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Since we have a box for the Japanese ending themes, should we have a box for the Pikachu's Jukebox & Pokémon Karaokemon segments that aired? --PAK Man

Hmm. Is that information readily available? Also... how many episodes have that segment? - 振霖T 05:10, 26 September 2006 (UTC)
I have most of the episodes with Pikachu's Jukebox and Karaokemon on tape. I believe every episode from Riddle Me This--The Rivalry Revival featured Pikachu's Jukebox and Don't Touch That 'Dile!--The Fortune Hunters featured Pokémon Karaokemon. That's only 98 episodes with an ending theme, and if you count the Pokérap as an ending, that makes only 155 episodes with an ending of some sort. --PAK Man
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