The Battle Between Legendary Pokémon

The Battle Between Legendary Pokémon
でんせつのポケモンどうしのたたかい The Battle Between Legendary Pokémon
Battle Rules: Single Battle
ポケモン3ひき シングルバトル。
LV.50に ほせい。
おなじ どうぐ ポケモン きんし。
かくちほうの でんせつのポケモンが
つどい きそいあう トーナメント!

(Japanese: でんせつのポケモンどうしのたたかい The Battle Between Legendary Pokémon) is a Download Tournament held within the wider Pokémon World Tournament competition. It can be downloaded during an event held over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection for Japanese games starting on September 15, 2012 and Korean games starting on December 20, 2012.


This tournament features the Gym Leaders from the respective regions of the first four generations; Sabrina from Kanto, Falkner from Johto, Winona from Hoenn, and Fantina from Sinnoh. These Gym Leaders use three Pokémon in the Single Battle format, each with a Legendary Pokémon with a base stat total of 680 as the first Pokémon, along with their signature Pokémon as the second Pokémon. As such, this tournament removes the restriction on standard banned Pokémon, such as Mew and Arceus. However, the item Soul Dew is still banned.







  • Outside of the Distortion World, Giratina can normally only remain in its Origin Forme if it is holding the Griseous Orb. However, in this tournament, Fantina's Giratina is in its Origin Forme while holding a Ghost Gem.
  • The Gym Leaders' Legendary Pokémon are the only ones in their party that aren't holding a Berry.
  • All of Winona's Pokémon have double weaknesses to Ice-type attacks.
  • The Legendary Pokémon on each Gym Leader's team was introduced in the same generation as the Gym Leader.
  • Unless Winona's Altaria uses Roost or any Pokémon are grounded, only the Pokémon on Sabrina's team can be hit by Ground-type moves.
  • Falkner's Lugia is the only Pokémon in this tournament that is holding a non-consumable item, as well as the only Legendary Pokémon in the tournament to not be holding a Gem.

In other languages

Language Title
  Japanese でんせつのポケモンどうしのたたかい
  Korean 전설의 포켓몬 대격돌

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