Thatcher (Japanese: カズチ Kazuchi) is a minor recurring character who appeared in the Pokémon anime. He is the younger brother of Alyssa.



Thatcher debuted in A Different Kind of Misty!. He and Alyssa operate the Misty Village Lighthouse using a special rock called the light stone. Thatcher's grandfather gave him a Plusle and Minun to help charge the light stone, but Thatcher was unsure of whether or not he could properly train them. Having very little trust and confidence in his Pokémon, all Thatcher could do was cheer for others using his Pokémon's Helping Hand. Ash, who Thatcher sees as a "hero", helped Thatcher protect the light stone from Team Rocket and taught him to believe in his Pokémon.

Thatcher soon left on his own journey to become a Trainer like Ash. During a day of training, Sheridan noticed Plusle and Minun's powerful Helping Hand attacks and recruited Thatcher to become a member of his traveling pep squad.

En route to Lavaridge Town, in Cheer Pressure, Ash and his friends encountered Thatcher again as he was training to becoming a pep master. Max later exposed Sheridan and his power of pep as a fraud, leading to the end of his elite cheer school. Thatcher, with a Helping Hand from his Pokémon, then helped Ash's Pikachu escape from Team Rocket. With a renewed faith in his own abilities, Thatcher said goodbye to Ash and his friends, and set his sights on continuing his own journey towards becoming a Trainer.


Thatcher is ambitious and enthusiastic, and he also has a deep understanding of teamwork. He actively seeks out a master to help teach him new things in order to prove himself. This, however, causes Thatcher to feel lost, making him vulnerable to fraudsters like Sheridan.

Thatcher continues to admire Ash for his courage, and even considers him a great mentor. In his second appearance, Thatcher was shown to have developed some sense of independence.


Plusle and Minun
Thatcher received Plusle and Minun from his grandfather. They are able to cheer for other Pokémon, revitalizing them with their rejuvenating Helping Hand. For a while, this is all Thatcher used them for, since he was unsure of how to battle. However, once Ash came along, he learned to put his full faith in his Pokémon, strengthening their bond.

Later, he joined a pep squad with Plusle and Minun, who reappeared in Cheer Pressure. The two Pokémon used Helping Hand to give Ash's Pikachu a much needed boost in power to defeat Team Rocket.

Plusle and Minun's known moves are Helping Hand and Spark.

Debut A Different Kind of Misty!
Voice actors
Japanese Akiko Kawase (Plusle)
Kumiko Higa (Minun)
English Akiko Kawase (Plusle)
Kumiko Higa (Minun)

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 川上とも子 Tomoko Kawakami
English Rebecca Honig
Finnish Hannamaija Nikander
Italian Monica Bonetto
Polish Edyta Torhan
Brazilian Portuguese Figueira Jr. (AG038)
Fernanda Bock (AG052)
Spanish Latin America Héctor Emmanuel Gómez (AG038)
Claudio Velázquez (AG052)
Spain Chelo Vivares



Language Name Origin
Russian Тетчер Tetcher From English name

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