Meowth runs off with Team Rocket.

Meowth's only known move that Timmy commanded was Fury Swipes.

Debut Pokémon Emergency!
Voice actors
Japanese Inuko Inuyama
English Maddie Blaustein


It first appeared in a flashback where in a forest, Timmy was attacked by a wild Beedrill. Meowth attacked the Beedrill multiple times before it admitted defeat and flew away. Timmy always wanted to see Meowth again, and on Kids Day, Timmy thought Meowth from Team Rocket was it. It appeared later where a huge boulder fell down from the cliffs by Brock's Onix using Tackle; everyone was able to get out of the way except for Ash and Timmy. They were about to get crushed when Meowth appeared cracking the boulder in two. Timmy recognized it as the Meowth that had saved him previously.

Meowth's only known move is Fury Swipes.

Debut The Purr-fect Hero
Voice actors
Japanese Kaori Tsuji
English Kaori Tsuji

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese こおろぎさとみ Satomi Koorogi
English Kayzie Rogers
Finnish Elise Langenoja
Italian Federica Valenti
Norwegian Siri Nilsen
Polish Renata Berger
Brazilian Portuguese Diego Marques
Spanish Latin America Ana Lobo
Spain Cristina Yuste

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