Incredible Archetype!
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This infobox template is used on Pokémon Trading Card Game deck archetype pages to outline basic information about the archetype.

How to use

Infoboxes should be used at the beginning of the page before any introductory text.


All parameters are case sensitive.

Parameter Allowed values Notes
title String The name of the deck archetype. Defaults to Incredible Archetype!.
image File name Image of the first major card in the archetype. Don't include File:.
image2 File name Image of the second major card in the archetype. Don't include File:.
caption String A caption for both image and image2. Provide links using {{TCG ID}}.
types {{e|Grass}}{{e|Fire}}{{e|Water}}{{e|Lightning}}{{e|Fighting}}{{e|Psychic}}{{e|Colorless}}{{e|Darkness}}{{e|Metal}}{{e|Dragon}}{{e|Fairy}} The Types used in the archetype.
cards String Major cards used in the archetype. Provide links using {{TCG ID}}.
era Dates The approximate dates the archetype was most popular in.


Luxray GL LV.X and Jumpluff
Types used LightningGrass
Major cards Luxray GL LV.X, Jumpluff, and Claydol
Era 2010-2011
| title = LuxPluff
| image = LuxrayGLLVXRisingRivals109.jpg
| image2 = JumpluffHeartGoldSoulSilver6.jpg
| caption = {{TCG ID|Rising Rivals|Luxray GL LV.X|109}} and {{TCG ID|HeartGold & SoulSilver|Jumpluff|6}}
| cards = {{TCG ID|Rising Rivals|Luxray GL LV.X|109}}, {{TCG ID|HeartGold & SoulSilver|Jumpluff|6}}, and {{TCG ID|Great Encounters|Claydol|15}}
| types = {{e|Lightning}}{{e|Grass}}
| era = 2010-2011