Ndex MS Pokémon Type
#001 Bulbasaur Bulbasaur
[[{{{3}}} (type)|{{{3}}}]]



  • Unnamed (ordinal)
    • 1: the Pokémon's National Pokédex number (for example, "001" for Bulbasaur)
    • 2: the Pokémon's species name ("Bulbasaur")
    • 3: the Pokémon's first type
    • 4 (optonal): the Pokémon's second type, if it has one
  • Named
    • iform: the form string that identifies the image of the desired form, if the default image is wrong (for example, File:412Burmy.png shows all three of Burmy's forms, while File:412Burmy-Plant.png shows only its first form, Plant Cloak)
    • formname: the form name for the Pokémon as it appears in the Pokédex (many base forms have no name, but some, such as Burmy, do)
    • forms: the number of total forms this Pokémon has; if this value is N, this template should be followed by N-1 instances of {{ndex/form}}
    • gen: dictates which menusprite image to use; options are...