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Pokémon Adventures: The Pikachu Maneuver is the seventeenth monthly issue released by VIZ Media of the Pokémon Adventures manga created by 日下秀憲 Hidenori Kusaka and 真斗 Mato. It contains chapters thirty-eight and thirty-nine of the Red, Green & Blue arc. The chapters originally released in this book were later rereleased as part of Volume 3. As a bonus, it contained a sheet of Pokémon stickers which were not included with the collected volume release.


Edition Country Company Date ISBN
US/Canada VIZ Media January 12, 2001 ISBN Unknown


Important events

  • Red's battle with Giovanni ends with Red winning.
  • Green, Dr. O, Red, and Blue reach the semi-finals of the Indigo League tournament.
  • Green becomes a Pokédex holder.
  • Green is defeated by Dr. O in the semi-finals, who then withdraws from the competition, leaving Red and Blue to battle in the final round of the Indigo League Tournament.

Gym battles

Red defeats the following Gym Leaders:

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