This infobox template is used on Pokémon Adventures chapter pages to outline basic information about the chapters.

How to use

Infoboxes should be used at the beginning of the page, after the {{ChapterPrevNext}} template and before any introductory text.


All parameters are case sensitive.

Parameter Allowed values Notes
colorscheme List of colors » Sets the background and border colors of the template. Defaults to the content of the name parameter.
name String The name of the chapter. Defaults to Red, Green & Blue.
number Number The chapter number. Defaults to 1
image File name Image for the chapter. Don't include File:. To set the image size, add {{!}}250px after the file name.
caption String A caption for the chapter image.
numrds Number The number of rounds in the chapter. Defaults to 40.
firstrd Page name Optional. The page name of the chapter's first round. E.g. PS001. Don't include [[ ]].
lastrd Page nameunknown Optional. The page name of the chapter's last round. If the chapter is ongoing, use unknown.
region String The main region in which the chapter takes place. Defaults to Kanto.
prev String The name of the previous chapter. Defaults to None.
next String The name of the next chapter. Defaults to Unannounced.


Yellow chapter
Chapter 2
Yellow chapter.png
Yellow and Pika
Rounds 50
(PS041 - PS090)
Region Kanto
Preceded by Red, Green & Blue chapter
Followed by Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter
|name = Yellow
|number = 2
|image = Yellow chapter.png{{!}}250px
|caption = {{adv|Yellow}} and [[Pika]]
|numrds = 50
|firstrd = PS041
|lastrd = PS090
|region = Kanto
|prev = Red, Green & Blue
|next = Gold, Silver & Crystal