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Magma Admin (Trainer class).

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Three Fires
三頭火 Three Head Fires
Three Fires.png
The Three Fires
Gender Male (Tabitha, Blaise)
Female (Courtney)
Hometown Unknown
Region Hoenn
Trainer class Magma Admin
Generation III
Games Ruby and Sapphire
Member of Team Magma
Rank Three Fires

The Three Fires (Japanese: 三頭火 Three Head Fires) are the Magma Admins of Team Magma in the Pokémon Adventures manga. They are second in command only to Maxie.

Every member of the Three Fires contain a special memory-recording lighter than can burn the memories of its holder onto paper. The three lighters can also link up and mix their memory data with each other. Courtney explains that they each use fire in a different way.

The members are:

He uses smoke from his Torkoal to restrict his foe's ability to see and occasionally lose consciousness. Considered a lackey of the group, he is often left to do the others' dirty work.
She uses fire for its most basic use: to burn things. Her gloves are filled with a mixture of tree sap that works as an incredible adhesive. She is the calmest of the Three Fires and considers herself the most important of the group.
He uses Slugma to heat up an area and cause his foe to hallucinate from the flames. He is incapable of controlling what exactly is seen but commands the foe witness their most horrid memories and fears. He is somewhat selfish and over-confident, though takes his orders from Maxie seriously.

They can be considered parallels not only to the SSS of Team Aqua, but also to the Team Rocket Triad and The Three Beasts. They seem to be much more loyal to each other than the SSS of Team Aqua, and they seem to be treated as equals by Maxie, as opposed to how Archie treats the SSS, as pawns.

In Chuang Yi translation, their names (Mitch, Marge, Mack) begin with letter "M" indicating Team Magma.


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Boss: Maxie
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