Team Rocket's Secret Empire (Twitter)

Team Rocket's Secret Empire (Japanese: ロケットひみつ帝国 Rocket Gang's Secret Empire) was an official[1] Twitter account operating under the tag @Pokemon_Radio that was set up on June 2, 2012. It was used to promote the radio show Team Rocket's Secret Empire, which broadcast from July 1, 2012 until December 23, 2012. It has since been deleted.

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The radio show and tweets were written by Pokémon's sound director Masafumi Mima. The tweets were submitted in-character as Giovanni, and occasionally his Persian, Matori, Meowth, or James. The account reveals information about Team Rocket that is not currently found elsewhere. The account made over 1,000 tweets before its deletion. The account's location was set as the Kanto region.


Japanese English
ロケット団のサカキだ!我々は、このtwitterを利用して広く団員を募り、世界征服に乗り出す。さあ、集えロケット団の名の下へ!キーワードは、“Poke’mon Radio show! ロケット団ひみつ帝国”だ! This is Giovanni of Team Rocket. Using this Twitter, we set out to widely recruit members and to begin world domination. So gather under the name of Team Rocket! The catch phrase is "Pokémon Radio show! It's Team Rocket's Secret Empire!".

List of tweets

Tweets are listed chronologically. All times are JST.

Date Japanese English
12:35 AM
June 2, 2012
Coming soon.....#Rocketdan Coming soon.....#Rocketdan
12:38 AM
June 2, 2012
いよいよ世界征服に向けたミッションのカウントダウンが始まる。#Rocketdan The countdown for the mission for world domination finally begins. #Rocketdan
2:25 PM
June 2, 2012
いい子だ。ペルシアン。団員が続々と集まっているぞ。だが、ミッションをコンプリートするには、まだまだ足りない。全世界の者たちよ。我が下に集うのだ。 What a good pet. Persian. The members are gathering one after another. But, to complete the mission, it's still not enough. People of the whole world! Gather under my command.
12:00 PM
June 3, 2012
おはよう。団員の諸君!サカキだ。今後もミッションコンプリートのため、諸君らの広報活動に期待する! Good morning. To all gang members! This is Giovanni. From hereafter, for the sake of completing our mission, we expect your publicity.
9:51 AM
June 7, 2012
ペルニャ~!今日もいい子だ。おはよう団員の諸君。我々のミッションは全世界70億人すべてを団員としロケット団帝国をつくることである! #Rocketdan Purr-nya! You're a good pet today too. Good morning, members of Team Rocket. Our mission is to make the entire world of 7 billion people the members of our team and create Team Rocket's empire. #Rocketdan
12:28 AM
June 8, 2012
団員の諸君。本日の広報活動ご苦労だった。だがまだまだ世界征服には程遠い。さらなる健闘を期待しているぞ。 Members. You did great spreading the information today. However we're still far from the world's domination. I expect even more effort!
10:02 AM
June 8, 2012
おはよう諸君。今日も諸君らの活動に期待する。ペルニャ~!よしよしペルシアン。安心しろ。我が団員たちは優秀だ。必ずやミッションをコンプリートするだろう。#Rocketdan Good morning, everyone. I expect activity from you today too. Purr-nya~! There, there, Persian. Keep calm. My members are excellent. I bet they will surely complete the mission. #Rocketdan
11:31 PM
June 8, 2012
団員の諸君。本日も任務ご苦労だった。ペルニャ~。ペルシアンもそう言っているようだ。んっ!これは•••奴らめ…フッ。まあ様子を見るとするか。#Rocketdan Followers. You have done fine work today as well. Purr-nya~. Yes, Persian agrees as well. Huh? What's going on? It... it's them. Those blasted... Hmph. Let's bide our time and observe just a bit more for now. #Rocketdan
10:42 AM
June 9, 2012
おはよう諸君。本日もよい成果があがることを期待する。ロケット団帝国創設をともに目指そう!#Rocketdan Good morning, everyone. I expect that also today your good results will even raise. Our goal is to establish Team Rocket's empire together! #Rocketdan
4:09 PM
June 9, 2012
なにっ!ロケット団シンオウ支部が••• #Rocketdan What! The Team Rocket Sinnoh region branch.... #Rocketdan
4:39 PM
June 9, 2012
団員の諸君。心配は無用だ。今まで通り広報活動に励んでくれたまえ。しばらく留守にする。#Rocketdan Gang members. Worrying is useless. You've done me well with the public relations work you have been doing until now. I'm going away for a while. #Rocketdan
6:16 PM
June 9, 2012
ペルニャ~ン…ペルニャ~ン… #Rocketdan Purr-nya… purr-nya… #Rocketdan
8:30 PM
June 9, 2012
ペルニャ~…ペルニャ~…ペルゥ…… #Rocketdan Purr-nya… purr-nya… purr…… #Rocketdan
12:02 PM
June 10, 2012
ペルニャ~ン。ペルゥ…。 秘書「ペルシアン。心配せんでも良い。サカキ様なら大丈夫じゃ。それにしても、自ら…まあ他人に任せられない性分でもあるが…」#Rocketdan Purr-nya. Purr… Secretary: "Persian, You don’t need to worry. Since it's Mr. Giovanni, he's gonna be alright. Even if so, naturally… Well, it's in his nature that he can't entrust things to others, but…" #Rocketdan
12:11 PM
June 10, 2012
秘書「ん?ラジオの企画書?また、あのニャース達か…少しはまともになってはきたが。一体ラジオで何をしようとしているやら…」#Rocketdan Secretary: "Huh? Radio's proposal? Again, that Meowth's group?… But they have become a little more decent. But what the heck are they trying to do with the radio…" #Rocketdan
6:05 PM
June 10, 2012
サカキさま!失礼しますニャ…ニャニャ!ラジオの企画のご返事を頂こうと参上したが本部には誰もいないのニャ。企画書も机に置きっぱなしニヤ…直接ボスと連絡をとれるわけでもニャいし。#Rocketdan Giovanni! Excuse me nya nya! We were hoping for a reply to the radio proposal but there's no one at headquarters nya. I'll leave the written proposal on the desk nya... we don't have direct contact with the boss nya. #Rocketdan
6:40 PM
June 10, 2012
… … … … そうニャ!ボスの野望である団員70億人をニャーたちが、ラジオで呼びかければいいのニャ。ニャんたる名案!さすがニャーなのニャ!ついでにボスの留守中はこのツイッターを有効に使わせて頂くニヤ。#Rocketdan … … … … really nya! Wouldn't it be good if we could call the 7 billion gang members of Sakaki's ambitions via the radio nya? What a good idea nya! That's expected of us nya! Then, in the boss's absence, these tweeters can be effectively used to receive nya. #Rocketdan
7:21 PM
June 10, 2012
にょ~し!決定ニャ!!ポケモンラジオで団員を増やし、サカキ様に褒めてもらうのニャ!後はいつから始めるかだニャ…#Rocketdan Alright! It's decided! If we increase the Pokémon Radio gang members, Mr. Giovanni will praise us nya! Afterwards, I wonder when we can start nya… #Rocketdan
8:31 PM
June 10, 2012
ラッキ~。ん?ラッキー?サカキ様は出張中だニャ…薬ニャら机の上に置いていくニャ。サカキ様も色々ご多忙なんだニャ… … …ニャハハ~!思いついたニャ!ラッキー7!7月からニャ!#Rocketdan Lucky~. Huh? Lucky? Mr. Giovanni is in delegation nya. As for the medicine, I'll put it on the desk, nya. I can see that Mr. Giovanni also has a busy schedule… … Nyahahaha! It reminds me! Lucky 7! Beginning from July, nya! #Rocketdan
9:34 PM
June 10, 2012
サカキ様の野望、団員70億人を目指し、ニャ~達ロケット団は、ポケモンラジオを7月1日からおっぱじめるのニャ!詳しくは明日明らかになるニャ!早速ムサシとコジロウに相談ニャ! #Rocketdan Aiming for Mr. Giovanni's ambition of 7 billion gang members, nya Team Rocket will start Pokémon Radio from July 1 nya! Tomorrow the details will become clear nya! I will consult Jessie and James immediately nya! #Rocketdan
8:20 AM
June 11, 2012
団員のみんな!おはようニャ!ラジオの詳細はこれをみるニャ!Pokémon Radio Show!ロケット団ひみつ帝国 @InterFM761_JPから #Rocketdan All gang members! Good morning! Look at the radio details here nya! Pokémon Radio Show! Team Rocket's Secret Empire from @InterFM761_JP #Rocketdan
3:21 PM
June 11, 2012
すごいニャ、すごいニャ!団員が続々と集まってるニャ!これにゃら絶対サカキ様も褒めてくれるニャ。団員の諸君、これからもよろしく頼むのニヤ!#Rocketdan Amazing nya, amazing nya! Gang members are gathering one after another nya! For this Mr. Giovanni will absolutely praise me nya. Gang members, I thank you for this nya! #Rocketdan
9:06 PM
June 11, 2012
団員の諸君!ニャースだニャ。もう少しで1万人突破ニャ。ニャハハ~!この勢いならニャー達のスピード出世はきっと間違いなしニャ。今後もよろしく頼むニャ!#Rocketdan Gang members! This is Meowth nya. We've almost broken through to 10000 people nyahaha! With this influence nya we will surely speedily succeed without fail nya! From now rely on us nya!
9:13 PM
June 11, 2012
って言ってるうちに突破ニャ。これでペルシアンのポストはいただきニヤ。…ペルニャ!!いたいニャ!何するニャ。今にみてるニャ!今日は帰る!!#Rocketdan …while I was saying that we broke through nya. With this, I will take Persian's post nya. …Purr-nya!! That hurts nya! What are you doing nya. Now I'm watching you nya! Go home for today!!
8:53 AM
June 12, 2012
団員の諸君!おはようニャ!ニャースだニャ。すごいニャ。1日でこんなに団員が増えるニャんて。みんニャこの調子で頑張るのニャ。さすればサカキ様が戻られた時、きっとお喜びになるはずニヤ。ニャんだかとってもいい感じ~! Gang members! Good morning nya! This is Meowth nya. Amazing nya. In one day we had such an increase in gang members nya. Everyone-nya persist in this trend nya. If you do, when Mr. Giovanni comes back he surely should become pleased nya. Nya-somehow this is a really good feeling!
2:28 PM
June 12, 2012
【ペルシアン】ペル!ペルニャ~。 ペル、ペルニャ~、ペルペル。#Rocketdan Persian: Purr! Purr-nya. Purr, purr-nya, purr purr.#Rocketdan
2:29 PM
June 12, 2012
【ニャース】ニャにニャに。「おいニャース。サカキ様を失望させないようにせいぜい頑張れよ。まっ、無理だと思うけど」って腹立つニャ~!今にニャフンって言わせてやるにゃ! Meowth: Nya-what nya-what. It says "Hey Meowth. In order to not disappoint Mr. Giovanni continue this as much as possible. But I think that's impossible." That makes me angry nya! Now I'll make him say nyathing nya.#Rocketdan
10:21 PM
June 12, 2012
【ニャース】団員の諸君。こんばんニャ!応援ありがとニャ。おみゃーらが絶対楽しめるラジオにするニャ。団員70億人、スピード出世でいい感じ~! ばいニャら!#Rocketdan Meowth: Gang members. Good evening nya! Thanks for your help nya. You will absolutely enjoy the radio show nya. 7 billion people, we will feel good due to a speedy success.#Rocketdan
9:47 AM
June 13, 2012
【ニャース】団員の諸君。おはようだニャ。今日もサカキ様のために頑張るのニャ!#Rocketdan Meowth: Gang members. Good morning nya. Persist for Mr. Giovanni today nya!#Rocketdan
June 13, 2012
団員の諸君、こんばんニャ。ニャースだニャ。ラジオの企画は順調に進行中だニャ!あとは、色々な地方の団員にも聞けるようにニャゴシエート中だニャ。応援よろしくニャ。#Rocketdan Gang members, evening nya. This is Meowth nya. The radio plan is progressing well nya! After, I will nyagotiate so gang members in various regions can listen as well nya. Your help is welcomed nya.#Rocketdan
10:36 AM
June 16, 2012
団員の諸君。おはようニャ!ニャースだニャ。ニャゴシエートは順調ニャ!各地方でも聞いてもらえるようにウエブラジオを考えてるニヤ。我ながら名案ニャ。応援宜しくニャ。#Rocketdan Gang members. Good morning nya! This is Meowth nya. The nyagotiations are going well nya! So that people in any region can listen we are considering web radio nya. I think it is a good idea. Thanks for you help nya.#Rocketdan
9:41 AM
June 17, 2012
ペルニャ~ペルニャ~ペルペルニャ~!#Rocketdan Purr-nya Purr-nya Purr-nya!#Rocketdan
9:47 AM
June 17, 2012
ニャにニャに。おみゃーもサカキ様がいなくて寂しい。何をいってるニャ。サカキ様は我らロケット団繁栄のために頑張っておられるニャ。だから戻られるまでに少しでも多くの団員を集めるニャ!#Rocketdan Nya-what nya-what. Mr. Giovanni not being here is lonely for you too? What are you saying nya? Mr. Giovanni is working hard in order to make Team Rocket prosper nya. Therefore until he returns, even if we are few we must gather more gang members nya!#Rocketdan
9:50 AM
June 17, 2012
団員の諸君。おはようニャ!今日も広報活動よろしく頼むニャ!#Rocketdan Gang members. Good morning nya! Please publicize us today as well nya!#Rocketdan
11:20 AM
June 18, 2012
団員の諸君。おそようニャ!今日も頑張るニャ。しかし、放送は決まったものの、やっぱりラジオは中身が重要ニャ。優秀なトレーナーやポケモンを団員にするには…ニャニャ~#Rocketdan Gang members. Good morning nya! Continue today as well nya. However, although the broadcast has been decided, the surprising radio will have important contents nya. To make excellent Trainers and Pokémon into gang members… nya nya.#Rocketdan
10:27 PM
June 18, 2012
団員の諸君。こんばんニャ。ニャースだニャ。気づいたらもうこんな時間だニャ。にゃるほど。ジムリーダーを団員にとは…にゃは~。かなりハードルが高いのニャ。どう口説くかが問題ニャ。とりあえず今日はもう寝るニャ。バイニャら!#Rocketdan Gang members. Good evening nya. This is Meowth nya. I just realized the time nya. That's right. Gym Leaders becoming gang members… nya-ha. They a quite good at battling nya. How we will persuade them is a problem nya. For now, today I'm going to lay down nya. Bye nya.#Rocketdan
6:20 PM
July 8, 2012
ムサシーーーーーどこだーぁ?! Jessie... where are you?!
6:29 PM
July 8, 2012
ムサシがいないぃぃぃ~っ!このままだと第2回にして、俺とニャースのみの放送に・・・。つぶやきの情報は~。なになに?あっちあっち?はい?ここだぁぁぁぁぁ?ムサシだったら俺の隣で寝てる?・・・そ、それはワイルドだぜぇ~!って、遊んでる場合じゃないっつーのっ!ムサシー!!!! Jessie's missing! If it continues like this, only Meowth and I will appear in the second episode... Tweet's news is... What what? Over there? Yes? Hereeeee? "Jessie is sleeping next to me?"[2]... This... this is crazy! This is not the time to play! Jessie!!!!
6:43 PM
July 8, 2012
ムーーーサーーーシーーーっ! JESSSSIIIEEEEEEE!
6:43 PM
July 8, 2012
ペルニャ? Purr-nya?
6:43 PM
July 8, 2012
ムサシ? Jessie?
6:44 PM
July 8, 2012
ペル? Purr?
6:44 PM
July 8, 2012
紛らわしいんだよっ!ペルシアン! Go away Persian!
6:49 PM
July 8, 2012
団員の皆さん、実に残念なご報告があります。本日の第2回、ポケモンラジオ、ロケット団ひみつ帝国ですが、ムサシがいな・・・・・     ん? Dear members, we have a bad news, the 2nd show, we're missing Jess... eh?
6:52 PM
July 8, 2012
いましたーーーっ!ムサシがいました!おまんじゅうを買いに行っていたようです!ってなわけで、放送まであと10分!打ち合わせがほとんど無しのぶっつけ本番状態で行く事になりそうです!今週もハイテンションだぁ~!お騒がせしましたっ! There is! There is Jessie! She went out to buy a dounuts! Okay 10 mins left to the radio, without meeting! Hi-voltaged radio again! Sorry for the trouble!
(Few important quotes from twitter, July to September) やべっ・・・・。ラジオの本番前だってのに、ウタタネしちまったぜ~。ったく、オリンピックて~やつは、悪党の時間まで狂わせるのか? 団員のみんな!起きてるか?もうすぐ、ロケット団ひみつ帝国が始まるぜ! Damn… It’s almost time to record a radio, I stupidly took a nap. Damn Olympic stuff even changes our timezone huh? Members! You’re awake? Its almost the time to listen to the radio! (James)
(Few important quotes from twitter, July to September) 「コジロウさんはムサシさんのことを好きですか?」俺は、ムサシもニャースも、そして団員もみんなも大好きだぜ?おっと!サカキ様は尊敬してるぜ! “James, do you love Jessie?” I love Jess, Meowth and every members you know? Oh! And I respect Mr. Giovannni! (James)
(Few important quotes from twitter, July to September) 「一応貯金あるんだ?w」BWは、出てない事が多かったからなぁ~。かなりバイトに専念出来たのさ。 “You have some savings huh? lol” Yeah we had less appearance in BW series. We concentrated on the part time job. (James)
(Few important quotes from twitter, July to September) 「もっかい言ってみよう。ロケット団さんの解散します詐欺には今まで何度も合ってるので問題ないです!(´ω`) 」詐欺?ふふふふ。なんたって、俺たちは悪党だからな! “Let me say that again. I don’t have any problems for you guys’ gonna-dissolution-frauds! :) ” A fraud? Hahaha. Remember, we are the gang! (James)
(Few important quotes from twitter, July to September) 「外国人の団員(フォロワー)が増えてるのお気づきですか?私が勧誘しておきましたよー!」まじか?ありがとう! “You noticed the number of foreign members (followers) are increasing? I solicited them!” Seriously? Thanks! (James)
(Few important quotes from twitter, July to September) 「ロケット団の皆様、毎回楽しくラジオ拝聴しています。アニメも15年間毎週欠かさず見ています。ラジオでニャースさんとコジロウさんのが流れましたね。ぜひ、このラジオでムサシさんの曲とロケット団の皆様が歌う新曲を作っていただけたら幸いです。これからも応援しています 」考えておくよ! “Dear Team Rockets. I’m glad I can listen to the radio every week. I watch the anime without absence for 15 years. We had a song sang by James and Meowth, don’t we. We would be very happy if you compose a new song for Jessie and for trio. Regards.” Well we must think about it! (James)
(Few important quotes from twitter, July to September) 「9月が不安です。アニメ予告を見るとサカキ様に何かありそうなので」現在、大きな作戦を遂行中だからな・・・。でも、俺たちがついているから大丈夫だ! “I don’t want the September comes. Anime review shows some no good will happen to Giovanni.” We are in the big strategy now, but no worries! We are be with him! (James)
(Few important quotes from twitter, July to September) 「R団に入るまでは毎日豪華な食事とってたんだよね?口に合わない食事あるんですか?」一人で広い屋敷で食べるご飯より、三人でワイワイ食べるビスケットのほうが、ご馳走なんだと気付いたんだよ! “You had a gorgeous meal every day before you became a member of TR, don’t you? Do you have any meal that you cannot afford of?” I realized that the biscuits with trio-chatting are more like feast, than the lonely dinner in the huge dining room! (James)
(Few important quotes from twitter, July to September) 「ラジオがCD化したら、特典にレアな王冠つけてください!!」絶対にやだ! “If the recorded CD was released, please give us a free rare-bottlecap as a bonus!” Never! (James)
(Few important quotes from twitter, July to September) 初回から聞き逃した団員が多いみたいニャから現在CD化をニャゴシエート中ニャ! Looks like many members missed the early shows. No worries we are now negotiating for the release! (Meowth)
(Few important quotes from twitter, July to September) 「ムサシさんかわいい!、コジロウさんはムサシさんとずっと一緒にいて恋に落ちたりしないんですか?」永遠のパートナーだからな! “Jessie is lovely! James, don’t you fall in love with her even if you are with her all the time?” We are the team, forever! (James)
(Few important quotes from twitter, July to September) 「コジロウさん、ムサシを結婚して!」を、じゃなくて・・・と、じゃないのか? “Mr. James, marry let Jessie!” You mean, with… rather than, let? (James)



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